Which Divine Feminine Archetype Do You Embody?

Which Divine Feminine Archetype Do You Embody?

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The Warrior Goddess

She wants to protect her sense of identity and does so by using her skills. At the same time, she may also reach out to protect and defend others who are in the same situation she once found herself in. She embodies the energy of a protector, caregiver, leader, and warrior at the same time. With the gift of strategy and discernment, she encourages us to create and maintain healthy boundaries. She is fierce, with a strong sense of self.

Connect with her energy to heal your voice, be courageous, and walk through the world as your authentic self.


The Siren 

The siren is a potent sexual being. Her energy radiates with passion and direction. She maintains the ability to engage, entice and enhance in every moment. She exists with a heightened awareness of herself and uses that awareness to take control of her environment.

Connect with her to command a room, heal self-love issues, engage in shameless pleasure, and awaken the kundalini.

The Great Mother

The Great Mother is a force of creativity and creation. Her goal is to create life and help maintain it. Whether she is a literal mother or not, she does everything she can to ensure life thrives around her. The great mother reminds us to nurture our inner child with kindness and patience. She connects us with our innate wisdom and shows us how to nurture.

Connect with her energy to heal mother wounds, awaken creative channels, and align yourself with the wisdom of your ancestral stream.

The Mystic

She cares about knowledge above all else. She wants to discover and learn, but she also wants to share her knowledge and information with those around her. She offers guidance and clues to aid others on their journey and is often positioned as a mentor. She has the ability to connect with higher consciousness and ground its wisdom into physical reality. Her gifts help the soul evolve and express its genuine desires.

Connect with her energy to travel the spiritual realm and connect with your psycho-spiritual self.

The Medicine Woman

She has a deep presence that emanates from her connection to earth's natural rhythms. She ebbs and flows through life using her intuition as a guide. She is kin to the life-death-life cycle and is often led to those in need of healing. The medicine woman is skilled in the art of soul retrieval and the healing of old wounds. She knows the soul of the earth and the magic embedded within its soil. She is aware of every being that has ever walked this world and uses her wisdom to teach us the interconnectedness of life.

Connect with her energy to learn the mysteries of magick, the womb, the power of your blood, to heal old wounds, and to learn about your past lives.

The Dark Goddess

Frequently positioned on the outskirts of society the dark goddess is a beacon of power. She is all things that women are taught not to be. She is bold, sensual undomesticated and destructive. At home in the dark, she is a guide to all who seek to define themselves. In her cunning she is unassuming and meticulous. She possesses the rare ability to conjure truth in every situation. She embraces anger like a mother's touch, making her a powerful force of grace and liberation. Her presence allows us to travel into darkness without fear. She is a guiding light and master alchemist.

Connect with her energy to engage in deep, soul-cleansing work. 

So, do you identify as one archetype or do you embody more than one? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Love this ❤️ I’m feeling really connected to dark goddess energy. lots of transformation, separation happening rn.

    Sarah on

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