5 Ways To Use Blue Lotus Oil

5 Ways To Use Blue Lotus Oil

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Rubbing blue lotus oil on your temples while you meditate is a great way to connect with and unlock the third eye and crown chakras. Because blue lotus is naturally calming it helps to soothe any nervousness or anxiety cropping up during the practice. Its calming effects also allow you to go into a deeper state of meditation.



Breathe in and let the stress fall away. No, blue lotus won't solve the reasons for your stress but it will calm and soothe your mind and body to help you relax and rely on your natural problem solving abilities to fix whatever has you stressed out.

To experience its effects, rub lotus oil on the back of your neck, slowly fill and empty your belly with breath while visualizing a positive flow of energy from you to the situation.



Sex Magick

Blue Lotus Flowers were prized by the Egyptians for it's aphrodisiac qualities. It was frequently used at sex parties and carries it's own hallucinogenic effects. In the Egyptian Chakra System, blue lotus is said to activate the Sekhem force (also known as the Shakti or Kundalini in other cultures) Use blue lotus in candle magic to draw in or entice a lover.

If you already have someone or are practicing self pleasure, practice sensual massage focusing on stimulating the erogenous zones first and only bring yourself or partner to release once stimulation has become hedonistic, dizzying and almost unbearable.


Body and Massage Oil

Imagine yourself stepping out of a zenful bath or shower to an even more relaxing oil up. Blue Lotus is a perfect addition to your nighttime routine because it allows your whole body to relax in preparation for sleep. This means falling asleep faster, deeper, and waking up rested.

To get the most out of the experience, apply the oil to freshly washed skin, taking the time to massage the oil into the skin, paying close attention to the feet.


Sensual Perfume Oil

Doesn't everything just feel basic once it becomes mainstream? Because the smell of blue lotus hasn't hit the mainstream yet, its scent is still exotic and intriguing to the senses in that "can't quite figure it out" kind of way. Imagine all the moments you can have benefitting from the compliments and confusion that people have as they try and figure out why they feel so relaxed and sensual around you all of a sudden.

To tap into your inner vixen roll the oil onto your wrists, the base of your throat, behind the knees, behind the ear and in the inner elbow. Best part? This oil dries down tasteless making it a go-to for those mouth-to-skin moments.


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