An Easy Guide To Smudging For Beginners

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What is smudging?

Smudging is burning herbs, most commonly sage. It’s used to get rid of negative energies on yourself, your home or your space.

Types of smudge sticks:

White sage: Used for meditation, protection, cleansing and purifying the body, warding off evil spirits, and fending off infections. 
Cedar: Used to cleanse a new home of its old energies and unwanted spirits while inviting fresh, energetic vibes and protecting the new occupant from undesirable influences.  
Palo Santo: Used to clear out negative energies, instill calm and relaxation, and fill your home with joy and harmony.
Lavender: Clears away negative thoughts and energies, harmonizes the mind, enhances intuition, and inspires loving feelings.
Rosemary: Used for protection, peacefulness, healing, cleansing, love, beauty and feminine power.
Juniper: Guards against evil spirits and illnesses, and is frequently used for its healing properties.
Mugwort: Used to enhance lucid dreaming, visions and protection.

Smudging Ritual

Smudge Stick
Fire-proof shell or bowl
    1. Clean and unclutter your home
    2.  Open all the drawers and cabinets
    3.  Open windows
    4.  Pick a candle color based on your intention
    5. Ground and Center yourself
    6. Light candle and set intention
    7. Light sage
    8. Blow out stick leaving just embers to burn
    9. Cleans yourself with the smoke (from top of head to bottom of foot)
    10. Repeat your mantra or prayer(internally or aloud) as you go, envisioning the smoke is clearing you of any and all lingering negativity.
    11. Ring a bell (gets spirits attention)
    12. Start in lowest space and move clockwise; from room to room using a smudging feather or fan. Waft smoke into all corners and shadow spaces. Cleanse where walls meet ceilings, in-front of mirrors. Then direct smoke out through windows and doorways.
    13. Repeat your mantra or prayer (internally or aloud) as you go. Visualizing the smoke cleansing the whole house pushing all negativity out the windows.
    14. Once you’re finished extinguish the smudge stick into the sand/dirt or fire proof bowl.
    15. Then take the ashes of the burned herbs and return it to the Earth while giving thanks for the sage’s healing.

    Credit: House Clearing Ritual

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