Tarot + Divination | Pick A Card Reading 12/8

Tarot + Divination | Pick A Card Reading 12/8

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This is the excerpt for each of the tarot cards from todays 12/08/21 reading via instagram.

Scroll down to the associated photo in order to read your message for today. 


After the waves have swept the last of the castle away, only the spirits remain, taking on human form and inviting us to dance. Nature provides betterment and healing. Birth is taking place amongst the ashes, seedlings and fairy world. The body and soul start anew post-storm, stronger at the roots.

Basic nurturing instincts are met with recognition from the collective. Fertility is found in soil that is rich with diversity.





Arrive in your body. Lick your lips, there are fruits to enjoy. Breathe deep, there are musks to inhale. Look softly, there is beauty to recognize. Touch with intention, there is respect to give. Dive. Adventure awaits..

Take a chance on something well worth the risk. Self-trust creates trust in others. A stable base aids in cultivation. Life is rich with deep connections.

Seven of Swords (HORSE)

  • What needs healing: Throat Chakra + Heart Chakra

This figure is knowingly participating in something beneath their integrity, weaving webs of deceit that they tell themselves and others.

An inquiry must be made into the root of childish behavior. Children are allowed to act narcissistically, but an adult understands better. This mess must be cleaned up before more damage is done. A confession must be made or progress will be lost. 


Six Of Cups (BOLT)

  • What needs healing: Heart Chakra/ Throat Chakra/ Solar Plexus
  •  Number that came up during reading: #139

You may be visiting home or cleaning out closets and feeling nostalgic. Rumination, speculation, therapy and examining the past are themes. Trauma closes some doors and opens others. Listen to your higher self. Do not expect breakthroughs as much as evolution. It’s good to reflect, but it can also be stagnating. Allow growth in your exploration. Find moments to arrive.





*If you're interested in the deck being used today, you can find it linked below. Be sure to follow us on instagram or check here weekly where we use tarot and other divination tools to help you stay on top of the energy each week.  Feel free to ask any follow-up questions in the comments below. 

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