The 4 Moon Cycles of the Divine Feminine

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Your Period and The Moon

There are 4 basic moon cycles that a woman may find herself in during her lifetime. Some women will switch cycles as they move from adolescence into adulthood and maintain that cycle archetype throughout their menstruating years, While others may find that they switch through several of these cycles in their lifetime.  Below I have listed each cycle  along with the wisdom I've incurred during these phases, may they aid you on your journey within.




White Moon Cycle 

Mother Archetype (Ace of Cups)
bleeds with new moon/ovulates with the full moon
Energy: Nurturing
Rune Association: Beorc

Purple Moon Cycle

Wild Woman Archetype (High Priestess)
Bleeds with the waning moon
Energy: Cosmic
Rune Association: Pertho
    This cycle will challenge you. It will ask you to release the things that burden you, the things that keep you from your truest self. It will heal and nourish you in ways you’ve never experienced. Purple is deep and intuitive with the energy of the high priestess and the hermit. It is deeply transformative and quick-witted like Scorpio.  It is the evolutionary shedding that comes from the life-death-rebirth cycle. Who you are when you enter this cycle will be light years away from who you are when you exit. 

    Pink Moon Cycle

    Maiden Archetype (Ace of Wands)
    Bleeds with the waxing moon
    Rune Association: Hagall 

      The energy of pink increases the heartbeat and pulse rate. It is enlivening and immensely liberating, if you allow it to be. It encourages action and confidence. It is warm and youthful in its energy.  It encourages high levels of self-awareness through the vehicle of rebellion. As intended, an increased awareness of self allows for a more compassionate understanding of others. It is in this awareness that we learn to wield the power of self and community simultaneously and without opposition.

      Here is where you question everything. The illusions you once held refuse to be put together again. With all you’ve seen in the last cycle, you may just be trying to reestablish up from down. Once you’ve gained your bearings, you begin to explore and venture out. Life is no longer perceived as it once was and what you thought valuable may now be worthless. 
      This cycle taught me how to be healthy, selfish and proud. I relished in my sexuality, my blood and the magick that came with it. It made me haughty, demanding and unapologetic. This is where I found my wildness.


      Red Moon Cycle 

      Wild Priestess Archetype (Queen of Wands)
      Bleeds with the full moon & Ovulates with the new moon
      Energy: Bold
      Rune Association: Lagaz
        Bold and Fiery is the energy of this moon cycle as you learn to harness the potent sexual energy unleashed in the pink moon cycle and alchemize it into a powerful healing energy for the self and others. 
        In this cycle, I was able to channel my energies into my healing practice. I poured myself into a book dedicated to helping other clairsentient individuals navigate the in’s and out’s of their gifts. Once I learned how to channel my energy, the words just flowed from me. I put so much of myself and my healing energy into that project. True to form, I experienced a new round of spiritual beckoning that hinted at what my next cycle would be.  


        As I write this, I have officially entered my next round in The Purple Moon Cycle, wish me luck.😉 







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