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The Path of The Dark Fem: Are you Ready for it?

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Dark Feminine Goddess

What is Dark Feminine?

The dark feminine is a term reserved for women who embrace their primal natures. Traditionally women are taught to be soft and delicate whereas the dark feminine energy seeks to define herself. Her self-pursuits often lead to her embracing the parts of the female identity that have been considered taboo like her sexuality, power, anger, etc.

The dark feminine is often misunderstood as a sex-crazed, overly masculinized form of femininity rooted in the desire to attract or control men. In truth, it's the energy of the light feminine turned inward. When this light is turned inward, an awakening occurs. In this awakening, a woman learns to nurture herself and comes in contact with her “dark” undomesticated form.

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Connecting With The Dark Feminine Energy

The desire to connect with dark feminine energy often leads a woman into a process known as shadow work, the act of recovering hidden or repressed parts of the self and integrating them to a point of wholeness.

Through this inversion process, the dark fem is guided through the healing of her feminine energy. She must learn to give everything she has been conditioned to give to others, to herself. She is encouraged to investigate her heart and mind to find her truth. Sitting in her darkness she learns the power of unconditional love.


Brown Goddess Holding Sun and Moon

Dark vs Light: Which Is Better?

There is no real dark vs light when it comes to feminine energy. Both of these energies exist in all women, the ability to access them lies in your willingness to get uncomfortable. If you desire to interact with your darkness, spend time alone and come face-to-face with your body and its pleasures. Learn to enforce boundaries, use your voice and take up space. If you desire to connect with your light energy, learn how to be gentle with fragile things, practice nurturing life (plants, animals, yourself, a business), and utilize the power of love languages.

Crowned Dark Feminine Holding the Sun and Moon in Long Black Dress

Dark Feminine Energy Is Everywhere

The image of love and destruction has always been associated with the woman. Across cultures, we find many examples of dual-natured goddesses who embody the life-giving force of The Mother as well as the destructive forces of Transformation. An example of this energy is the Hindu Goddess Kali. She is both loving and terrifying. Creator and Destroyer.

Another example of this is the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, she is attributed with the power of healing but when sent to “correct” humans conspiring against her father's reign, she falls into a bloodthirsty rage that destroys most of humanity.

In history, you can find these defiant fems in roles like women-kings, liberators, activists, and warriors. You find them balking at tradition, asserting themselves, and reveling in pleasures that were reserved for men.

In spirituality, women who hold deeply cosmic, transformative energy are considered dark feminines. You’ll find them in roles as witches, shamans, or healers. 

Recommended Reading

Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

This book is loaded with rich intercultural myths, fairytales, and stories designed to help women reconnect with their instinctual nature. It's a very rich book so take your time with each chapter. 

Pussy Prayers by Black Girl Bliss 

This book is about healing yourself through pleasure. Although it says it's primarily for women of color, I haven’t found any rituals or otherwise that prevent other types of women from participating. It’s filled with healing rituals, helpful advice, affirmations, shadow work, book recommendations, etc.


Journal Prompts To Awaken The Dark Feminine 


Dark Feminine Journal Prompts

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