The Spiritual Path To Healing Trauma

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I remember reading a post about old-world shamans vs. the new ones; It alluded to the difficulties one may face when pursuing a spiritual path in today's chaotic world. The path of ascension feels much harder to reach when trying to ensure your basic needs are met. Imagine navigating the psycho-spiritual landscape of an ego death while trying to shop for groceries. From first-hand experience, I can tell you it's not fun. But what I’ve come to learn is that the path of spirituality isn’t fun; it’s freeing. What we choose to do with that freedom determines the level of fun and pleasure we experience. Spirit reminded me, "we aren't free until we’re all free.” And with that reminder, I offer you my wisdom and sage advice so that you are better equipped to navigate your own path to freedom. 

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Healing trauma is emotional. 

The healing process is an emotional landmine full of hidden bombs and triggers; you will have to tread carefully to map and deactivate each one. Frequently, your higher self will lead you into situations that trigger your emotional imbalances. This is because you can’t heal what you can't see. When you are shown an emotional trigger, start at the reaction and work your way backward. Healing trauma is about getting to the source of the hurt and uprooting it. The origin or root cause is almost always linked to childhood and cultural dynamics. Start there.

Healing trauma is uncomfortable.

Once you’ve found the root cause, you’ll likely feel a strong emotional reaction. That’s normal, and you’re okay. It’s time to feel your way through. The greatest allies in your healing process are your voice, tears, and the truth. Many will come to deny your pain because of what it asks of them. Remain firm in your truth. You will have to use your voice to yell, scream and confront. Your soul will prompt you to have uncomfortable conversations with those that have hurt you. No matter the outcome, you’ve found liberation. Your tears cleanse and purify the wounds so the healing process can begin. Let them flow freely.

Healing trauma is empowering.


Every emotion is an invitation. Like a compass, your feelings are designed to lead you in the right direction. As gnarly as some emotions may appear, they come in peace. You will quickly begin to see that things aren’t always how they appear when it comes to feeling. Anger is usually hurt, and Jealousy offers the opportunity to uncover our hidden desires. Fear is the body’s way of keeping you safe. It will lie to you often. When it shows up, do your best to logic your way through. The only way to rid yourself of the irrational aspects of fear is to challenge it. Know that you can do it. Legs shaking, voice quivering, do it anyway.

Healing trauma teaches you alchemy.

At times you will be forced to hold anger and compassion in the same hand. As you learn to reverse engineer your trauma, patterns will emerge. You may find issues with your mother and be offered a broader scope. Familial traumas will become cyclical, and you will be made aware of your role in your own experiences. The revelation of these traumas is far-reaching. They are embedded in every choice you’ve made until this point. To take control of your life, you will have to unlearn what is no longer useful. 

Trauma is heavy. Rest as often as you need to and slow your pace if it becomes too much. Although there is much more wisdom to give, I'll end this here. Bookmark this post so that you can return to it. I promise that it'll lighten your load on heavier days.




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