The Wild Woman's Call

The Wild Woman's Call

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Come all ye unafraid, wise warriors, freedom fighters, sensual sensei’s. 
Unleash forever in you the unparalleled force of the Goddess within. 
The pursuit of her will challenge your thoughts of greatness and grandeur. 
Unlocking her door will lead you to the path of forbidden fruit. Her presence will awaken in you the keys to a limitless life. For the goddess energy of the divine feminine lives within us all. Her fire patiently burns against the flames of self imposed mediocrity. Her desire? To be an activated force in your daily lives. 

 What Is Goddess Power?

This power is simply, the cosmic power given freely to all women, born or otherwise. It is the creationary force of God/Source energy, placed into the nurturing hands of woman. It is the life giving force that we hold so perfectly in our bellies. It is a phoenix cry that activates the moment we decide to reject what is expected of us in order to pursue what we want. It is the awakening of our primal nature. 

Let Your Inner Knowing Be Your Guide

Like a lightning bolt, our intuitive guide springs forth, preparing us for our voyage home, to our center. It is from this place that we learn the origins of our soul magick. Our psychic centers rouse, nudging us along our journey to self-destruction. 

 In these sacred moments we must fight a battle within ourselves, challenging every lie, to unveil our unique flavor of authenticity. Through the challenges that await, we sharpen our skills. These battles align us with a deep and unshakable truth. 

“We are the master’s of our lives. We have every tool available to navigate anything that crosses our path. There is no need to be defensive, we are always ready.” 




We Are Warriors Of The Light

When we step into the creative power of our inner goddess we create lasting victory in our lives. We learn to wield our power in potent and responsible ways. We understand that if our desire is to live the life of our dreams, we must invite in the chaotic power of destruction,  knowing that it will only touch that which isn’t ours to possess.

Although at times disheartening, we will most certainly find that this process will show us how far away from our desires we’ve been living. It will ask us to release our limitations, bondage and mindset many times over. It is the way of the life-death-rebirth cycle. We must be we willing to die to everything we aren’t in order to be reborn as we are. 

In this cycle:

+ We will learn to nurture our inner child selves, soothing her worries of time and future.

+ We will learn the value of our own opinion and live a life with value placed on our own acceptance. 

+ We will liberate our minds from anxious chatter and liberate our bodies from the expectations of others. 

      Some will call us crazy,

      True Seers will call us by our name..

      Wild Women

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