Call in The Pink Moon: A Ritual For The Full Moon in Scorpio

Call in The Pink Moon: A Ritual For The Full Moon in Scorpio

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scorpio full moon in taurus season 2024

Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

It’s that time again! Let’s snuggle up for a Full Moon Ritual that's equal parts sugar and spice, and so. damn. nice. The Scorpio Full Moon (aka The Pink Moon) is rising on April 23rd, 4:49 PM PST, kickstarting a season of sensual vibes and grounded abundance.

But this lunar party isn’t our normal celestial shedding vibe – things are about to get sexy.

This Pink Moon's got a secret – it's a double agent, undercover as the official gateway to Taurus Season. That time of year when the world slows down, smells like fresh-baked bread, and suddenly wearing silk pajamas to the grocery store feels perfectly acceptable.

The Solar AND Lunar Eclipses  Did You Survive? 

Before we get all cozy in Taurus' earthy vibes, let's acknowledge the elephant in the room –  or rather, the eclipses that just happened.

First up, we had the Lunar South Node Eclipse in Libra on March 25th, nudging us (nay, forcing us) to let go of karmic baggage and outdated relationships. Then, boom! The Solar North Node Eclipse in Aries blazed across the sky on April 8th, urging us to step into our power and chase our dreams. 

So yeah, by the time the Pink Moon rolls around, we're already a little shaken, stirred, and ready for change.

 And that's where the Pink Moon's fiery Scorpio energy comes in. This moon ignites the potential for profound change, urging us to confront our shadows, shed insecurities, and emerge reborn from the ashes.

 It's a time to dive deep into hidden emotions, embrace our desires (especially the kinky ones), and release whatever's holding us back from thriving. 

 So, to help you release your inhibitions in the most unconventional way possible,  I present a sensual full moon ritual to add to your collection: 


Step 1: Ground Yourself Like an Earth Goddess:

 Taurus’ earthy energy? We're channeling that. Find a quiet spot in nature, sink your bare feet into the earth, and breathe deeply. Feel the wind in your hair, and let the gentle hum of the planet lull you into a state of pure presence.

 Light a some candles like these, indulge in a luxurious bath infused with decadent oils - like this one  or whip up a feast using decadent ingredients like chocolate and strawberries. Taurus is all about sensory experiences, so go wild and pamper your senses to the max.

Step 2: Embrace the Scorpio Siren:

 Now that you're grounded and present, it's time to awaken your inner siren. Put on your most sensual outfit (birthday suits welcome), light some incense with aphrodisiac properties like patchouli or rose and let your inner goddess loose. 

 Dance to music that stirs your kundalini, indulge in a self-massage with creamy oils, or write a steamy love letter to yourself. Scorpio thrives on passion and intensity, so don't be afraid to explore your desires, even the deepest, darkest ones. This is a night to embrace the raw, unapologetic power of your sensuality.

Sensual Self-Pleasure Ritual:

This is where Taurus and Scorpio merge into pure magic. In a safe and sacred space, surrounded by your sensual indulgences, connect with your body. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and feel the presence of the earth beneath you, the warmth of the candles, the softness of your skin.

 Move with intention, explore every inch of your body with curiosity and tenderness. Let your fingers become feathers, tracing patterns, sending shivers down your spine. Experiment with touch, temperature, and texture. Explore what ignites your pleasure, what makes your breath catch, what makes your soul ignite. Remember, this is about discovery, not performance. 


Step 3: Plant the Seeds of Hedonistic Happiness:

 Once you've awakened your inner hedonist, it's time to plant the seeds of a future overflowing with pleasure and abundance. Think of your wildest fantasies, your most indulgent dreams, the experiences that would make your inner self jump with delight. 

 Write them down with fierce intention, visualizing them blooming into reality under the Pink Moon's watchful gaze. This is your opportunity to set goals that prioritize pleasure and self-care, so ditch the guilt and embrace the things that make your heart flutter. Think luxurious baths, spontaneous adventures, sensual experiences – let your imagination run wild.


Step 4: Release and Surrender:

Finally, take a deep breath and let go. Light a symbolic fire (safely, of course) and watch your inhibitions, self-doubt, and anything else holding you back from your hedonistic destiny burn to embers.

 Imagine the smoke carrying them away, dissolving into the night sky. Trust that the universe is listening, that your desires are heard, and that the Pink Moon's transformative energy is working its magic.


 ✨ And hey, if you feel like sharing your Pink Moon experiences, drop your email and a comment below – let's create a community of soul-seekers embracing the metamorphosis together. Until next time, stay wild, stay curious, and most importantly, stay true to your most magnificent self. 

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