There is something incredibly unique about you and I like it.

Perfection does exsist. You look at it in the mirror every single day. You were made to the exact specifications of the universe.

Your mind, your body, your spirit, they're perfect. It is the evolution of your humanity that needs work.

What kind of human do you want to be?

When art is life, redecorate!

There's nothing better than stepping into a space that feels like you.

Interior Design is an art form, but sometimes art is just a collection of things smushed together in a way that sparks joy.

Find those things here.

3 Traits of a Wild Woman

She is self-aware.

She is aware of her impact on others.

She utilizes this information to shape her reality.

When we consciously think of the ways that we interact with our enviornment everyday we can move ourselves into the drivers seat. Understanding that we are all powerful and that weakness is a choice that we can gradually begin to unmake.

Once we begin to open ouselves up to the universe, we see massive shifts in perspective. We are no longer ourselves, we are a collective force. That is the very moment that we initiate our ability to channel that force into actions that empower our lives and mark a path for others to do the same.

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