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The Ultimate Guide To The Chakras

By Alyssia Webb

  There are 7 main chakras that make up the chakra system. These chakras are responsible for aligning and anchoring the physical body into its incarnation.   Chakras are energy centers...

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Crystals: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

By Alyssia Webb

    Crystals For...  Sleep Calming crystals like lepidolite are usually good for sleep. Grounding crystals work too but be sure to speak your intentions over the crystals beforehand or...

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baby witch chronicles

Don't Cast Another Spell Before Reading This!

By Alyssia Webb

  If you're here because your spells aren't working, keep reading. At the beginning of your magical practice, it might make the most sense to experiment with spells that will...

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Alyssia Webb

The Spiritual Path To Healing Trauma

The healing process is an emotional landmine. It is full of hidden bombs and triggers; you will have to tread carefully to map and deactivate each one. Oftentimes, your higher...

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