The truth is...

There's so much power in being yourself.

Monrk Co. is built on the foundation of female empowerment.

It seems that no matter what race or religion, women receive the short end of the stick. We are often told and treated as less than.

We have to work harder and be smarter to be seen as something close to but not quite equal.

We deserve better.

And that's exactly what Monrk Co. is willing to give.

My intention is to create and supply products and curricula to educate and enhance the female experience on earth.

This education is centered around our bodies, sexuality, healing, community, owning and wielding our Feminine power with the unique grace that we each individually possess.

The Alchemic process of:

Turning Pain into Power

I created this business from the fabric of my own hurts and healing process. While on my journey, I realized how much I missed out on not having the female wisdom that was once sacred and passed down generationally.

And in the many conversations that I've had with various women while healing, I learned that so many of us we're having the same experiences and missing the same things. Having these conversations and the courage to say taboo or forbidden things out loud was cathartic and incredibly liberating.

I want to give this experience to as many women as possible.

I want there to be a genuinely safe, kind, and fantastically rebellious place where women can come, share, be vulnerable and wild.

I want them to be able to say the things they've been afraid to say and learn the things that the world has been afraid to teach, that women are the greatest and most powerful gift that the world has to offer.

Our bodies are beautiful and we are magick.

♡ In case you were wondering...

Here are my Stats:

Chosen Name: Ailuros

Height: 5'7

Attitude: Mellow with a flair for the dramatics

Energy: The Sun & The High Priestess

Talking Style: Witty and Pensive with plently of room for flamboyant overstatements.

Supernatural Skill Set: I am a Cosmic Priestess & Seer with Clairsentient abilities and a natural apptitude for witchy things.