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Welcome To 2024

2024 is coming in hot with a year-long game of cosmic dodgeball, and everyone's invited (whether they like it or not). But, before you start practicing your Matrix-style bullet dives, you need to know your Personal Year Number - a unique digit calculated from your birthdate that reveals the specific karmic curveballs life's gonna throw your way in the coming year.


Calculate Your P.Y.N

To calculate your personal year number you need to add together your:

birth month+day+the current year.

So if your birthday is January 4, 2023

1 +4+2+0+2+3


Then you'll add those numbers together until you get a single digit number (1-9)



Making this year (until your next bday) your personal year 3.

Once you've crunched the numbers, scroll down to find all the juicy details for your upcoming year!

Personal Year 1

If there was ever a year to make it all about you, it's this one. This year's key themes are self-care, self-love, and self-exploration. The universe is granting you the power to define and create independence on all levels. This is also the year when the ego makes its presence known. Explore your relationship with autonomy and make plenty of room for healthy ego expression. The 1 carries the energy of empowerment and will push you to address your shadows and the ways they keep you away from your power. These lessons center around co-dependency, setting boundaries, and expressing yourself. Overall the magic of this year can feel like a new start so explore, try new things and take inspired action. 

Personal Year 2

The personal year 2 is all about the "us" and carries a very different energy than the self-focused pace of last year. When the two shows up, it asks us to hit the breaks, enter the pace of flow and listen for the whispers of intuition. This is not a year of fast movement. Everything we do during this time will require the indirect use of our personal power. When we are met with the energy of others the universe guides us through the art of relationship building, community, and emotional maturity. Pay attention to what is being reflected back to you in your relationships. How you relate, communicate, and connect take center stage this year.

Personal Year 3

Guard your tongue and all methods of self-expression this year as they have a potent effect on the world around you. A personal year 3 is one of expansion and intrigue. If you find yourself asking "What will bring me happiness?" you're on the right track. Of course, this means you have to question your belief systems and confront all the things leaving you unhappy and unfulfilled. No biggie, right? Self-improvement is highlighted this year so you'll have plenty of universal support as you take time to engage in experiences of passion, creativity, and play. There is no room for false modesty or approval-seeking behavior this year.

Personal Year 4

Now is the time to turn the expansive energy of last year into practical, detailed steps. The four energy is about building firm foundations. This isn't a year of overnight success, its the year you lay the groundwork that will make your reaping years look like magic. A steady and consistent work ethic is more valuable than anything messy, rushed or forced this year. Make plenty of time for rest and reflection. If something feels restrictive, this may be a call for liberation. 4 is here to help you identify your natural limits vs the limits you impose on yourself. Learn as much as you can about wealth building this year and stash some cash away for the unexpected.

Personal Year 5

Every year there's a call to relieve yourself of the erroneous belief systems that prevent you from showing up and living an authentic life and the 5 year is no different. Busting in with the bumbling energy of change, this is the year that we shake things up. This can be a dizzying shift from the slow and steady pace of last year so be sure to ground yourself when needed. This year teaches us about adaptability, openness and boredom. If the 5 energy is met with resistance or fear stagnation will result. Remember, what looks like chaos could really be divine reorganization.

Personal Year 6

Your 6 personal year is centered around home and relationships. It's a time when everything related to comfort comes up for questioning. This is a service-oriented year where you become a resource to others. Be sure to fill your cup up first or you'll find yourself drowning in resentment. A year 6 the perfect time to redesign your personal space, do charity work, and restructure your relationships. This is not the year to focus on personal gain. This IS the year to speak with integrity, learn the art of give and take, establish boundaries, and identify your trusted allies and safe spaces. You're going to need them next year.

Personal Year 7

7 carries the energy of the wanderer. This is a year of hidden truths and spiritual enlightenment. It is an unlearning through direct action and conflict. This could very well be the year you find purpose. Because this year is filled with reflective energies you'll often find yourself having to hold two or more opposing viewpoints at once. Don't rely on your old ways of being, this year is aligning you with your truth. The more you try to hold on, the more spiritual unrest you'll feel. A 7-year asks you to heal the disconnect between your current life and your desired one. Which mindsets and relationships support this new direction?

Personal Year 8

Now is the time to explore our relationship with our personal power. A year 8 is designed to get us crystal clear about how and what we use our power for. Pay attention to the areas where you feel restricted or controlled, assert yourself and place boundaries when needed. The number 8 is associated with material gains which makes this an auscpicious time for anything money related so use your will to drive your plans forward. Remember, control requires the physical force of lack and it limits you in perspective, resources and outcome. Whereas power allows you space to use your gifts to achieve the highest outcome.

Personal Year 9

As all good things must come to an end so does the clutter you've accumulated over the last 8 years. This is a year of letting go of all the things that no longer serve you. This could be friendships, mindsets, jobs, or behaviors. To be honest, it'll probably be all of the above. Prepare to be tossed into the sorting hat of life as it forces you to choose between what stays and what goes into your next cycle. Now is the time to reflect on who you were 8 years ago vs who you are now and what resources are needed to help you become who you're meant to be in the future