March 2024 Pisces New Moon Self-Care Guide — Dive Deep, Dream Big.

March 2024 Pisces New Moon Self-Care Guide — Dive Deep, Dream Big.

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Pisces New Moon — The Highlights

  • Date & Time: March 10th, 2024, 4:30 am PST
  • Energy: Deep introspection, emotional release, creative flow, spiritual connection
  • Keywords: Pisces new moon, intuition, self-care, creativity, emotional healing
  • Focus: Releasing baggage, setting intentions, embracing new beginnings
  • Activities: Meditation, journaling, creative expression, nature connection, group rituals
  • Products Mentioned: Evil Eye Bath Blend, Pink Lavender Bath Salts (optional)
  • Marks the end of Pisces season and transition to the fiery Aries season.
  • Connects with themes of intuition, compassion, and spiritual growth.
  • Offers opportunity to let go of negativity and cultivate inner peace.
  • Includes suggestions for practices and rituals to align with the new moon's energy.

Let's Dive In 🌊

Pisces Szn is serving up major lunar vibes as a fresh new moon shimmers on the horizon, ready to bathe us in its ethereal glow. Mark your calendars for March 10th, 2024, at 4:30 am PST – that's when the Pisces magic hits peak chill, marking the end of the season with a deep, introspective sigh. This new moon is our invitation to, zen out, release the baggage, and emerge feeling refreshed and ready to embrace whatever comes next. 

Pisces: Where Dreams Flow Like....Water?

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac fam, is a watery wonderland where intuition flows smoother than, well, water. It's a realm where imagination runs wild, dreams blur with reality, and compassion is universal. During this new moon, the Piscean energy gets cranked up to eleven, inviting us to connect with our deepest feels, unleash our inner artist, and vibe with the interconnectedness of, like, everything.

Closing the Piscean Chapter

This new moon's got an extra layer of cosmic coolness because it falls right at the end of Pisces season. Think of it as the universe's nudge to mellow out, and reflect on the emotions and experiences that went down over the past few weeks. 

  • What lessons did you learn from your emotional deep dive?
  • What limiting beliefs or negative patterns are ready to float away?

This is your time to acknowledge them with a knowing nod, then gracefully let them go, making space for the new and awesome to blossom.

Planting Seeds of Intention, No Pressure

New moons are the perfect time to plant the seeds of your desires, and under the soft glow of the Pisces new moon, let your intuition be your guide as you set intentions for the coming months. Focus on areas that resonate with the chill Piscean vibe: getting weird, unleashing your creativity, connecting with your spiritual side, healing emotional wounds, or deepening connections with yourself and your crew.

Remember, the most potent intentions are the ones we feel deeply connected to. Craft them with a relaxed mind, and create a little ritual for some extra-cosmic oomph.

Metaphysical Practices To Mellow TF Out

The Pisces new moon's energy perfectly aligns with various practices that can boost your zen journey. Here are a few ideas to ignite your inner spark without stressing you out:


  • Meditation: Dive into the depths of your being with guided meditations or just chillin’ in quiet contemplation. Let your intuition guide you inward, uncovering hidden insights and releasing emotional blocks, all with a relaxed sigh.

  • Journaling: Wanna express yourself? Scribble your thoughts and feelings freely on paper. It's a powerful tool for processing emotions, clarifying intentions, and gaining self-awareness, all without judgment.

  • Creative Flow: Let your artistic spirit dance! Whether it's painting, dancing, writing, or jamming to tunes, do whatever feels good and lets your creativity blossom, no pressure to be perfect.

  • Nature Connection: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors. Take a walk in the forest, feel the sun on your skin, or just listen to the calming sounds of nature. This grounding experience can reconnect you with your inner peace and intuition, effortlessly.

  • Connecting with Your Crew: Share the transformative energy of the new moon with your besties. Have heart-to-heart conversations, join a group ritual (think bonfire and laughter!), or simply offer acts of kindness and compassion.


Remember, the new moon's influence extends beyond the initial date. Carry its chill energy with you throughout the coming weeks, letting it guide you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.


Oops, I almost forgot  to add a few shameless plugs 


This new moon marks the end of Pisces season, but it's also a prelude to something new and fiery – Aries season! While Pisces invites us to dive deep within, Aries is all about charging forward with bold action and embracing your inner spark.


Think of it as trading in your cozy blanket for a pair of shiny roller skates. This transition can feel energetic, so listen to your intuition and choose practices that help you integrate the Pisces energy while preparing for the Aries zest.


And speaking of cleansing and preparation, have you checked out our Evil Eye Bath Blend? As you release emotional baggage and limiting beliefs under the Pisces new moon, consider incorporating this luxurious bath ritual into your self-care routine.


Packed with the spiritual cleansing power of lemon and the psychic protection of sandalwood, this blend helps wash away negativity and energetic blockages, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the new season. Use it to shield against any lingering psychic debris, ensuring you start the zodiac year sparkling clean.


For those seeking a gentler, floral touch, our Pink Lavender Bath Salts offer a soothing soak infused with the calming energies of lavender. Himalayan pink salts, renowned for their detoxifying properties, work alongside the calming aroma of lavender to ease stress and promote a sense of peace, perfectly aligning with the restorative spirit of the Pisces new moon.


Picture yourself floating in a cloud of tranquility, releasing worries, and preparing for the exciting adventures that await in Aries season.


Remember, self-care isn't selfish; it's essential. As you navigate the cosmic shifts and embrace the potential of the new moon, prioritize practices that resonate with your unique needs and desires. Whether it's meditating with crystals, journaling under the moonlight, or indulging in a luxurious bath with our carefully crafted blends, let your intuition guide you toward a renewed sense of self and well-being.


So, take a deep breath, connect with your inner chill, and prepare to dive into the transformative energy of the Pisces new moon. Trust us, the journey within will leave you feeling refreshed, empowered, and ready to rock the upcoming Aries season with grace and confidence.


Q & A for the Pisces New Moon:

Q: How does the Pisces new moon align with other astrological aspects happening at this time?

A: The Pisces new moon conjuncts Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure, adding a grounding influence to the otherwise dreamy Piscean energy. This can be helpful for setting realistic intentions and taking concrete action to manifest them. Additionally, Mercury enters Pisces on February 23rd, enhancing communication and intuition. This is a powerful time to connect with your inner voice and receive intuitive messages.

Q: What are some specific affirmations or intentions I can set under this new moon to manifest my desires?

A: Focus on affirmations that resonate with the Piscean energy of compassion, creativity, and intuition. For example:

  • "I connect with my deepest intuition and trust its guidance."
  • "I release limiting beliefs and embrace my creative potential."
  • "I cultivate compassion for myself and others, attracting loving connections."

Q: How can I use tarot cards or other divination tools to gain deeper insights during the new moon?

A: Feeling witchy? Dust off your tarot deck or favorite divination tool and ask specific questions about the new moon's influence like: 


  • What creative outlet or form of self-expression is calling to me under the Piscean influence
  • How can I release a specific limiting belief or emotional baggage during this new moon for deeper healing and growth?
  • What hidden message from my subconscious is ready to surface during this new moon cycle?

This is your cosmic chat session – the cards are your spirit guides, spilling the tea on your hidden potential and upcoming opportunities. Pay attention to the symbols and messages that emerge – they are the keys to unlock the door to your deepest desires.

Q: Are there any specific astrological houses or areas of life that will be particularly affected by this new moon?

A: This new moon hangs out in the 12th house, the astrological equivalent of your subconscious basement. Expect introspection, shadow work, and maybe even a face-to-face with your deepest desires (and fears). If specific life areas feel extra activated, check your natal chart to see which house corresponds to 12° Pisces – that's your personal cosmic spotlight.

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