The Left Angle Cross of Cycles - Human Design

The Left Angle Cross of Cycles - Human Design

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The Left Angle Cross Of Cycles Means You're..

a natural-born initiator and a visionary leader. You have the ability to see the big picture and to inspire others to follow your lead. You are a master of strategy and execution, and you have the drive to see your projects through to completion.

You understand that life is cyclical, and that there are times for beginnings, times for growth, and times for endings. You are comfortable with change, and you know that it is an essential part of the journey.
Your life's purpose is to help others understand and embrace the cyclical nature of life. You can do this by being a role model for others, sharing your wisdom and insights, and by creating a safe space for others to explore their own cycles.
You are a powerful force for transformation, and you have the potential to make a real difference in the world. Embrace your gifts and use them to create a more beautiful and harmonious future.

The Gates Of Your Cross Tell A Deeper Story

Gate 53 : Beginnings 

53 is the Gate of Starting Things, and you represent the energy that initiates new beginnings, projects, or phases in life. You are the spark of alchemy that ignites the creative process and brings new ideas to life. 

Gate 53 is located in the Root Center, which is the center of our primal instincts and drives. This means that you are deeply connected to our need for growth and evolution. You are consistently looking for new ways to challenge yourself and expand your horizons.

When you are aligned with your purpose, you use your energy to create new beginnings that are both exciting and meaningful. You are a catalyst for change, and you inspire others to follow their dreams.

However, when you are out of alignment, your energy can manifest as restlessness, impatience, and a fear of commitment. You may start many projects but never finish them, or you may get bored easily and move on to the next thing before you have a chance to see your ideas through. 

The key to living a balanced and fulfilling life with Gate 53 is to learn to trust your intuition and to follow your heart. Having the supportive energy of gate 42 means that so long as the work is aligned and you pace yourself, you can always bring your visions to pass.

Gate 54: Ambition 

This gate is known as the Gate of Ambition, and it resides in the Root Center of your chart. It's an incredibly powerful gate that gives you a strong drive to achieve, grow, and transform.

The energy of Gate 54 is all about ambition and drive. It's the force that pushes you to move forward, achieve more, and improve your circumstances. This unceasing drive can bring about tremendous growth and progress, but it can also lead to potential challenges.

One of the biggest challenges of Gate 54 is the potential for comparison. When you're constantly comparing yourself to others, it can be easy to feel inadequate or like you're never good enough. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, discontent, and a lack of appreciation for the present moment.

Another challenge of Gate 54 is the potential for blind ambition. When you're too focused on achieving your goals, you can lose sight of the important things in life. This can lead to burnout, frustration, and a sense of emptiness.

The key to working with Gate 54 is to find a balance between ambition and surrender. You need to be ambitious enough to achieve your goals, but you also need to be willing to let go of control and trust the process. When you find this balance, you can use the power of Gate 54 to create a life of great success and fulfillment.

Gate 42: Growth 

42 is the gate of Growth, and it's located in the Sacral Center. This means that you have a natural drive to see things through to the end. You're not one to give up easily, and you're always looking for ways to grow and evolve.

The keyword for this gate is "celebration." You love to celebrate your accomplishments, and you're always looking for new ways to mark the end of a cycle. You also have a strong sense of justice, and you believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential.

The shadow side of this gate can be stubbornness and attachment. You can be resistant to change, and you may find it difficult to let go of old patterns. You can also be overly competitive, and you may try to control how things end.

The best way to work with gate 42 is to embrace your natural drive to see things through. Don't be afraid to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. And most importantly, celebrate your accomplishments!

Gate 32: Continuity 

Gate 32 is the Gate of Continuity, and it's located in the Spleen Center. This means that your energy is deeply intuitive and instinctual, and it's focused on sensing what needs to change and how to create lasting transformation.

You have a knack for knowing which opportunities to pursue for the most sustainable outcomes. You're  good at recognizing what needs to be transformed in order for something to last. However, you may also be prone to fear of failure, which can hold you back from taking risks or trying new things.

The best way to work with Gate 32 is to trust your intuition and to take things one step at a time. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because they are all part of the learning process. And remember, slow and steady wins the race!

When you're feeling stuck remember:

  • Your fear of failure can be a powerful motivator, but it can also be limiting. Learn to channel your fear into productive action.
  • You have a deep understanding of the cycles of life and evolution. Use this knowledge to guide your choices and to create lasting change.


Learn more about your unique gifts in Human Design in our resource center.

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