The Left Angle Cross of Separation (5/35 | 47/22) | HD Incarnation Cross

The Left Angle Cross of Separation (5/35 | 47/22) | HD Incarnation Cross

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Left Angle Cross of Separation — Highlights.


  • Your Superpower: Cutting through the BS to find your unique path.
  • Your Kryptonite: Getting stuck in the same old routines. Change is your lifeblood.
  • Work Environment: Flexible, creative, where your unique ideas are valued. Think start-up, not cubicle farm.
  • Perfect Date: An adventure, followed by deep conversation where no topic is off-limits.
  • Life Motto: "If it ain't real,  I ain't interested."

 The Intro

Ever feel like a gloriously weird fish in a very square pond? Honey, do we have news! That inner voice nagging at you to find your own path? It's not just your rebellious streak... it could be your destiny whispering.

Let's chat about Human Design – a system that uses your birth details to map out your soul's blueprint. Think of it as your cosmic instruction manual. One key element is your Incarnation Cross, and today we're zoning in on the beautifully unconventional magic that is the Left Angle Cross of Separation (5/35 | 47/22).

Here's where it gets interesting. In Human Design, Left Angle Crosses are all about your interpersonal magic, how you connect with the world on a deeper level. The Left Angle Cross of Separation? It's about finding your soul tribe, the people who dig your unique vibe and celebrate your march to the beat of your own drum. This funky crew is determined by where the Sun and Earth were partying when you entered the world, creating these energetic points called "Gates" in your chart.

The Gates in this cross are:

  • Gate 5: Fixed Rhythms
  • Gate 35: Progress
  • Gate 47: Realization
  • Gate 22: Openness

We'll dissect each Gate later, but for now, know that these energies work together to create a life path where forging genuine connections comes from embracing what makes you different, not hiding it.

Core Themes and Traits 

  • The Outsider's Perspective: You see the world from a different angle, allowing you to bring in fresh ideas and challenge the status quo. Think of it as your cosmic superpower.

  • The Path Less Traveled: Forget walking the line, you're more prone to drawing your own squiggly path filled with unexpected detours. Embrace the journey, even the bumpy bits!

  • Finding Your People: Deep down, you crave connection, but not just any connection. Your tribe is filled with fellow weirdos who accept, and even adore, your unconventional ways.

  • Aha! Moments: You experience breakthroughs and insights that seem to come out of thin air. Trust those flashes of brilliance, they'll often guide you in the right direction.

How This Plays Out:

These wild card energies mean life with this cross is rarely boring. You crave change, dislike stagnation, and easily see flaws in any system. While sometimes a bit of a loner, once you find your people, those bonds are fierce. You're likely drawn to creative fields or any role where you can leave your unique mark on the world.


Having the Left Angle Cross of Separation is incredible, but it ain't always a picnic in the park. Here are some potential hurdles you might face:

  • The "What's Wrong With Me?" Trap: Sometimes that outsider feeling gets heavy. You want to belong, yet it seems like you're constantly "missing the memo" on social norms. Remember, being different is your superpower, not a curse!

  • Patience Who? With that drive for change and those 'aha!' moments, it's easy to get restless if things stagnate. But, the magic often happens in those 'waiting' periods. Try to embrace the rhythm, even if it feels frustrating at times.

  • Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: That openness is beautiful, but it can backfire if you share with people who don't get you. Boundaries are your bestie! Find your trusted weirdos and let it all hang out with them.
★ Speaking of boundaries, if they feel like a foreign language, my boundary workbook can help! It's designed to make setting limits playful and empowering - just how you like it. 😉 Snag it here


    Okay, now the good stuff..

    • The Innovator: You spot holes in systems and think up better ways to do things. This makes you a changemaker, whether in your personal life or on a broader scale.

    • Teacher of Insights: Those hard-earned realizations? They can change lives when you share them. You have a way of making complex things click for others.

    • Magnet for Your Tribe: Once you stop trying to fit in and embrace your authentic self, the right people find you. These are bonds built on genuine acceptance and appreciation of your quirks.
    • Cutting Through Illusion: You see straight-up BS, which means you're unlikely to fall for fads or get caught up in surface-level drama. This insight is a potent gift!

    Deep Dive into the Gates of the Left Angle Cross of Separation (5/35 | 47/22):

    Let's get a little granular and talk about how these specific Gates work their magic in your life. These are the cosmic spices that, when combined, create the unique flavor of this Cross.

    Gate 5 – Fixed Rhythms (Sacral Center):

    • Theme: Patience, Timing, and Rituals
    • How it plays in: You understand that the "when" of things is sometimes just as important as the "what." While spontaneous, you also have an internal clock that needs to be honored. Don't be afraid to create your own unique routines and rituals.

    Gate 35 – Progress (Throat Center):

    • Theme: Change, Experimentation, Desire for the New
    • How it plays in: You thrive on exploring new things and shaking up the status quo. Embrace that urge for forward movement, just make sure you don't get so restless you forget to savor the present.

    Gate 47 – Realization (Ajna Center):

    • Theme: Mental Processing, Making Sense of Experience
    • How it plays in: Those "aha" moments? They're your jam! The key is to find a way to express those revelations, whether it's journaling, art, or even just blurting them out to a very understanding friend.

    Gate 22 – Openness (Solar Plexus Center):

    • Theme: Emotional Expression, Grace Under Pressure
    • How it plays in: While deeply insightful, raw emotional expression can feel a bit more awkward. This Gate allows you to share your heart openly, creating deeper connections once the initial vulnerability is overcome.

    How the Gates Work Together:

    Your cross is like a wildflower blooming its own way. You're naturally wired for adventure, always seeking fresh experiences and growth (Gate 35). Yet, there's a deep respect for timing, an understanding that sometimes the wisest move is to settle into the stillness and let things unfold naturally (Gate 5). As you dance with life's rhythms, insights come to you in flashes – those bursts of understanding that turn your experiences into relatable wisdom (Gate 47). And the best part? You're compelled to share your truth, to open your heart and express those offbeat insights in a way that feels supportive and inspiring (Gate 22).

    The Left Angle Cross of Separation is about embracing the winding road of self-discovery. You have a gift for spotting what others overlook, processing it into something meaningful, and then sharing your unique perspective in a way that fosters connection. Think of yourself as a beacon of authenticity, reminding others that it's okay, even beautiful, to march to the beat of your own drum.

    How the Left Angle Cross of Separation (5/35 | 47/22) Manifests in Life

    Let's talk about how your cross impacts your day-to-day. These areas are places where your Separation magic can either shine or get tripped up:

    • Relationships: You crave real connection, the kind where people love and accept all your glorious weirdness. Superficial friendships wither fast; deep, authentic bonds are where you thrive.

    • Career: Tradtional 9-to-5 jobs? Not so much your thing. You're more likely to create your own path, one filled with variety, challenges to overcome, and the freedom to share your one-of-a-kind ideas.

    • Personal Growth: Growth isn't just a buzzword for you; it's essential to your soul. Periods of stillness and reflection are crucial for processing it all, leading to unexpected leaps forward.

    Fulfilling Your Purpose 

    The Left Angle Cross of Separation is your invitation to be unapologetically, gloriously YOU. By embracing your hunger for change, honoring those moments of 'wait, what?' and sharing your brilliant off-center insights, you offer a splash of something special to the world.

    Remember, your journey might resemble a squiggly doodle more than a straight line, and that's the MAGIC. Trust your rhythm, let those weird and wonderful connections blossom, and let your freak flag fly!

    Important Note: Incarnation Crosses are a fascinating part of your Human Design blueprint, but they're just one piece of the puzzle! Really embracing what your Cross has to offer comes naturally as you learn to honor your Type, Authority, Profile, and those other juicy bits of your individual design.

    ★ Ready to dive deeper?

    If you're itching to uncover some of those fascinating hidden corners of your psyche, my free Human Design journal prompts are your ticket! This download is perfect for a little self-guided shadow work, all tailored to your unique cosmic design. Grab yours here.

    And listen, if boundaries are a constant battle (and honey, whose aren't?), give my lovingly blunt Boundaries Workbook a look-see. It's infused with Human Design goodness to make setting those limits a little less... soul-sucking.

    Now brave seeker, which part of your wonderfully unconventional path will you illuminate next?

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