Here's What I Left Out 👀

Hey there!

Ready to demystify that inner critic even further? Let's dive into why it acts the way it does, and how it connects to your unique Human Design "Not-Self".

Remember: There's a pattern to the madness!

★ Not-Self Themes:

Think of this as the emotional pain point your type experiences when operating out of alignment (anger, frustration, bitterness, etc.).

★ Not-Self Behaviors:

These are the actions that keep you stuck in that negative emotional state.

★ Protective Mechanism:

Here's the kicker – there's a misguided motive behind those behaviors! It's your inner critic's attempt to avoid a deeper fear.

Let's Break it Down Type by Type:

👁️‍🗨️ Projectors:

  • Not-Self Theme: Bitterness
  • Not-Self Behaviors: Procrastination, holding back, waiting for perfect recognition.
  • Protective Mechanism: Avoiding potential rejection or the disappointment of not being valued. It also attempts to conserve energy by preventing overextension.

Instead of: "The timing isn't right, just wait a little longer."

Reframe: "My fear of rejection is keeping me stuck. What's one small step I can take towards being seen?"

📣 Manifestors:

  • Not-Self Theme: Anger
  • Not-Self Behaviors: Overworking, ignoring exhaustion, relentless initiating.
  • Protective Mechanism: Maintaining a sense of control in life, avoiding the fear of missing out or feeling powerless. It's a way to try and force outcomes.

Instead of: "If I slow down, I'll miss out, and everything will fall apart!"

Reframe: "Pushing this hard is a recipe for burnout. Rest fuels my impact, not hinders it."

💪🏽 Manifesting Generators:

  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration
  • Not-Self Behaviors: Frantic doing then procrastination, people-pleasing,
  • Protective Mechanism: Attempts to create a sense of belonging and value by being needed. It also avoids the discomfort of sitting with uncertainty, of not knowing what to initiate.

Instead of: "I have to say 'yes' to everything, or I need to jump into this new thing NOW...but wait, maybe I should just chill..."

Reframe: "My frantic energy is trying to make me feel needed and in control. What do I truly have the energy for right now?"

⚡️ Generators:

  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration (and eventual resignation)
  • Not-Self Behaviors: Chronic overcommitting, saying "yes" out of obligation.
  • Protective Mechanism: Avoids disappointment or conflict by ensuring they're always liked and needed. It mistakenly equates productivity with self-worth.
  • Instead of: "I should just do this, even if I'm exhausted. It's what an “xyz” person does."
  • Reframe: "Saying 'yes' when I mean 'no' drains my energy, and that's not helpful to anyone. My well-being matters."

🪞 Reflectors:

  • Not-Self Theme: Disappointment
  • Not-Self Behaviors: Comparison, feeling superior/inferior, losing sense of self.
  • Protective Mechanism: The mind tries to find a fixed identity by comparing with others, hoping to find a template for "how to be" to feel safe in the world.

Instead of: "They're so much better than me" OR "I'm so far ahead of them."

Reframe: "Comparing myself to others confuses my own path. My unique rhythm is my superpower."

The Power of Understanding:

Seeing these protective mechanisms gives you CHOICE. Instead of fighting your inner critic, you can address the root fear it's trying to shield you from. That's where true compassion and transformation begin.

Ready to upgrade those outdated protection strategies? 😉

Speaking of powerful tools... I know how hard it can be to rewire those negative thought patterns on your own. That's why I created my "Dear Self" prompt cards. Let's call it a little shortcut to ditching those old "Not-Self" stories for good.

Think of them as your pocket-sized coach for building new, empowering neural pathways

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Sending you good vibes and a virtual whip to tame that inner critic,