Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul
Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul

Cosmic Quickies: Bite-Sized Readings for Your Big Soul

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A sprinkle of cosmic wisdom.

Feeling a little lost in the stars? Or maybe you just need a quick peek into what the Universe has in store? My mini-readings are like your personal cosmic compass, pointing you in the direction of clarity and ah-ha moments.

Choose your own adventure:

★ Shadow Work Smoothie:

 Shine a light on those hidden corners of your soul and uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back. With a gentle nudge and a healthy dose of tough love, we'll shine a light on those hidden corners of your soul. Expect practical solutions, personalized advice, and exercises to help you transform those shadows into fuel for your growth.

★ Spiritual Sips:

Need a soul sister to share your mystical musings with? I've got you. I'll draw from my own wild adventures in dream work, spiritual awakenings, and psychic development – plus some tarot wisdom and channeled messages – to help you navigate your own path.

★ Human Design Happy Hour:

 A quick peek into your energetic blueprint. Let's reveal your superpowers. I'll answer your most burning questions about your chart so you can live in alignment with your true self.

★ Tarot Tastings:

 Let's shuffle those mystical cards and reveal the juicy secrets hiding in plain sight. These readings aren't about predicting your love life, darling. They're a roadmap to personal fulfillment, helping you get clear on who you are, what you want, and how to get unstuck. Consider it a cosmic pep talk with a side of actionable guidance.

★ Personalized Potion:

We'll brew up a reading just for you, based on whatever's tickling your third eye.

✨ Why choose mini-readings?

  • Bite-sized wisdom: Perfect for busy souls who need a quick dose of clarity.
  • Affordable & accessible: Guidance shouldn't break the bank, honey.
  • Intuitive & empowering: You'll leave feeling more connected to your inner wisdom and ready to embrace your next chapter.

How It Works:

It's simple, love! Just choose your desired reading, add to cart, submit three burning questions, and leave the rest to me. I'll craft a detailed, intuitive response tailored to your specific needs. This isn't your average quick-fix reading. I take my time to sit with your questions, allowing the right energies to emerge.

My Process:

As a Manifestor with Emotional Authority, I need to feel my way through the reading. This email-based approach allows me to dance, meditate, pull tarot cards, and tap into my clairsentient and claircognizant gifts – all in the comfort of my own energy. It's like brewing a potent potion of intuitive insights just for you!

Pricing Transparency

Let's chat about money. I know that investing in yourself can feel like a splurge, but I believe that spiritual guidance is an essential part of self-care. That's why I've created a pricing structure that's both accessible and reflective of the value and energy I pour into each reading.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Tarot Reading - $22: This is your cosmic starter pack, a little taste of the magic that tarot can offer. It's like a soul-affirming latte, a treat for yourself that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Tarot readings typically focus on a specific area of your life and provide shorter, more focused insights.

  • Spiritual Guidance - $33: Deeper dives require more energetic exchange. Consider this your cosmic compass, pointing you towards your true north. These readings often involve connecting with your spirit guides or higher self, offering a more personalized and expansive experience.

  • Human Design Reading - $44: Think of this as a mini-workshop for your soul. We'll delve into the intricacies of your unique energetic blueprint, giving you tools and insights to navigate life with more ease and authenticity. Human Design readings require a deeper understanding of a complex system and offer tailored guidance based on your individual chart.

  • Shadow Work Reading - $55: This is where the real transformation happens, babes. We'll face those hidden parts of yourself with courage and compassion, clearing the way for deeper healing and growth. It's an investment in your most radiant self. Shadow Work readings often involve emotional processing and require a safe, supportive space for exploration and growth.

  • Personalized Reading - $66: This is your VIP pass to my intuitive toolbox. We'll work together to create a reading that's tailored specifically to your needs, using whatever tools and techniques resonate most with you. These readings are the most in-depth and require the most time and energy from me as your guide.

Your FAQ's

What tf are mini-readings?

 Think of them like a cosmic espresso shot: potent, focused insights to perk up your intuition and get you aligned with your soul's purpose. No fluff, just straight-up magical guidance.

Will you tell me who I'm going to marry/when I'll win the lottery?

Umm.. I'm not about predicting the future. I'm about helping you create the future you desire. We'll focus on empowering you to make empowered choices.

How do I know which reading is right for me?

Trust your gut babes! It's usually screaming the answer. But if you're feeling stuck, drop me a line, and we'll chat about it.

Will you judge me if my questions are super weird or personal?

Judgment is not really my vibe. The weirder and more personal, the better! I'm here to hold space for all of your beautiful, messy humanness.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the energetic nature of my work, I don't offer refunds. But trust me, you're in good hands. I pour my heart and soul into these readings, to ensure you receive the guidance and insights you need.

How long will my reading be?

Expect a detailed and thoughtful response ( a few paragraphs, or more). I'm a thinker, darling, and I like to take my time to really connect with your energy and questions.

When can I expect to receive my reading?

You'll typically get your reading within 1-2 days but remember, intuition doesn't always follow a schedule. If the Universe needs me to take a little longer, I'll keep you in the loop. Patience is a virtue, after all!

What if I have more than three questions?

If you've got a whole list of cosmic curiosities, no sweat! You can always book multiple readings, or we can chat about a custom package just for you.

Wait, this isn't a live reading?

Nope! I've found that email readings allow me to dive deeper into your energy and really tap into my intuition. Plus, you can reread the guidance whenever you need instead of trying to remember it all.

What if I'm not happy with my reading?  

While I'm confident in my intuitive abilities, I understand that every reading resonates differently. If your reading doesn't hit the mark, reach out to me within 48 hours, and we'll figure out a solution together. 

Ready to peek behind the cosmic curtain? Book a mini-reading and let's see what magic unfolds! ✨


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