4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell
4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell
4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell
4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell
4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell
4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell

4" Scalloped Brass Alter Bell

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The intention of altar bells is to call attention to the gods or goddesses you are praying to.

With altar bells, they are meant to “vibrate” or to “attune” you to the gods or goddesses so that they can hear you in your prayers and ritual work.

Everyone has a preference when it comes to using their tools, but this example is a basic way to use an altar bell properly in your rituals.

Approach your altar and either sit cross-legged in front of it or kneel before the altar. Close your eyes and begin your meditation, a short duration meditation to begin is ideal, just to get your energy flowing.

Next, open your eyes and take your altar bell and ring it gently once while saying a phrase such as “May the gods and goddess hear me.” or “Such and such god or goddess lend me your strength.” These are just examples, you can say anything you like that makes you feel comfortable.

Next, place the bell back on your altar and meditate once again, focus your energies on reaching out to your respected god/goddess, and really try to FEEL like you are becoming one with your own energy.

Once you feel you are making progress, open your eyes once again take your altar bell and ring it once again with another phrase or “words of empowerment” such as “Please protect me during this ritual.” or something similar.

Place the altar bell back on the altar and repeat this once again with meditating and then taking the altar bell and giving it one final ring with a phrase.

Performing this three times better ensures that your respected god/goddess will hear you and will be able to empower you for whatever ritual you may be wanting to perform.

Every so often it is also good to cleanse your altar bells and this can be quite simple. Since most altar bells are silver plated or made from brass, dipping them into water with some sea salt or salt in general for a few moments will cleanse your altar bell fairly well. Simply place it in a bucket with salt water for roughly 20 seconds and then remove and dry.

Another cleansing technique is to light a sage smudge stick and have the smoke go over the altar bell for several moments.

You may cleanse many different altar tools in this fashion as well.

-via moons light magic


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