Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet
Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet
Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet
Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet
Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet
Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet

Opalite and Lava Crystal Bracelet

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Opalite has the ability to enhance and awaken psychic gifts suppressed throughout the bloodline. When placed over the crown chakra it can aid channeling and divination practices. Be sure to pair this stone with a protective stone when working with unfamiliar energies and pair it with other communication stones like lapis lazuli to enhance self-awareness and higher truths (including your own).

Element: Water, Air
Zodiac Sign: Libra, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo
Water Safe: Yes
Opalite Crystal Properties and Benefits

Opalite is a spiritual stone of communication. It allows its user to connect with divine truths through the crown chakra. Once this information has been received by the crown chakra, it is then synthesized through the third eye to bring clarity and awareness. It is then recommended to draw that clarity through each individual chakra, ending at the root so that spiritual understanding gives way to clear, decisive action.

Healing Powers: Opalite has the ability to clear cluttered energy in the third eye and crown chakras. In the clearing, it allows for the healing of ailments associated with these centers like anxiety, depression, etc. 

Spiritual properties and uses: The combination of opalite and lava are the perfect stones for new beginnings. The earth and fire energy from the lava stone pair well with the Water and Air energies of the opalite crystal creating an achemial balance ripe for transformation. 

Q: Opal vs Opalite? What's the difference?

A: Opal is a natural stone whereas opalite is man-made. 

Q: What does opalite do spiritually?

A: This stone is most effective when used as a lightning agent. It has the ability to clear, connect and enlighten thought forms and heavy energy. Use this stone to lighten the heart to its child-like state. Use it to see through the chaos of challenges to make clear decisions and Use it for healing the spiritual and psychic centers. 

Lava Healing Properties

Lava Stone is created out of the fiery heat underneath the earth from very raw energy. This energy represents rebirth or renewal. This makes Lava Stone perfect for anyone looking to change their circumstances, environments, & relationships.

It will guide and assist in manifesting your new desired circumstances as well as help you re-create yourself.



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