10 Hoodoo Herbs To Have On Hand

10 Hoodoo Herbs To Have On Hand

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In this article, I will focus on 10 of the most common herbs used in hoodoo. These herbs will be featured in many of spells and I will also share quick tips on how you can use them even without an active spell or potion. Remember, if you want to get the most out of them, buy them from someone who grows them for magical purposes or else grow them yourself. 

Alfafa: This is a plant commonly used to attract money. As a practitioner, if you have a few of these in your home, it will help to ensure that money is always in your house. You can also sprinkle a bit of it in your wallet or pocket to attract money into it. 
Angelica root: This particular root will keep dark and negative forces at bay. If you are a woman, you can use this to amplify your femininity and can also utilize it to create protection spells for your children. I also have a few beginner spells that use the power in Angelica root to attract luck. 
Black Mustard Seed: We also call this "the seed of strife," because its primary purpose is to create confusion in the mind of your enemies. If you have a dispute with someone who is constantly troubling you, sprinkling some black mustard seeds on the path where they are known to walk can stir up confusion that will destabilize them and throw them off your path. 
Chamomile: In general herbal medicine, chamomile is believed to have a calming effect and is good for people who have sleeping problems. In Hoodoo magic, you can use this to neutralize spells that you think have been cast against you.
Dandelion root: If you ever have a spell where you need to draw on help from your ancestors, using a dandelion root can amplify your reach and connection, making it easier to access them. If you are having trouble sleeping and feel that you are the victim of spiritual attacks, using dandelion can help provide additional protection and will help you sleep better.
Fennel: Ensure your home is a safe space, free of bad spirits and negative energy that might corrupt the magical atmosphere, by hanging fennel seeds on your windows. If you need a little dose of courage for something, putting fennel seeds in your pocket can help. When I first started casting spells myself, I used to have fennel seeds in my pocket or in my palm to give me extra confidence. I encourage you to do the same. 
Ginger Root: Until you become an advanced Hoodoo practitioner, I advise you to chew a little bit of ginger before you cast a spell. It is one of those herbs with an "amplifying" ability. Another effective effective use of ginger root is in spells that are used to increase desire in a relationship. But in a general sense, it is used to attract success. 
Hibiscus: Warding off dangerous spirits is very important in the practice of Hoodoo magic, but at the same time you need to connect with the right spirits. Using the hibiscus plants in specific spells can attract good spirits that will, in turn, be happy to help you achieve your goal. You also use this in spells that are related to love, marriages and relationship. 
Lemongrass: If you feel that you are suffering from a curse or that you have been jinxed, use lemongrass to wash away the negative effects of those curses or completely neutralize the jinx.
Mandrake root: This is a multipurpose plant that can be used for different spells and rituals. It can be bound to a doll and used for a love spell. It can be inserted into a mojo bag to either attract money or repel evil forces and is also commonly used in fertility potions.
*Exerpt from Belard, Angelie. Hoodoo For Beginners: Working Magic Spells in Rootwork and Conjure with Roots, Herbs, Candles, and Oils (p. 35). Hentopan Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

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