The Maiden Archetype: Life Beyond The Damsel

The Maiden Archetype: Life Beyond The Damsel

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maiden archetype


The maiden archetype represents the unencumbered female spirit. She is the excitement we feel at the leaping point of any new journey. 

 Bright and Idealistic, the maiden is often depicted as the first stages a young woman must go through to achieve adulthood. But the maiden archetype isn’t a stepping stone, she is the leader of our experience. 

She is the brave part of our psyche that is still willing to jump. 

When you decide to go for the promotion, she’s there. 

When you decide to try something new, she’s there. 

The part of you that wants to join in and have fun, that’s her.

About her.

Unsullied by life, the maiden represents child-like optimism and a willingness to experience. She is who we are while en route to who we will become. She is the chaotic force that shapes the destinies of women. She is our joy, our ambition, and the poster child for receptivity.

The maiden archetype represents our original form. She is the doe-eyed baby seeing the world for the first time. She is the raging toddler experiencing the fullness of her emotions in every moment. She is wild and unconcerned with how polite society should act. She represents complete freedom. She is what most women desire to get back to and we find her through liberation.

The Maiden Woman.

Adult maidens are wanderlust, adventurous women who let their curiosity lead their experiences. Her energy is light, airy and eager to connect. She is the starry creative who is usually found diving headfirst into a rabbit hole. She can also be found taking solo vacations, working with children,  and in jobs where people are still able to remain connected to the power of their imagination like: comedians, writers, artists, etc.



The maiden's characteristic naivety can be a gift in the bedroom. She is inexperienced and willing to try just about anything. She is usually without the body hang-ups that come from spending too much time in societal places. The maiden's sexuality is a journey of self-discovery. Its a time for her to engage fully with the peak expression of her desires. She is in her body, prepared to experience. 


The maiden is a virgin or a woman who is still sexually unaware of her desires. She may be shy to express herself in the bedroom and runs the risk of not having her needs met. She may also jump fully into the sexual experience with a bright uncertainty, eager to explore her sexual energy.


Her Highest Form. 

I believe that the maiden is already in her highest form but that the ideal evolutionary archetype for the maiden is the wild woman. 


The wild woman represents a woman who freely indulges in life and is authentically herself. 


She is unrestricted and untamed but still carries with her, the knowledge of her experience. She is a woman who chooses. She shows up as herself, in her power and grace unapologetically. She's connected with her identity as a woman and is in tune with the spirit of nature. 


She still has the desire to be excited by the experiences of life but is not naive to the dangers that come with it. 


She jumps in head first knowing that the wisdom of her past will help guide her through anything that comes her way. She is a woman who is still willing to let her experiences shape her.  


She understands that she doesn't have to stay naive to remain free. 



Adult maidens may be stuck in perpetual “Peter Pan” mode, unwilling to learn from their experiences in ways that lead to growth and maturity. They may struggle to stay in one place for long as a way to avoid the realities that come with creating stability. They may also engage in self-destructive behaviors that reproduce the euphoric result that comes with taking risks. 


At her worst, she is someone who experiences something for the sake of the experience instead of it being a result of her curiosity. She is someone who is led by the intentions of other people instead of her intuition. She floats through life playing the "victim", never acknowledging the role that she plays in her own suffering. She misses opportunities to get to know herself and stays in problematic relationships so that she never has to recognize her sovereignty. 



Her Take Over The World Crew.

The mystic will serve as a reminder that you need to learn from your experiences to evolve whilst allowing the maiden the courtesy of living out her own journey. She will remind her to connect with her intuition without being her mom. She'll be her friend.


The Lover is a grounding sensual force that will invite her to embrace herself and sensual pleasures. She can help the maiden understand relationship dynamics and connect her with her sexuality.


The Wild Woman is the woman who represents her highest form and therefore her ally through the process. The wild woman gives her space to experience her own experiences and teaches her the power of the female form. How to remain bright and unsullied while still embodying the wisdom of life.


Your Inner Maiden.

We lose sight of the maiden when we become too focused on  the risks associated with the fall. 


We stifle her in hesitation to be ourselves. It's the hand the we feel press against our chest as we resist the instinct to dive headfirst into something new. 


When you feel resistance rubbing up against the reality you want to experience, allow the maiden to come forward and say "fuck it”.


We invoke her spirit when we let go of the unnecessary worry we place in front of our experiences that are rooted in fear, not personal experience.


But wait! There's more! The Maiden's journey is just the beginning. Next week, we'll meet the Mother Archetype, the wise woman who holds the secrets of nurturing and creation. Are you ready to discover the depths of your own maternal energy? Click here to find out!


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