The Power of The P-U-S-S-Y in Magick and Self-Care

The Power of The P-U-S-S-Y in Magick and Self-Care

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Pussy has always been a topic of discussion. She is in all the rooms and brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard. She is the master of the life-death cycle as she sheds her inner lining to create room for new life. She gives birth, echos pleasure, and even holds water. But aside from that, what else can she do?

✨She is magic. 

The power of pussy in magic is... expansive.

Everything that pours from her orifices has been used in the production of magic since its conception. Seriously, blood, urine, cum, you name it. 

✨She is a healer.

The female form is a vessel for healing. Through breathwork and meditation, we find the ability to recalibrate ourselves. And through self and partnered pleasure we can release stored trauma from our bodies. Because feminine energy is naturally receptive, be mindful of the people you allow in your sacred spaces. 


✨She is divine.

Being chosen as the vessel for life is nothing to sneeze at. Your body has been entrusted with the secrets of the universe. Even if you decide to never give birth to a human child, you will likely give birth many times over. With that power comes an even greater asset, your intuition. I like to think of intuition as a plug into the power of the Divine Creator (whoever that is to you) It is an opportunity for connection with something as intangible as a gut feeling. It both leads the way and keeps us safe.  


✨She is a Conjuror.

Did I mention she brings ALL the boys to the yard? I am convinced that there is no greater power on earth than that little nest that sits between a woman's legs. Well maybe the woman herself, but I’m biased. Just the thought of her can send a nation into a tailspin. Take a little of that pussy and place it into a spell bottle and *BOOM* watch the magick happen. Say your goals like mantras while engaging in a little self-pleasure and right before you cum visualize your desires as if the thought of reaching your goals is as pleasurably-potent as the orgasm rippling through your body at that moment.  


✨She is a Cosmic Force 

How else does one create life from an egg and microscopic penis fish than with some cosmic razzle dazzle! I know that you’re thinking it's science blah-blah-blah but you’ll have to admit that aside from the boring explanations science itself is quite magical. 


✨She is all yours

The vagina and the womb are our psychic force, our connection to the universe and it to us. It is our responsibility to care for and nurture her in the same ways that we nurture anything else we love. With that being said, I offer you my tips to activate your sacred sensuality to achieve alignment with your vagina.

1. Be mindful of those you allow to enter your temple gates. Only invite those who are devoted and prepared to worship.

No one likes a lackluster fuck. If you've had even a small amount of sex, you can probably tell if it will be worth your time or not. Only accept those who are devoted to your pleasure as much as they are their own. You deserve to cum, and at the very least thoroughly enjoy the experience. Do NOT fake it. They will never learn if you do. Get a partner who is willing to listen to what you want and can take direction.

2. Be sure to do a spiritual and psychic cleansing of your womb after sexual encounters and before your monthly moon cycle.

The energetic signatures and traumas of our male sexual partners can build up in our wombs like spiritual dust bunnies. To keep ourselves balanced, we cleanse their energies from our bodies and break ties with our past lovers. 

3. Spend time with your pussy. Learn her curves and her truths.

If we listen closely enough, our pussy will speak to us. She will jump or vibrate when we are excited and let us know what she wants more of in our dreamscape. She will often talk to us about babies (because that's her job) but she will also let us know how she feels about the people in and around us. 

4. Practice the art of sensual massage with yourself.

Grab your favorite smelling lotion, add some body oil and give yourself a rub down. Start with your upper body and work your way down to your feet. Take. Your. Time. The goal is to create conscious awareness between you and your body. To deepen the connection, close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your hands. If you want to learn to love those "unlovable" parts, do it in the mirror. It will work wonders for your self love. 

Suggested Reading: The Art Of Self Massage

5. Get familiar with your erogenous zones.

How can you tell them what you like if YOU don't know? enough said. 

6. Orgasm regularly.

I'm a firm believer in orgasms as a form of healing. Like I said before, energy can build up and get stuck in the sacral chakra and orgasming is one way of removing it. 

7. Do a sacral chakra cleansing. 

It can be done as a meditation practice or you can go to a reiki practitioner. This thing is no joke. I had visions of long forgotten lovers pop into my minds eye during this cleanse.

8. Yoni steam as often as once a month or as infrequently as seasonally.

When I first started doing yoni steams, I was doing it as often as I could. As time went on, I cut back and now I only do them seasonally. I know there's a lot of talk about the legitimacy of yoni steams and whether they work or not but, I'm here to say that they work. It genuinely feels like a light switch was turned on in my body. Increased sensitivity and stronger orgasms.

9. Cleanse your pussy with rose water after using the bathroom.

This keeps smells from sticking to her and your panties. You can do this with regular clean water or vagina safe wipes like these, but the witch in me loves an opportunity to add a little magick into the mix. For those of you who don't know, rose is used in spell work to represent love and attraction, which I find fitting for this sort of thing.  

10. Buy yourself sexy underwear and wear it only for you.

Don't take sexy pics and show it off. Stand in the mirror, silence that inner critic, and marvel at the beauty of you. This would be the the perfect time to play sensual love songs and do a little hip whining *wink *wink.

11. Drink Raspberry and Nettle Leaf Tea.

These herbs are incredibly nourishing for the wombs of menstruating women. Also include nervine herbs like lemon balm into your routine a couple of days before your period to ease cramps if you get them. 


Now that you've heard my tips, share some of yours in the comment section. They may be helpful to the next woman who reads them.



I stumbled across this "Pussy Prayer" and thought you'd like to read it. 

" I lay my hands on my pussy and declare my pussy eternally blessed, purified, peaceful, loving, wonderful, sweet, creative, fertile, and healed. I release and let go of ALL physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual pain and trauma experienced in this and all previous lifetimes. I disintegrate and return-to-sender all discarded emotional and psychological debris projected by others. I unhinge and unbind myself from all previous lovers. I declare my pussy as my own sacred-pleasure center, creative space, connection to the divine, and portal to other dimensions. My pussy is MINE. My sensuality is MINE. My sexuality is MINE. My body belongs to me. I am free to enjoy the depths of pleasure and the heights of ecstasy through my body and pussy. My pussy now attracts joyful conditions, sacred connection, pure love and respect, gentle kindness and absolute bliss."


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