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Using Essential Oils in Magick

Using Essential Oils in Magick

Posted by Ailuros M on

The Magic of Essential Oils 

Distilled from the most fragrant, magical, and healing plants, essential oils have been used in witchcraft for thousands of years. Use this as your own personal reference guide to making magic with oils.


Allspice: Attracts good luck, money, and love. Its association with spirituality and purification makes allspice a good choice for consecrating amulets, altars, and ritual space. Allspice is a powerful energy raiser, especially for magic. Use it in element magic as well as to manifest abundance (berry oil). Other magical uses include communication, courage, determination, friends/friendship, growth (leaf oil), healing, kindness, power, prosperity, purpose (leaf oil), strength, and success (berry oil).
    Amyris: Opens the doorway between the conscious and subconscious areas of the mind, stimulating memories and increasing creativity as well as enhancing dream and past-life work. Amyris aids in releasing misconceptions and negative thoughts, paving the way for self-acceptance, growth, and transformation. This oil is instrumental in attuning to the cycles of the natural world and moon energy as well as personal rhythms. Amyris is also associated with balance, protection, purpose, and strength.
    Angelica: It protects against and can break hexes and spells, and is useful in protecting against and banishing evil. Angelica also provides protection during dreamwork and divination. It is associated with the Otherworld (root oil), stability (root oil), and longevity. It can break up and clear away negative energy, providing psychic protection during channeling. Angelica is also helpful in dealing with problems and manifesting what you seek. In providing spiritual support, angelica aids in listening to higher self for inspiration, growth, healing, and knowledge. The seed oil is especially helpful for balance, beginnings, changes, and renewal. The root oil is helpful with grounding energy and keeping secrets. Angelica is instrumental in angel and element magic, and is ideal for consecrating an altar, ritual, and magic tools. Angelica is also associated with beauty, cycles, peace, power, purification, stimulation, strength, and success.
      Anise: Aids in developing and increasing psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance, and offers psychic protection, particularly when dealing with the Otherworld. This protection extends to banishing evil and clearing negative energy. Anise is instrumental in stimulating the mind, heightening awareness, attracting spirits, and connecting with other realms. Anise is associated with purification and consecration as well as attracting blessings to the home. Use it to deal with emotions, loss, and love. Anise is associated with fertility, growth, sexuality, and marriage. It is instrumental when initiating change for renewal and starting over. Anise is also associated with balance, cycles, happiness, luck, money, and well-being.


        Basil: Aids divination skills and is instrumental in developing psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. It is also used for psychic protection. Stimulating and refreshing, basil brings clarity for decision-making as well as determining one’s purpose in life. Basil bolsters courage for defense and success. In addition, it engenders a sense of happiness, confidence, and strength. Basil promotes healthy relationships, smoothing problems between lovers, particularly where fidelity is concerned. Use it to attract love as well as to release hexes and banish negativity. Basil also aids in honoring and remembering the dead and easing sorrow. Its use in angel, defensive, and element magic is boosted by its association with dragon energy. Basil is an herb of the home, protecting it against evil entities, attracting blessings, comfort, luck, peace, and prosperity. This herb is also associated with trust, concentration, and healing. For couples, basil helps with sexual issues, manifesting desires, fertility, and increasing vitality. Other magical associations are balance, beauty, changes, friendship, growth, money, and purification.
          Bay: Aids in prophetic dreaming, divination, and clairvoyance. It increases psychic powers and its purification properties provide protection during this work. It also clears and protects the home from negativity. Use this oil to build magical energy, consecrate sacred space, enhance defensive magic, and remove hexes. Bay supports courage and determination when seeking justice. It improves memory and augments concentration, bringing clarity and inspiring creativity as well as spiritual growth. Bay is also associated with awareness, inspiration, and intuition. It supports longevity in marriage and success when dealing with problems. Also use bay to connect with fairies.
          Benzoin: A powerful ally for magic. It can increase the rate of success for spells as well as break hexes. Use it to attract money, comfort, and success as well as for protection. Benzoin is effective for clearing negativity—especially in the home—to make way for prosperity. Powerful purification properties make it good for ritual preparation and altar consecration. It awakens the mind for inspiration and reaching higher levels of consciousness. Use benzoin for focus as well as psychic protection during astral projection and channeling. Benzoin is also associated with the emotions, healing, and the ability to banish anything unwanted. Also use it magically for strength, vitality, and wisdom.
          Bergamot: Use bergamot for protection, especially psychic protection when dark powers seem to cast shadows over life. Also use it to overcome or remove hexes. This oil aids in letting go of toxic emotions, restoring peace after a quarrel, and encouraging happiness. It also helps to open awareness for dreamwork. Employ bergamot in spells to aid in legal matters as well as attract luck, money, and prosperity. It is a good oil for divination and spirit communication. Bergamot helps focus energy for manifesting success and wealth. Use it for control and strength when dealing with problems. Bergamot is also associated with confidence, courage, kindness, love, and well-being.
          Birch, White: Birch is one of the classic nine woods that were gathered for ritual fires. Use it to clear negativity before ritual and for protection during magic work. It is also useful for purification and attracting abundance. As a symbol of birth and renewal, birch helps us learn from the past when making a fresh start. Employ it for divination, love spells, and to attract fairies. Birch aids in opening the mind and expanding awareness to receive inspiration, blessings, and wisdom. It is also associated with creativity, intuition, and spirits. Use birch to aid in personal growth, healing, and general well-being. When used for focusing energy, birch brings clarity and opens the way for knowledge and finding one’s purpose in life. It is also associated with defense, determination, fertility, security, and stability.


            Cajeput: Although cajeput is not widely used in magic and ritual, it can provide balance and stability when combined with other oils. Cajeput stimulates the mind and strengthens courage. It aids in creative and sexual expression as well as transformation. This oil helps build or rebuild a solid sense of self for growth and healing. Cajeput is also associated with determination, protection, and security.
            Camphor: Has strong cleansing and banishing properties that are instrumental in clearing away negative energy. It is especially good for clearing the home. Camphor’s power to subdue sexual desire can be useful after ending a relationship as well as when celibacy or chastity are desired. Use it to increase and strengthen psychic power and to enhance divination and dreamwork. It is supportive for moon and element magic. Camphor aids in keeping the mind focused in the present as well as awakening past-life memories. It can bring emotional clarity when growth and/or healing is sought. Camphor is also associated with balance, cycles, protection, purpose, and strength.
            Caraway: Effective when there is a problem in keeping or retaining things, including magical tools as well as secrets. While caraway is effective in preventing the loss of a lover, it can also help renew a relationship. It is instrumental in stimulating cycles, increasing luck, and maintaining well-being. Use caraway to restore confidence, encourage fidelity, and to initiate changes. It is effective in sex and element magic as well as dreamwork. Caraway is also associated with fertility, luck, memories, the mind, protection, and renewal.
            Cardamom: Uplifts the mind, aiding concentration, creativity, and divination. It is said to be an aphrodisiac that increases sexual appetite and makes a lover more passionate. Cardamom also increases love and strengthens partnerships. Use it to boost sex magic as well as stimulate desires and lust. This oil promotes healing by coming into balance. It boosts confidence and courage through clarity of purpose. Cardamom is also associated with beginnings and cycles.
            Carrot: Associated with sex—ranging from male fertility to conception to heightening lust. Use this oil for sex magic as well as element magic. Carrot is also instrumental for purifying ritual space and clearing negativity in general. Employ it to initiate change and bring renewal. Carrot is also associated with balance, beginnings, cycles, and healing.
            Catnip: Use catnip for animal and element magic and to attract benevolent spirits. It is effective for increasing psychic abilities and for bonding psychically with a cat. Catnip also aids in dream and psychic work. Use it to attract love and friendship as well as good luck to the home. It is also helpful to invite beauty, happiness, and peace into your life. Catnip enhances courage when called on to provide protection. This oil can aid in healing or dealing with problems of fertility and sexuality. It boosts energy and increases vitality. Catnip is also associated with awareness, memories, and strength.
            Cedarwood, Virginia: Cedarwood stimulates dreamwork and strengthens psychic abilities with focus and clarity. It supports element magic, clairvoyance, and all forms of divination while offering psychic protection. Associated with sacred groves and spirituality, cedarwood aids in communicating with spirits. Its purification properties are excellent for consecrating amulets and cleansing magic tools. These properties also serve to banish hexes and ward off the intentions of negative people. Use these oils in spells to attract love or to keep a lover faithful, as well as to attract luck, money, and wealth. Cedarwood is effective when dealing with death for providing comfort and peace as well as finding emotional release. These oils foster security and stability by increasing confidence, determination, and courage. Use them for inspiration when seeking peace of mind. Supporting growth and renewal, cedarwood boosts healing, vitality, and longevity. Cedarwood is also associated with fertility, friendship, justice, and success.
            Celery: This oil is very grounding, which is an asset for bringing mental clarity for psychic work, astral travel, and prophetic dreaming. Celery also helps to increase and hone divination skills as well as stimulate creativity. Use it in sex magic to increase passion and fidelity. This oil aids in self-work for healing, renewal, and coming into balance with the world around you. It can help spark inspiration for initiating changes and establishing new beginnings. Celery is also associated with cycles, protection, and breaking hexes.
            Chamomile, Roman: Well known for physical and emotional healing, chamomile brings clarity and success in communication. It aids in dreamwork and divination, and grounds energy for psychic work—especially Roman chamomile for channeling. Chamomile supports determination when dealing with problems and provides protection against hexes. Use these oils in spells to attract beauty, love, luck, money, and prosperity. Additionally, chamomile can be instrumental when seeking peace, justice, and personal growth. Chamomile also stimulates creativity, intuition, and spiritual vibrations, and helps manifest desires. Use chamomile to purify and consecrate altars as well as ritual and magic tools. Chamomile is also associated with abundance, control, fertility, and sexuality.
            Cinnamon: Use cinnamon or cassia oil to spark awareness, stimulate psychic abilities, and support astral travel. These oils aid in divination and dreamwork, and are effective in defensive and sex magic. Also use them to increase the power and success of spells, and to support clairvoyance. They are effective for consecrating amulets and magic tools as well as raising energy for ritual. These oils promote balance (bark oil), concentration, inspiration, and creativity. Dispelling negative energy, they promote higher vibrational energy (leaf oil) for spiritual purification and growth (leaf oil). Additionally, use these oils in spells to attract and strengthen love as well as to support protection (bark oil) and enhance overall security. They also increase passion, lust, and desires. Cinnamon and cassia are effective for bolstering healing, longevity, and renewal. Use these oils to strengthen your sense of purpose (leaf oil) when confronting problems as well as increasing luck, money, and prosperity in your life. The cinnamon oils are also associated with defense, justice, and knowledge.
            Citronella: One of citronella’s strongest properties is purification, and it is especially powerful for protecting and purifying the aura for psychic work. It clears negativity and averts negative forces, including overcoming hexes by returning the energy to its source. Citronella is instrumental in attracting friends, love, and prosperity. Use it to boost defensive and element magic as well as to ground and center energy before and after magic work. This oil also helps to focus the mind for communication and creativity. Citronella is also associated with growth, knowledge, purpose, strength, and vitality.
            Clove: Clove is exceptional at banishing negative energy and entities, making it a good amulet against harm. Use it to release hexes as well as to increase the success of your spells. This oil provides protection during energy work (leaf oil), divination, and clairvoyance sessions. In addition, it stimulates the mind, promotes psychic awareness, and increases magical powers. Use clove oil in spells to attract money, love, prosperity, and luck. Clove supports emotional and sexual (bud oil) healing and encourages personal growth (leaf oil). Use it to bind and strengthen relationships, especially friendships in which there have been problems. Because clove improves memory, use it to access ancient knowledge as well as when seeking truth and purpose (leaf oil). It can also help bring beauty (bud oil), comfort, happiness, and longevity to your life. Clove increases creativity as well as spiritual vibrations, making it useful for purifying sacred space. Clove is also associated with beginnings (bud oil), courage, determination, fertility (bud oil), inspiration, lust, and wealth.
            Coriander: Coriander is an aid for clairvoyance, divination, and accessing memories. Use it to find a lover, excite passion, and keep him or her faithful. This oil is effective for element and sex magic as well as to consecrate charms and amulets. Its powers of protection work against negative influences, especially for the home, bringing peace and security. Coriander is instrumental for healing and well-being on many levels, especially emotional balance. It also supports fertility and longevity. Additionally, coriander is associated with beginnings, changes, cycles, renewal, and secrets.
            Cumin: This oil is helpful for releasing negative emotions as well as negativity in the environment, and it is instrumental in restoring domestic peace. Use it for protection and to attract prosperity. Additionally, it aids in finding love, keeping a lover faithful, and sparking lust. Cumin helps bring balance between the spiritual and the mundane, and is useful for purification. Use it to increase the effectiveness of spells as well as to instigate change. Cumin is also associated with beginnings, cycles, longevity, and renewal.
            Cypress: This oil is a powerful ally when dealing with death and loss, especially to provide comfort and healing. Use it at Samhain to remember and honor ancestors. Cypress is effective for centering and grounding energy before and after ritual. Use it to consecrate and bless ritual objects as well as for defensive magic. Cypress is supportive of spells that banish, bind, or provide protection. This oil aids in self-work when seeking truth, peace, and knowledge as well as growth and renewal. Additionally, it is instrumental developing awareness, focus, and clarity in divination and channeling. Use cypress for strength and wisdom when seeking justice. It is also associated with balance, changes, happiness, release, and transformation.


              Dill: With a history of use in love potions, dill also helps to overcome love hexes. It is helpful for finding balance (seed oil) where lust and desire are concerned. Use dill in defensive magic and to avert black magic from the home. It can also help attract luck and wealth. This oil protects against evil deeds and spirits, and functions well for general protection as well as purification. Employ it for success in court and any time defense is needed. Dill can help attract money, prosperity, and security. Use it to boost creativity (seed oil) and support divination. Dill is particularly effective in strengthening the mind for acquiring knowledge and wisdom as well as solving problems and determining one’s purpose (leaf oil). Dill seed oil is also associated with beginnings, changes, and renewal; the leaf oil is associated with energy and growth. Both types of dill oil are associated with cycles.


                Elemi: Especially effective for promoting clarity and focus. Use it to balance the spiritual and mundane, and for grounding energy after ritual. It can be instrumental in spiritual development, opening oneself to mystical experiences, and enhancing psychic abilities. Elemi aids in healing and overall vitality. It is also associated with control and purpose.
                Eucalyptus, Lemon: Eucalyptus is best known for its powers of purification. This applies to clearing negativity in general as well as healing emotions after a quarrel. It is also effective in releasing sorrow (blue gum), finding balance (lemon), and developing a sense of well-being. Apply this oil on an amulet to protect against emotional upsets during past-life work. Eucalyptus supports dream and psychic work as well as communication with spirits. It is instrumental for protection and for banishing anything unwanted from your life. When seeking one’s purpose in life (blue gum), eucalyptus provides strength and determination. Eucalyptus is also associated with energy, growth (lemon), and security.


                  Fennel, Sweet: Fennel provides protection and boosts energy for psychic work. It also protects the home from unwelcome spirits, providing strength and security. Fennel enlivens the mind, encouraging creativity (sweet) and straightforward communication. Use these oils for blessings, purification, and support for divination. Additionally, fennel provides balance (sweet) and courage during times of loss and stimulates positive change (sweet). Fennel can aid in healing, longevity, and fertility matters. It is also associated with beginnings (sweet), cycles, knowledge, money, and renewal (sweet).
                  Fir, Silver: Fir is a tree of beginnings, energy, growth, and healing (balsam, resin oil). Focusing fir’s energy inward helps to clear the mind and restore memories. It also encourages communication and creative expression. Use it for purification before ritual and in preparation to receive inspiration as well as grounding energy afterwards. As an all-purpose purifier, fir provides protection and helps to overcome and remove hexes. Fir heightens awareness for divination and spiritual work, and is especially effective for connecting with forest spirits. Its link with the Otherworld and death smooths the cycle (silver) from life through death to renewal, while comforting the emotions of those left behind in this world. Use fir for money and prosperity spells, and to support channeling. Fir can provide control (balsam) and strength (silver) for defense as well as fostering stability and security. These oils also enhance vitality (balsam), bringing longevity and overall balance (silver). As an instrument of change (silver), fir aids in establishing hope, happiness, and peace. Fir is also associated with purpose (balsam, needle oil) and transformation.
                  Frankincense: Frankincense has a long tradition and connection with spirituality, inspiration, knowledge, and strength. This oil is instrumental for astral, dream, and psychic work as well as divination and reaching higher levels of awareness. It helps to focus energy and enhance concentration for magic work. Use frankincense to create sacred space and to consecrate altar goods before ritual. As an aid for past-life work, it can break unwanted connections with the past that inhibit personal growth. It is instrumental for clairvoyance as well as communication with spirits. It is also effective for banishing negativity, providing psychic protection and power for any form of defense. Frankincense promotes healing that supports vitality and longevity. When seeking justice, this oil brings clarity, courage, release, and success. Use for attracting love and happiness into your life. Additionally, frankincense is associated with balance, comfort, control, renewal, and transformation.


                    Galangal: Great ally for psychic and astral work. This oil aids in increasing the power and success of spells, especially those for banishing, and provides protection from hexes. It is also instrumental for protection during magic and healing work as well as consecrating tools and grounding energy after ritual. Use it in spells to attract money and wealth, to overcome injustices, and turn wishes into reality. Galangal’s ability to stimulate can be used for luck, love, lust, or passion. It is especially helpful in returning negativity or enchantments back to those who initiate them. Associated with the Otherworld, galangal heightens awareness, which can provide courage and comfort when letting go of loved ones. Galangal is also associated with longevity, secrets, stability, strength, and well-being.
                    Galbanum: Use this oil to purify and create sacred space for ritual and meditation. Galbanum supports spirituality, divination, and psychic work, especially channeling. Its association with death and the Underworld makes it an appropriate oil for connecting with ancestors or others who have passed beyond the veil. Use galbanum for anointing and blessing, and whenever healing is sought. It is also associated with control, cycles, renewal, and vitality.
                    Geranium, Rose: Rose geranium is about the self, growth, creativity, and gaining control of life. It enhances focus for astral work and increases psychic energy. Use it for purifying and consecrating ritual and magic tools as well as for elf magic. Geranium provides protection, strength, and success for spell work. In addition, geranium aids in breaking hexes and attracting luck. It is also instrumental when seeking peace, happiness, and security. The rosy aspect of this oil enhances beauty, and the ability to attract love and friendship. Geranium is an aid to healing in the areas of sexuality and fertility as well as the emotions when recovering from sorrow. Additionally, it is associated with communication, confidence, courage, and spirituality.
                    Ginger: Instrumental for astral work, as it helps align the subtle bodies as well as keep the physical body grounded. It is a purifier on many levels but especially for personal energy and emotional cleansing. Use it to purify magical tools, for success in magic work (especially moon or sex magic), and for connecting with the Otherworld. It aids in releasing hexes as well as increasing magical power and energizing psychic work. Use ginger for success in attracting money or a lover. The healing attribute of ginger helps in dealing with problems, especially in relationships and sexuality in general. Additionally, it can stimulate vitality bringing stability, longevity, and general well-being. Ginger is also associated with beauty, courage, inspiration, memories, and secrets.
                    Grapefruit: Instrumental for heightening clairaudience skills and other psychic powers. It fosters inspiration and the ability to connect with one’s inner child. Its powers of purification balance the emotions and restore energy. Use grapefruit to increase overall strength, enhance spirituality, and manifest abundance. In addition, grapefruit’s healing properties promote well-being and a sense of confidence. This oil is also associated with kindness and success.
                    Helichrysum: Although helichrysum is not widely used in magic or ritual, its energy and scent merit attention. This oil raises awareness and assists in psychic communication as well as dreamwork. Use helichrysum to consecrate magic tools and to increase a spell’s effectiveness, particularly those for abundance and attraction. Helichrysum is also useful for grounding and centering energy after magic or psychic work. Its power of renewal aids in clarifying thoughts and strengthening memory. Helichrysum releases emotional baggage, enhances creativity, and supports spirituality. Its healing properties promote longevity and aid in sexual and fertility issues. This oil is also associated with beauty and peace.
                    Hops: Effective for spells of attraction, especially sexual, as well as those that bind people together. Use hops to support divination and element magic, and to ground energy after ritual. This oil is effective in dreamwork related to healing, particularly when you are trying to bring your life into balance. Hops are also associated with beauty, determination, and fertility.
                    Hyssop: Because of its long history of use in cleaning sacred spaces, hyssop is perfect for purifying areas for ritual as well as consecrating an altar or anointing participants. It clears away negativity, removes hexes, and provides protection against enchantment. Hyssop supports psychic work and helps to develop divination skills. Use it to invoke dragon energy, and in spells to attract money and beauty into your life. Hyssop engenders clarity of mind for finding one’s purpose. It is instrumental in manifesting change, enhances creativity, and inspires personal growth. Hyssop is also associated with fertility, hope, sexuality, and vitality.


                      Jasmine: For centuries jasmine has been connected with beauty, love, lust, and sex. Instrumental for defensive, moon, night, and sex magic, jasmine enhances divination as well as contact with the spirit realm. This oil is also an ally, providing protection for dreamwork, channeling, and astral travel. Jasmine aids in releasing emotions and thoughts that inhibit personal development, and gives a boost to self-confidence. Associated with happiness, justice, and relationships, jasmine helps manifest desires. Spiritually, jasmine stimulates intuition, bringing inspiration for creative endeavors as well as clarity for communication. It is also instrumental for peace, healing, and overall well-being. Use jasmine in spells to attract luck and prosperity as well as to bind a pledge. This oil’s gentle powers of purification are ideal for anointing and blessing ritual participants. Jasmine is also associated with fertility, friendship, and dealing with problems.
                      Juniper: Great for purifying large spaces as well as banishing the energy of negative people. It is instrumental in overcoming problems and releasing toxic emotions. Use it for defense in magic, as it is especially effective against black magic, hexes, and dealing with spirits. This oil enhances divination and dreamwork, and helps increase psychic abilities. Use it to strengthen psychic protection as well as to keep energy grounded in the physical world. Juniper is effective for manifesting abundance, love, prosperity, and success. Where spirituality is concerned, juniper aids in gaining knowledge, growth, and transformation. Its healing properties support fertility, longevity, and general well-being. It is also associated with beginnings, happiness, secrets, security, and stability.


                        Labdanum: Ideal for consecrating an altar or any space used for magic or ritual. Instrumental for divination, it stimulates intuition and aids in receiving messages from spirit guides. This oil broadens self-awareness, bringing forth soul-level knowledge, truth, and renewal. Labdanum is emotionally elevating, yet grounding, making it a positive aid in healing as well as dealing with loss. This oil is also associated with control, trust, and vitality.
                          Lavender: Enhance awareness and intuition for dreamwork, clairvoyance, and all forms of psychic work. They also foster concentration for clarity and inspiration in divination, contact with spirits, and communication in general. Use these oils to stay grounded and stable when engaged in spell-work and elf magic. With well-known powers of purification, these oils are ideal for consecrating sacred space, releasing negativity, and providing protection. Associated with beauty and love, the lavenders promote fidelity and renewal in marriage as well as balance and peace in all types of relationships. Lavenders can assist in healing sexual issues when lust and desire cause emotional problems and sorrow. On the spiritual side of life, these oils provide strength and inspiration. Call on their powers of manifestation to attract prosperity, luck, and well-being to the home. The lavenders are also associated with courage, creativity, fertility, longevity, and secrets.
                          Lemon: Instrumental in providing a clear perspective when preparing for divination as well as for dealing with everyday problems. By raising awareness, lemon increases psychic abilities and inspires movement to a higher spiritual plane. Use this oil for moon magic as well as to purify magic or ritual objects when they come into your life. With the ability to stimulate energy, lemon adds strength to and promotes success in spell-work. It is helpful for connecting and communicating with spirit guides as well as manifesting abundance, happiness, and well-being. Lemon is also associated with confidence and kindness.
                          Lemon Balm: Known as an emotional healer, especially when a relationship ends. It brings comfort and peace whenever there is sorrow. This oil is instrumental for awakening memories for past-life work as well as boosting energy for psychic work. Lemon balm supports focus for dreamwork as well as connecting with spirits. Providing clarity for finding one’s true purpose, lemon balm also supports growth and longevity for carrying it out. Use this oil to attract love, money, and success. Its power of manifestation can bring about changes, encourage renewal, and increase vitality. Lemon balm is also associated with beauty, fertility, happiness, the mind, and sexuality.
                          Lemongrass, West Indian: Brings clarity to prepare for divination and psychic work. It aids in contacting spirits and supports clairvoyance. Lemongrass is also useful in opening the gates of intuition and helping us learn to trust what we feel. Use it to purify amulets as well as to ground and center energy for magic or ritual. It is refreshing for the mind and provides focus for carrying out one’s purpose. While lemongrass is associated with lust and passion, it also supports fidelity. This oil is also associated with vitality.
                          Lime: An energizing oil that stimulates the mind and aids in manifesting abundance and success. Use it for purification to consecrate tools and to create a protective shield against negativity. This oil increases the effectiveness of love spells, and is especially helpful when seeking fidelity. In addition, its healing properties enhance vitality and well-being. Lime is also associated with confidence, friendship, and kindness.
                          Litsea: Not well known for use in ritual and magic, but it is a lovely oil that brings a great deal of potential. It aids in grounding and centering energy for ritual as well as increasing energy for magic work. Use litsea to provide strength for self-examination when dealing with emotional turmoil. Litsea lightens the heart, fostering happiness, hope, and renewal. Additionally, this oil can help to manifest abundance and success in all areas of life.
                          Lovage: Instrumental in attracting a lover, as well as promoting romance and passion. It is also instrumental in magic related to sex. This oil can be used to activate energy for psychic work and dreamwork. Use it for purification and clearing away negativity when seeking justice. Lovage can keep you grounded for divination and provides stability when connecting with the Otherworld. Lovage is also associated with cycles, longevity, renewal, and secrets.


                            Mandarin: Well known for fostering prosperity, success, and well-being. It clears negative thoughts, bringing clarity and inspiration. Use mandarin to strengthen your defenses when engaging in divination and magic work. It provides a boost in confidence that can increase the effectiveness of spells. Mandarin can also help manifest abundance when not used selfishly. In addition, this oil promotes spiritual development and aids in transcending the mundane. It is also associated with happiness and kindness.
                            Marjoram: Effective at Samhain or whenever there is a death, to bring comfort to the deceased and send them on a peaceful journey through the afterlife. For the living it eases sorrow, supports healing, and helps retain memories. Use it before ritual to balance personal energy and release negativity as well as to cleanse magic and ritual tools. Marjoram supports defensive magic, averts black magic, and protects the home. It also provides protection from hexes. This oil provides focus for psychic work and promotes the development of these skills. Use it to bolster sexual attraction and in dreamwork to help find your lover. Where marriage is concerned, marjoram aids in creating a foundation for security and happiness. Use it to initiate change and growth that brings prosperity and renewed purpose. Marjoram is also associated with beauty, fertility, vitality, and well-being.
                            Mugwort: Instrumental in honing divination skills, especially scrying, as well as for purifying and consecrating divination tools. This oil enhances awareness as it aids astral projection and dreamwork. With strong defensive powers, mugwort protects against spells and provides excellent protection for the home. It supports the ability to see spirits as well as to contact spirit guides. Mugwort is particularly potent for energy and psychic work, and clairvoyance in particular. It can help you define your purpose for spells to attract or banish energy. Mugwort’s healing potential helps to release old baggage and encourage growth as well as invite happiness and beauty into your life. Additionally, this oil is associated with animals, beginnings, fertility, love, and strength.
                            Myrtle: Strongly associated with love, marriage, and sexual passion. It also promotes fertility and fidelity, and aids in dealing with sorrow. This oil supports psychic work, particularly communication with those who have passed beyond the veil. It aids in finding peace by releasing emotions. Myrtle is instrumental in attracting abundance and blessings to the home, as well as keeping it safe. Use it to bolster energy for creative projects and anything that fosters personal growth. Myrtle enhances determination and provides strength when defining your true purpose in life. Myrtle is also associated with cycles and prosperity.
                            Myrrh: Used for ritual purification for the living as well as the dead. With the belief that its aroma pleased deities.


                              Neroli/Orange Blossom: Instrumental for attracting love and promoting a long, happy marriage. Its association with sexuality works to cultivate one’s unique beauty and build confidence. This oil aids in expressing inner truths and opens the door to psychic awareness as well as other realms. Use it for night magic and to communicate with the spirit world. Neroli fosters kindness as well as a peaceful home. This oil is also associated with creativity, fertility, strength, and well-being.
                              Niaouli: Strong cleansing properties, this oil is ideal for purification of areas and objects. Also waft it in the air before magic work to clear negative thoughts and energy. Niaouli helps dispel mental fatigue, invigorate the mind, and balance emotions. It also boosts protection and strengthens determination. This oil fosters kindness and hope while promoting healing and growth.
                              Nutmeg: Heightens awareness, stimulates psychic energy, and supports dreamwork. It increases magical energy and aids in turning enchantment back on the enchanter. Use it for protection against hexes as well as to break them. Nutmeg promotes focus for divination and supports clairvoyance. In addition, it fosters mental clarity for accessing memories. Use it to strengthen determination when seeking justice or when you need to release things from your life. Nutmeg is ideal for increasing the power of abundance/prosperity spells as well as those that initiate change. This oil encourages balance and fidelity in matters of the heart. Nutmeg is also associated with creativity, beginnings, beauty, cycles, and well-being.


                                Oakmoss: Energy of oakmoss is especially grounding, which aids psychic and spiritual journey work. This oil is effective for honoring loved ones at Samhain and is instrumental in contacting other realms as well as connecting with forest spirits. It supports divination and clairvoyance. Oakmoss adds a boost to magic work helping to manifest your dreams. It is also instrumental in breaking hexes. Use it to attract money and luck as well as security. Oakmoss is also associated with the emotions and finding one’s purpose.
                                Opopanax: Different in aroma, the myrrh’s are powerful purifying scents. Use them to consecrate altars and amulets, as well as ritual and magic tools. The myrrh’s enhance awareness and focus for divination, past-life, and psychic work as well as communicating with spirits. Instrumental for angel, animal, and sex magic, these oils provide strength for manifesting your intentions. They are powerful allies for dispelling hexes and banishing what you no longer need. Use these oils to build a protective shield when casting spells as well as to bolster control and success. Also use them to clear away negativity when preparing sacred space as well as to ground energy after ritual. These oils release emotional and spiritual blockages, bringing healing, renewal, and transformation. Fostering balance and well-being, the myrrh’s aid in confronting problems. Working with subtle energy, the myrrh’s help deal with loss and sorrow when a loved one passes, bringing comfort and peace. These oils are also associated with abundance, growth, longevity, and vitality.
                                Orange, Sweet: Bitter and sweet orange aid in self-awareness, stimulate creativity, and support those who follow a different drummer. These oils redirect energy into positive thinking and emotional clarity to build confidence and a sense of well-being. They are also helpful to manifest love, peace, and fidelity. Use them for pre-ritual purification and to provide focus for divination, dreamwork, and communication with spirits. The oranges can increase the success of spells for abundance, happiness, and money. They are also associated with fertility and strength.
                                Oregano: Brings peace as well as to foster happiness and security in relationships. By encouraging focus and clarity of thought, it provides support for psychic work. It is instrumental in black and defensive magic, especially for providing protection against hexes. Associated with the afterlife, this oil brings comfort during sorrow and helps retain memories of loved ones. Oregano’s purification properties provide balance for healing emotional turmoil, laying the groundwork for positive change. Use this oil in spells to attract beauty and prosperity to the home. Oregano helps to increase vitality for fertility, as well as a more satisfying sex life. It is also associated with truth and the Otherworld.


                                  Patchouli: Grounding yet enlightening, patchouli aids in transcending boundaries and connecting with the Otherworld. Associated with spirituality, patchouli fosters growth and is ideal for blessings. This oil is especially supportive for clairvoyance and divination. Use it for magic, especially when defense is needed as it provides strong psychic protection. It is known for increasing the power of spells and breaking hexes; however, if patchouli is used to place a hex, it will backfire. Employ it to attract love, prosperity, and money, as well as for purification and renewal. Patchouli’s earthiness intensifies the senses, increasing fertility and lust. Known for engendering happiness, it dispels negativity and brings peace to the home. This oil can help manifest your wishes and bring success. Patchouli also aids in communicating with spirits as well as banishing them. It sharpens the mind for gaining knowledge, working out problems, and enhancing creativity. When dealing with the death of a loved one, patchouli helps to hold on to memories as well as release bonds that may keep a spirit from moving on to the next world. Patchouli is also associated with justice, luck, passion, and purpose.
                                  Palmarosa: The stimulating properties help to clear the mind and enhance the ability to focus for decision-making. Encouraging personal growth, it aids in finding one’s purpose as well as overcoming problems. It is helpful whenever you need to ground and center energy. A healer on all levels, this oil provides emotional strength and courage when recovering from lost love. Use it for elf magic and for seeking their blessings. Palmarosa is also associated with relationships, peace, and spirituality.
                                  Parsley: Association with the afterlife and funerary rituals makes it appropriate to honor and remember loved ones at Samhain. It is a potent ally for element magic, ritual purification, and protection in general. Supporting concentration and balance, this oil is instrumental in astral work. Use it to foster kindness when feeling emotionally fragile during times of change. Parsley is instrumental for keeping cycles turning, initiating renewal, and ushering in fresh, new beginnings. It is also associated with lust and money.
                                  Pepper, Black: Energizing qualities stimulate the mind, bringing focus and inner strength. Use it to amplify awareness for dreamwork and divination. Pepper can get things going when you are in a rut and help resolve problems. This oil is instrumental in defensive magic when seeking justice. It also helps to bolster determination and courage, and bring success. Effective for banishings and binding spells, pepper also removes hexes. Its purification properties make it ideal for consecrating ritual gear to release old energy and provide protection. Additionally, it aids in manifesting abundance and security. Pepper is also associated with healing, increase, and lust.
                                  Peppermint: Stimulates the mind, bringing clarity and focus while promoting inspiration and creativity. It increases psychic awareness and strengthens divination skills as well as prophetic dreaming. Use it to activate spells for attracting money, luck, and love. This oil can also be used to enhance sexual stimulation and lust. Banishing all forms of negative energy, peppermint’s powers of purification help to release memories and emotions. In addition, it is an aid for healing and for bolstering self-worth as well as for overcoming problems. Peppermint is also associated with beauty, changes, fertility, and increasing vitality.
                                  Petitgrain: Promotes confidence and trust in self and others. It sharpens the mind, increasing awareness and bringing clarity of inner vision. Use it for focus and protection when channeling or engaging in other psychic work. Petitgrain helps to awaken deep memories that lead the way to personal growth and well-being. This oil fosters balance, kindness, and strength.
                                  Pine: Well known for purification, which works for releasing negative energy and is especially effective in public spaces. This same quality makes it an ally in defensive magic and in protection from hexes, especially for the home. Use it for blessings and to attract abundance as well as for spells that banish or bind. It is also well known for its association with cycles, beginnings, fertility, and renewal. This oil can steady and focus the mind for psychic work as well as communication with spirits. On a spiritual level, it aids in healing and growth that brings inspiration, peace, and access to ancient wisdom. Pine is helpful when learning to trust intuition and memories, paving the way for self-transformation. Building confidence and courage, pine provides hope and determination when dealing with legal matters. This oil is both stimulating and balancing, which enhances creativity and provides emotional strength. Pine is also associated with friendship, desires, longevity, truth, and well-being.


                                    Rose, Maroc: Greatest symbols of love and beauty. Use rose oil to attract love, heighten desire and passion, and increase fertility and fidelity. Working on a spiritual level, rose instills deep devotion that brings inspiration and wisdom. It attracts peace to the home and aids in dealing with family issues. Additionally, its healing energy brings happiness, friendship, and luck to the home. This oil is a powerful aid for divination, Otherworld contact, and encouraging prophetic dreams. It is supportive when engaging in clairvoyance, communicating with spirits, and with psychic work in general. Because fairies are quite enamored with roses, these oils help to attract them and to invite their blessings. Rose oil is also good for consecrating amulets and charms. Use it for banishings and binding spells, for aid in releasing hexes, and for help when keeping secrets. This oil is instrumental in providing emotional comfort during times of sorrow or loss, especially following the death of a loved one. Rose is also associated with confidence, courage, creativity, power, self, and strength.
                                    Rosemary: As in the past, rosemary is associated with remembering the dead. Use it at funerals or in Samhain rituals to honor those who have passed beyond the veil. Because it improves memory, it is instrumental for remembering dreams as well as for past-life work. Rosemary’s cleansing properties make it useful for clearing negativity before ritual, magic, or healing work. This oil reduces the intensity of strong emotions, making it helpful in balancing


                                      Sage, Spanish: Provides focus and stability for clairvoyance, divination, and psychic work. Its grounding energy clears negativity and is instrumental for ritual purification. An aid in finding spirit guides, sage oil helps to attune with animal power while providing psychic protection. Use sage to stimulate as well as release memories to bring peace, comfort, and healing. Also use it for spells of wealth, prosperity, and making your wishes come true. Sage oil is an aid for spiritual inspiration when seeking truth and wisdom. It is helpful for finding strength of purpose when dealing with problems. Sage is also associated with fertility, longevity, secrets, and vitality.
                                      Sage, Clary: Aids in focusing the mind, brings clarity of purpose, and strengthens memory. Its energy is instrumental in developing intuition and enhancing creativity. Inspiring inner peace, it is helpful when seeking self-knowledge and transcending spiritual boundaries. Use clary for dreamwork, particularly if you have difficulty remembering dreams. Additionally, it supports psychic development, divination, and clairvoyance. Helpful when seeking the truth, clary also helps hold secrets. This herb aids in dealing with sexual issues, including attraction and fertility. Use it in spells to invite money and prosperity into your life as well as when you need to make changes. Clary sage is also associated with balance, beauty, growth, and vitality.
                                      Sandalwood, Australian: Well known for supporting personal growth, providing spiritual inspiration, and manifesting peace. Its healing energy brings renewal, stability, strength, and well-being. Use sandalwood to augment element, angel, and moon magic, as well as to bring success in legal matters. This oil supports psychic work and aids in contacting spirit guides. Sandalwood is instrumental in past-life work, helping to break ties with the past while protecting against emotional upset. It enhances awareness for clairvoyance and is instrumental for banishing spells and breaking hexes. Supporting grounded energy and clarity of mind, it also aids in divination, dream, and astral work. Additionally, this oil boosts creativity and aids in expressing your desires. Sandalwood has strong purification properties that can be used for consecrating altars and magic tools as well as clearing away negative energy. Use sandalwood to stimulate sexuality, attract love, and aid in maintaining a happy marriage as well as to improve relationships. Sandalwood is also associated with balance, luck, power, and sorrow.
                                      Savory, Winter: A powerhouse that boosts sexual appetite and enhances sexual expression. It aids concentration and fuels the mind for tackling problems. Savory oil promotes productivity and opens the way for creativity. Use it for healing and when you seek kindness and comfort. Savory is also associated with happiness.
                                      Snakeroot: Aids in attracting luck, money, and general prosperity. Use it for ritual purification and to build protection, especially from hexes. Snakeroot’s grounding energy provides stability that augments psychic work. In addition to supporting contact with the Otherworld, this oil aids in holding secrets. It is also associated with longevity.
                                      Spikenard: Associated with peace and kindness, spikenard aids in communication between people as well as with animals. It also aids in contact with the Otherworld. This oil is useful for consecrating altars, purifying magic tools, and grounding energy after ritual. Spikenard’s cleansing properties also negate negativity, bringing balance and fidelity to relationships. Use it in spells to attract love and luck. This oil is instrumental in focusing the mind for solving problems as well as creative expression. Spikenard can be instrumental in healing, especially when recovering from emotional wounds. It is also associated with longevity, secrets, stability, and well-being.
                                      Spearmint: Stimulates the mind, strengthening concentration and memory. Use it to purify ritual objects as well as to increase spiritual awareness. Its protective powers are especially useful for the home because it fosters security and a sense of trust. Spearmint is stimulating and especially useful in spells for attracting love, luck, and prosperity. This oil is an aid for increasing vitality, promoting healing, and encouraging growth. Spearmint is also associated with beauty, changes, clarity, and fertility.
                                      Spruce: Enhances memory and stimulates psychic abilities, especially channeling. It helps develop intuition as well as to discern when to act on it. Use it to connect with forest spirits. Instrumental in releasing stagnant emotions, this oil brings clarity, hope, and renewal. It aids in finding inspiration, deepening spirituality, and strengthening trust. Use it to keep energy grounded when seeking wisdom. The stability engendered by spruce is a boon to protection while dealing with problems. Known as a healer on many levels, this oil aids in personal growth, bringing comfort and security. It is also associated with balance, longevity, and money.
                                      Star Anise: Instrumental for increasing psychic abilities and supporting clairvoyance. As a powerful purifier, this oil is useful for consecrating altars and magic tools as well as for banishing negative energy. Anoint each cardinal direction of an altar to amplify the power of ritual and magic. Star anise boosts awareness for divination practices and when contacting the Otherworld. Use this oil in spells to manifest abundance, happiness, luck, and success.
                                      Storax: Transforming negative energy into positive, storax provides psychic protection and has the power to break hexes. It rouses the mind to enhance divination as well as creativity. Use storax to attract love and luck, and to increase the power of spells. On the home front, it provides stability and attracts prosperity. The healing aspect of storax bolsters vitality. This oil is also associated with confidence and control.


                                        Tagetes: Instrumental in defining your purpose for divination, clairvoyance, and dreamwork. It aids in developing psychic skills and enhances the ability to see magical creatures. Use it for angel magic as well as to provide spiritual protection. Tagetes is instrumental for Samhain as a blessing or offering to the dead, to ease sorrow, and to wish loved ones peace in the afterlife. This oil fosters good communication and is especially helpful for engendering fidelity in sexual relationships. Associated with success, tagetes can be an aid in legal matters by supporting a determined mind. Use it in spells to attract abundance, comfort, happiness, and prosperity. Tagetes encourages healing for personal growth and transformation. This oil is also associated with beauty, fertility, longevity, and wealth.
                                        Tarragon: Despite tarragon’s association with dragons, it is a plant of abundance and comfort. Use its dragon energy in protection spells to instill confidence and a sense of security. Tarragon is instrumental for dreamwork as well as understanding the knowledge received. It supports self-exploration and growth, and aids in finding life’s true purpose. Use tarragon to foster peace when seeking justice. It is also associated with secrets.
                                        Tea Tree: An exceptional healer that supports both physical and emotional recovery. It builds strength, increases confidence, and fosters trust. With strong powers of purification, tea tree provides protection and aids in removing hexes. This oil helps to set a determined mind for finding a worthy purpose in all endeavors. Use it for inspiration to enhance creativity and to find balance in personal growth.
                                        Thyme: A very common herb, it is a powerhouse for magical purposes. Thyme is well known for its purification properties, making it ideal for preparing ritual space and consecrating altars. Use it to stimulate energy for divination and psychic work as well as any type of work involving the fairy realm. Also use it to clear negative energy in general, and to enhance awareness for clairvoyance. Thyme boosts strength and courage, and provides protection during contact with the Otherworld. Use this oil to increase the effectiveness of spells involving love, luck, and money. As a healer, thyme fosters personal growth and well-being. It also aids in dealing with sorrow and helps bring happiness to the home. This oil is also associated with confidence and renewal.
                                        Turmeric: Strong powers of purification that enhance the flow of energy, turmeric can be employed to protect a magic circle or to clear ritual space. It is also useful for breaking hexes as well as grounding and centering energy. Turmeric’s uplifting energy builds confidence and courage, which is particularly useful when connecting with the Otherworld. Inviting stability and longevity, this oil’s healing energy fosters a general sense of well-being. Turmeric is also associated with passion and secrets.


                                          Valerian: Powers of purification are useful in consecrating new ritual tools as well as ritual space. It aids in breaking hexes and provides protection for the home, bringing peace, stability, and happiness. This oil opens the lines of communication for resolving problems as well as connecting with Otherworld spirits. Use valerian to support love and money spells. As a healer, valerian boosts vitality and longevity, and keeps energy grounded during emotional turmoil. It is helpful for getting into a creative frame of mind. Use it to access knowledge and when seeking the truth within secrets. Valerian is also associated with cycles and kindness.
                                          Vetiver: Amplifies connection with the earth helping to ground and center energy as well as connect with the Underworld. Use it in defensive magic to amplify personal power as well as to break hexes. Vetiver is also effective in spells dealing with luck, love, and money. It can bring both prosperity and protection to the home and family. Vetiver is a source of stability and strength for dealing with problems as well as emotional turmoil. This oil supports spiritual development and promotes balance between the spiritual and mundane. It is also associated with longevity and secrets.


                                            Yarrow: Grounding energy clears away negativity, releases hexes, and banishes anything unwanted. Use it to purify ritual space and consecrate tools. It aids in stimulating intuition and psychic abilities (especially clairvoyance) by opening awareness to higher universal energies. This also makes yarrow a powerful ally for dreamwork and divination. Use yarrow in animal and defensive magic, for success in love spells, and to attract fairies. It also provides psychic and spiritual protection and aids in communicating with the spirits of loved ones who have passed. Yarrow engenders fidelity and longevity in marriage, leading the way to happiness and well-being. It supports friendships that lead to emotional healing and growth. Additionally, yarrow provides the confidence and courage to tackle big problems as well as spiritual issues. It is also associated with abundance, beauty, beginnings, changes, fertility, and luck.
                                            Ylang-Ylang: Promote positive energy and help bring peace and beauty to the home. They stimulate intuition and promote creativity. Ideal for divination, they also aid in dreamwork and communication with spirits. These oils provide a great deal of supportive energy during times of transition and exploration of one’s deeper spirituality. They are effective in spells to attract a lover, heighten sensuality, and to attract attention. Use them for fairy magic and to attract fairies. These oils are also associated with balance, determination, fertility, healing, and the home.

                                              Credit: Mixing Essential Oils for Magic by Sandra Kynes

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