The Full Moon Illuminates Your Truth: Time to Own Your Power

The Full Moon Illuminates Your Truth: Time to Own Your Power

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The Full Moon isn't here for subtlety; it's a cosmic spotlight aimed squarely at your soul.  All that work you've been doing (or maybe avoiding) since the New Moon? It's about to get real. If the Waxing Moon nudged you outside your comfort zone, the Full Moon kicks down the door. Embrace the transformative chaos, because hiding is no longer an option.

The Symbolism of the Full Moon

Peak of Illumination: 

No more half-truths or shadowy excuses. The Full Moon strips away your carefully constructed façade to reveal what's working, what isn't, and forces you to acknowledge the brilliant, peacock-bright parts of yourself you've been valiantly trying to hide. Consider this your cosmic wake-up call. You are NOT here to “play it safe”.  And with that comes..


Emotional Intensity:

This is a time of impolite feelings. Your emotional body wants to be heard and the full moon’s energy comes to second that invitation. Allow what bubbles up to come. Give yourself grace as they surface and allow them to guide you on the path to your most potent manifestation yet. 


Seeds Sown, Fruits Reaped:

 Your results under the Full Moon are a testament to your courage (or lack thereof).  Did you step into your power, or did fear dictate your actions? The goals set under the New Moon, the actions taken during the Waxing... they either flourished or floundered. The Full Moon doesn't offer excuses, only an honest mirror.

Facing the Fear of Being Seen

Let's be real, the Waxing Moon likely unearthed some not-so-pretty stuff, especially around visibility.  That voice telling you you're not enough, that you'll be laughed at, or worse, that success would change you... it's going to scream louder now. 

Here's the thing:

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you stay in the shadows, it stays hidden.  Growth, impact, and living that full-potential life you crave – all require stepping into the light.

Common Manifestations: 

Endless planning instead of action, self-sabotaging right before the finish line, deflecting praise, shrinking back when it's your turn to shine... sound familiar?

The Root of the Fear:

 Betcha it's not about "them" judging you nearly as much as you judging yourself. That inner critic is a master of disguise, but it's powered by your own fear of stepping into your true power.


Reframing Tools:

  • "What if my fear is actually excitement in disguise?" Our bodies react similarly, it's how we interpret them that matters.
  • "What if, just for today, I believed my inner cheerleader instead of the critic?"
  • "Instead of focusing on failing, what if I focused on what I might learn in the process?"
  • "What would the boldest, most badass version of myself do right now?"
  • "What's the worst that could happen if I put myself out there?" Is it truly unbearable, or just uncomfortable?
  • "If I don't face this, what am I truly losing out on?" Consider the missed opportunities, the unlived potential.

Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Gratitude & Celebration Ritual: 

Start here! Acknowledge the wins (big and small), lessons learned, and simply for showing up. This boosts momentum for the potentially tougher work ahead.

Write Down Your Fears:

Literally and fully, then burn them or symbolically tear them up.

"I Am..." Empowerment Statement:

 "I am worthy, I am powerful..." make it bold, defiant, and read it aloud.

Stepping Into the Light:

 Any symbolic act: Wear an outfit that makes you feel powerful, dance to a fierce song, share a vulnerable truth with someone you trust.

Inner Critic Taming:


Write down the critic's voice, then write a compassionate, empowering response. ("You're trying to protect me, but I'm stronger than that.")


Imagine shrinking your critic to a tiny, squeaky voice, or turning it into a comical character. This takes away its power.

Empowerment & Manifestation Spellwork: Full Moon Water 

What you'll need:

  • Glass jar with lid
  • Spring water
  • Herbs aligned with your intention (see examples below)
  • Marker in color matching your intention (e.g., green for abundance, red for passion, blue for peace)
  • Candle (optional)
  • Rune or sigil carved on the candle (optional)

Herbal Allies

  • Love: Rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender
  • Abundance: Basil, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves
  • Peace: Chamomile, lavender, mint
  • Creativity: Rosemary, lemon balm, dandelion leaves
  • Protection: Sage, lemon, black peppercorns


  • Choose your herbs
  • Cleanse the jar and spell area.
  • Write your intention on the jar with your chosen color. Be specific and heartfelt.
  • Fill the jar with spring water and add your chosen herbs.
  • (Optional) Carve a matching rune or sigil on the candle that aligns with your intention. Glue the candle to the top of the jar using its wax. Light the candle (fire-safe lid + area), visualizing your intention being infused into the water.
  • Place the jar under the full moon overnight.
  • In the morning, strain the water and discard the herbs and candle residue.
  • Use the infusion in a bath, shower, or simply mist yourself for a sense of calm and renewal.
  • Another option is to write your rune/sigil + intentions on the jar, omit the herbs, charge the water, and use it in tea or coffee. 


Harnessing Full Moon Energy: The Recap

Bold Action: 

The Full Moon doesn't reward timidity. Clarity gained now demands a response. What's the ONE audacious step that feels exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure? Take it.

Support System:

 Don't try to go it alone. This is when you lean hard on those who believe in you, who will cheer your boldness through the messy middle. If you don't have that tribe yet, it's time to find one (we're right here, by the way).

Embracing the Unseen:

 The Full Moon rewards leaps of faith. You might not have the full plan yet but trust that the details reveal themselves as you move forward. This is about believing in your potential even when you can't see the finish line.

Remember, the Full Moon's effects don't vanish overnight. Revelations may continue to show up for you. Be gentle with yourself in this potentially raw, exposed state. Growth takes time. Honor the emotional journey alongside the tangible results.

Up Next: The Waning Moon

The next phase is about releasing, surrendering, and preparing for a fresh cycle. But first, bask for a bit in the transformative energy of the Full Moon. You've earned it.

 So, What hit home for you? Share your experiences in the comments below! Connection amplifies growth.

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