The Waning Moon Gives Zero F*cks: Will You??

The Waning Moon Gives Zero F*cks: Will You??

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The Final Chapter: The Waning Moon

The Full Moon brought everything to light – the good, the bad, and the buried so deep you pretended it wasn't there.  Now, the Waning Moon struts in, looks around, leans in, and whispers something radical: burn it all down. But before you go burning bridges, listen up:  Like the Huntress, the Waning Moon is dripping in cunning. Her energy is introspective and laser-focused on destroying the baggage, toxic habits, and the lies that stifle your power. Use this time to clear the wreckage and prepare for the fierce, unapologetic you that’s been waiting to surface.

The Symbolism of the Waning Moon

Decreasing Light: 

The external focus softens, mirroring the need to descend into your own depths.  Uncomfortable truths, buried wounds, and unconscious patterns demand attention—no more hiding, even from yourself.

Preparation for Rebirth:

This isn't gentle shedding; it's a necessary stripping to the core. Burning away the old, outgrown version of you to make space for a greater, more potent transformation under the New Moon.

Power in Rest:

Rest becomes a form of rebellion. Prioritizing deep reflection, stillness, and replenishing your energy reserves is an act of defiance in a world demanding constant action. Let’s also call it wise preparation.

The Phases of the Waning Moon & Their Power

Waning Gibbous: 

Focused demolition. Identify what truly needs to go, create closure where necessary. This phase is about getting clear and courageous.

Third Quarter: 

A turning point. Are your goals still aligned with who you're becoming? Permission to pivot, abandon what feels hollow, and own your changing desires.

Waning Crescent: 

Surrender and trust. The deepest release often requires letting go of control. Rest deeply, knowing the New Moon will offer a fresh start empowered by your Waning Moon work.

Harnessing the Energy of the Waning Moon

Introspective Action: 

The Waning Moon fuels potent, sometimes ruthless analysis and release. No more excuses, no more gentle self-delusion. It's time to confront what's holding you hostage.

Release Rituals: 

 Letting go can be symbolic or literal: writing and burning, decluttering fiercely, cord-cutting ceremonies, symbolic acts of shattering or burying. A primal scream into a pillow.  Whatever it is, make it cathartic.


  Don't just bulldoze, understand.  Journaling, therapy, meditation – these help you learn from what you release, preventing the same patterns from resurfacing.

Working with Shadow and Self-Forgiveness

Inner Critic Check-In: 

That insidious voice might whisper of failure after the Full Moon's intensity. Don't be fooled, this is its way of keeping you small. Acknowledge it, defy it.

Compassion Without Coddling: 

Understand missteps, then choose differently. Treat yourself the way you would your favorite person if they were struggling – with firmness and boundless belief in their potential.

Release Perfection, Embrace Progress:

 This is a messy, weird, but ultimately magnificent journey. Honor how far you've come, knowing the Waning Moon gives you the space to build an even stronger, more authentic cycle.

Waning Moon Ritual Ideas

Forgiveness Ritual: 

Unsent letters (burn them afterward!), symbolic cleansing (salt baths, smoke cleansing), or cord-cutting ceremonies for releasing toxic relationships.

Rest as Resistance: 

In a world obsessed with hustle, prioritize naps, time in nature, or activities that replenish you at the soul level. This is fuel for the rebirth to come.

Energy Evaluation:

 Where are your leaks? Identify boundaries to strengthen, commitments to shed, or thought patterns draining you. The Waning Moon helps you reclaim your power.

The Waning Moon might lack the Full Moon's flashy energy, but this work is the foundation for truly sustainable growth. By releasing what weighs you down, you unleash something fierce and unstoppable.  Embrace this sacred phase of righteous destruction and relentless self-belief. 

This post may conclude our lunar cycle series, but your journey has just started.

Just joining us? 

Circle back to where it all began, Chapter 1: The New Moon post, here.  We're about to shift gears from demolition to audacious creation.  Get ready to tap into that fresh energy and plant seeds of truly epic growth.  This is where your Waning Moon work pays off... big time.

Want more lunar inspiration?
  • New & Full Moon Rituals: We release empowering rituals each month. This journey is ongoing, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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