The Left Angle Cross of Informing

The Left Angle Cross of Informing

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your cross.

Imagine a cross-pollination between a gracious diplomat, a sharp-witted philosopher, and a cautious strategist – that's the essence of the left angle cross of informing.


At the heart of this cross lies the Gate of Grace (Gate 22), imparting an elegance and diplomacy that smooths out rough edges and fosters understanding. This gate is like a velvet cloak, draping your interactions in a sense of refinement and tact.


Next, we encounter the Gate of Realization (Gate 47), a wellspring of insightful ideas and innovative perspectives. This gate is like a sparkling fountain, constantly bubbling with fresh insights and thought-provoking concepts.


Then we meet the Gate of Definition (Gate 11), the gate of clear thinking and strategic planning. This gate is like a laser pointer, sharply focusing your thoughts and intentions, allowing you to precisely navigate complex situations.


Finally, we have the Gate of Caution (Gate 12), the gate of discernment and well-considered action. This gate is like a wise old sage, tempering your enthusiasm with a touch of prudence, ensuring that your actions are aligned with your values.


So, what does this blend of energies create? Individuals with the Left Angle Cross of Informing are the natural mediators, the ones who can bridge gaps between seemingly incompatible perspectives. They possess the ability to synthesize complex information, distill it into clear and concise insights, and communicate it with grace and tact.


They are the ones who can turn ideas into reality, guiding others toward a shared vision with diplomacy and finesse.


Now, let's add a dash of wit to this already intriguing mix. Imagine a diplomat who can disarm tense situations with a witty quip, a philosopher who can weave profound insights into captivating stories, and a strategist who can outmaneuver their opponents with a well-timed joke.


That's the power of the Left Angle Cross of Informing – a blend of intellect, grace, and a touch of playful irreverence.


...and its gates

Gate 22

Gate 22 in Human Design is the gate of Grace and Charm. and is located in the Solar Plexus Center.  Gate 22 is associated with the emotions of joy, love, and beauty.


You have a natural ability to navigate social situations with ease and to create harmony in group settings. You are emotionally sensitive and have a strong intuition for the emotional states of others. This capacity often translates into an ability to emotionally connect with others on a deep level.


When you're out of sync with your higher self, you may become judgy and harsh. Plus, you'll be a pro at getting pissed off and holding grudges. And let's not forget how unforgiving you can be, to yourself and everyone else.


The key to finding balance with this gate is to learn to embrace all of your emotions, both the positive and the negative. Don't try to suppress or deny your feelings, because they are a part of who you are.

Gate 47

 Gate 47 is the gate of realization, It’s  located in the Ajna Center and is a part of the Collective Sensing Circuit.


You're the ultimate "aha!" moment generator, the master of clarity, the guru of insight. You're like a walking encyclopedia of wisdom, uncovering hidden truths and shedding light on complex mysteries.


Your journey through life is a quest for understanding, a perpetual pursuit of knowledge. You're like a detective piecing together a puzzle, always on the lookout for the missing piece that will unlock the secrets of the universe.


You're not afraid to dive deep into the unknown, to explore the darkest corners of your mind and the world around you. You're drawn to the complex, tangled web of human experiences. And it’s where you shine.


You're a natural decoder. You can see patterns where others see chaos, and you extract meaning from the most seemingly insignificant details. 


But sometimes, your quest for clarity can lead you down the rabbit hole. You can get lost in your thoughts, obsessing over every little detail, unable to see the forest for the trees. And that's when you need to take a step back, breathe, and let go.


Clarity doesn't always come in a lightning bolt of revelation. Sometimes, it's a gentle whisper, a subtle shift in perspective. So be patient, trust the process, and let your mind wander freely. The answers you seek will come to you in their own time.


And when they do, share them with the world! 


Gate 11

Gate 11 makes you a brilliant idea machine,  constantly bubbling over with new and innovative thoughts. But with such a gift comes a great responsibility: how to discern which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are better left on the drawing board.


With  Gate 11, you tend to fall in love with all of your ideas, even the ones that are a bit umm..weird. Not every idea is destined to see the light of day.


That's where your discernment skills come in. You need to be able to filter through your ideas and identify the ones that have the most potential. The ones that are truly aligned with your purpose and your passion.


Once you've identified your most promising ideas it's time to take action. But take your time, even the best ideas need time to develop and mature. And when they're ready, release them into the world. 


Gate 12

12 is the Gate of Caution, but don't don't let that slow you down. It's also the Gate of Fine Artistry. This gate is where your gift for expressing your emotions through art and language comes from. You're witty, charming, and have the gift of saying the right thing at the right time.


But every Gate comes with a shadow and Gate 12 makes you a perfectionist. You have high standards for yourself and others, which makes you a tyrant when you fall short. Honestly, I think perfection is boring. It's the imperfections that make life interesting.


So let go of your need for perfection and embrace your wild side. Express yourself freely, without fear of judgment. Share your art with the world, even if it's not perfect. Because the truth is, it's already perfect, just the way it is.

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