Numerology 2024: Brace Yourself For A Year Of Karma and Power

Numerology 2024: Brace Yourself For A Year Of Karma and Power

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number 8 year in numerology for 2024


Forget resolutions,  we're in the year of the eight, and it's not messing around. 2024 is ruled by Saturn so it carries themes of power, ambition, and  empire building. Think less "New Year, New Me" and more Military Bootcamp, forcing you to bring the structure and discipline required to finally achieve your goals.

So, channel your inner huntress and get ready to work with these handy tips:

1. Hustle is Your New Happy Hour:

Forget Netflix binges, 2024 is a productivity power trip. Got an idea? Launch it. Need to climb that corporate ladder? Get some sturdy shoes. Just remember, all work and no play makes you dull babe, so don’t forget to schedule self-care breaks (bubble baths are technically building resilience, right?).

2. Balance is the Name of the Game:

This year's like a juggling act with ambitions, relationships, and sanity. Don't drop the balls! Prioritize ruthlessly, delegate like a boss (or at least train the cat to fetch coffee), and remember, sometimes saying "no" is the strongest "yes" you can give yourself.

3. Embrace the Infinity Loop:

The number eight is all about cycles and karma, so what you put out comes back tenfold. Plant seeds of kindness, water them with good vibes, and watch your karma garden bloom. But beware of throwing shade, it might come back to bite you on the ass.

4. Channel Your Inner Architect:

2024 is the year to build something substantial, whether it's a career, a relationship, or a killer sourdough starter. Lay the foundation, brick by brick, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. 

5. Laugh in the Face of Obstacles:

Challenges are just opportunities to flex your Saturnian muscles, baby! Embrace the struggle, learn from your stumbles, and remember, sometimes the best view is from the top of a rubble pile.

So, 2024 is a year of immense potential. Embrace the challenges, stay grounded, and don't forget to laugh along the way. With your wits, your cosmic toolbox, and a healthy dose of self-belief, you'll conquer this Saturn-ruled year and emerge stronger, wiser, and ready for anything. 

2024: Your Cosmic Roadmap:


Keywords: Abundance, power, ambition, infinity, leadership, balance, karma, transformation.


Ruling Planet: Saturn (discipline, structure, responsibility).


Symbolism: Ouroboros (the serpent eating its tail), infinity symbol, scales of justice.


Overall Theme: Expansion, growth, manifestation, building something substantial, facing challenges, reaping karmic rewards.


Opportunities: Taking on leadership roles, achieving financial goals, building strong foundations, experiencing personal transformation.


Challenges: Overwork, power struggles, facing past mistakes, maintaining balance.


Karmic Aspects: Actions and choices from the past will have consequences, both positive and negative. It's a time to reap what you sowed and learn from past experiences.


Your Cosmic Toolbox:


Magickal Allies: 

Black tourmaline, the "shield stone," is your BFF in 2024. It deflects negativity, boosts resilience, and helps you stay grounded when Saturn's winds are howling. Carry it in your pocket, wear it as a necklace, or simply meditate with it to tap into its protective vibes.

Citrine, my friend. This sunshine stone crackles with positive energy, attracting abundance and boosting your entrepreneurial spirit. Keep it in your pocket for a mid-day motivation jolt, or stick it on your desk to manifest those million-dollar ideas.

The Boss, spell oil was specifically designed to work with the 8 energy. Think of it as the secret sauce for the Universe's year of ultimate transformation. This ain't no time for playing nice – it's about claiming your throne, baby! So slather this oil on your skin like a warrior's war paint, infuse your bathwater with its bossy vibes, and let your candles drip with the molten confidence it ignites.

get it here.

Tarot Card Exercise:

Draw three cards face down, asking: "What challenge will test my ambition?" (Card 1), "What hidden resource can I tap into?" (Card 2), and "How can I celebrate my wins in a balanced way?" (Card 3). Ponder the cards, channel your inner fortune-teller, and let the wisdom guide you. Remember, even the Empress needs a vacation.

need a deck? check out, The Witchery.

Want the VIP pass to your personal 2024 adventure? 

Head over to our Personal Year page and discover how the celestial shenanigans will directly impact you. Calculate your number, decode your personal year vibration, and unleash your inner cosmic rockstar!

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