The Huntress is your dominant archetype if you...

  • are fiercely independent.
  • are passionate and driven.
  • are confident in your abilities and aren't afraid to take charge.
  • feel a deep connection to nature.
  • are a champion of the marginalized and the oppressed.
  • aren’t afraid to be different.
  • are direct and assertive.
  • aren't afraid to take risks
  • are always up for an adventure.

All About The Huntress

The Feminine Archetype Series

Reads To Connect With Your Inner Huntress


The Path of The Dark Fem: Are you Ready for it?

In history, you can find these defiant fems in roles like women-kings, liberators, activists, and warriors. You find them balking at tradition, asserting themselves, and reveling in pleasures that were...

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archetype series

The Huntress Archetype: The CEO and Goddess of The Hunt

Independent, freedom-loving, and fierce. about her. The Huntress is a woman who is not afraid to be what she is. To pursue passionately, relentlessly until the battle is won. She...

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