The Huntress Archetype: The CEO and Goddess of The Hunt

The Huntress Archetype: The CEO and Goddess of The Hunt

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Independent, freedom-loving, and fierce.

about her.

The Huntress is a woman who is not afraid to be what she is. To pursue passionately, relentlessly until the battle is won. She thrives in the energy of power like the queen, grounds herself in the knowledge of her experiences like the sage, and relies on the otherworldly nature of her primal, intuitive instincts like the mystic. She is bright, independent, and committed to herself and what she wants. 

her work.

The huntress archetype aligns us with our power as women. She is our ability to choose a life for ourselves and live it to the fullest. Her energy protects us from the expectations and influences of others so that we can see our inner woman and meet her needs. It is the primal passion and drive that allow us to alchemize instinct into will so that we can conquer whatever seemingly insurmountable thing that has positioned itself in front of us. These energies are about more than succeeding in our careers, it’s about how we live our lives. 


The power of who we are is innate, welcoming even. We can do whatever we desire as long as we are willing to put our whole selves into it. Not in a self-sacrificing way, but by showing tf up. Allowing our creativity, wit, and skill to show up in full force to meet us and the world unapologetically. This is the lesson of the huntress. 


She screams at us:

"You have the power. Use it"

"You are smarter. Own it"

"You are here to make a difference. Be it."


Don’t let them sway you, or convince you that you are less than what you are. 


You are the Goddess of the Hunt. 


I think there is a misconception about the huntress archetype in the bedroom. You’d think that she’d be a latex-clad dominatrix with whip-in-hand, ready to bring order to her partner's chaos. And to be honest, she might be. But there’s much more to the world of sexuality than that and archetypes, even our dominant ones can be fluid. The huntress at her core is primal and instinctive. For me, this means that she’s much more likely to respond to any given sexual experience as it comes. She can surely play the role of the hunted should she find a partner who can fully embody the role of the hunter. It could also be where her other, less dominant archetypes come out to play. The point is, to keep an open mind.  If you’re in the bedroom of a huntress, it's because she wants you there, not the other way around. Enjoy.


When she is in the grips of her shadow self, she can be cold, unyielding, and disconnected from her emotional life. Not trusting her instincts or trusting the instincts of someone else more than her own can send the huntress into a tailspin. This lack of self-trust will have her running from one end of her mind to the other, kicking up more dust than clarity. Her independent nature can quickly become her kryptonite if she loses sight of her need for allies in her larger quest for victory. She must remember that as much as she is required to rebel from short-sided, oppressive structures, there are still people within them who need her. 

The huntress should also be aware of her tendency to self-neglect during intense periods of focus and ground herself in the principles of “trust the process” when she begins to over-identify herself and her worth with the wins and losses naturally associated with the path of her conquest.  

mama hunt.

As a mother, the huntress is warm and attentive, while still maintaining her signature independence every step of the way. She is determined, maybe more than the other types to empower her children through the lessons of autonomy. By moving herself out of the way as much as motherly possible she teaches her children to acknowledge their competency early on. She is always quietly aware of her mission to prepare her children to succeed long after she’s gone and is all too happy to affirm and instill her wisdom to soften their path. She is the mother who speaks affirmations over her children, encourages them to question systems they don’t understand, and teaches them the value of their existence. 

her “take over the world” team .

It’s easy to think that the independent huntress doesn’t need a team to take over the world with but as we saw in her shadows, she can quickly get lost in her ambitions. These ladies will help her achieve her goals while providing her with some much-needed sisterhood along the way.

The Queen is the mirror of ambition and the ally who will connect the huntress to the right resources. She is both diplomatic and strategic and will encourage her to think bigger and revel in the fruits of her labor.

The Lover is her sensual sensei, connecting her to her sensuality as a woman and the creative forces that radiate from her because of it. She is wild, and playful and will help the heady huntress maintain her connection to her physical form while in pursuit of her goals.

The Mystic is her celestial companion as she pulls her manifestations from the ethereal realm into the physical. She will reinforce her connection to her intuition and the natural world, strengthening the huntress's confidence on her journey.

your inner huntress.

To evoke the presence of the huntress in your life take a deep dive into yourself. Figure out what you like and dislike through conscious exploration. Practice showing up to life authentically and in your power. Take note of the stories you tell yourself that prevent you from doing so and ditch the losers in your life that try to keep you small. 

Unleash your inner Huntress! Share your thoughts, stories, and experiences with this powerful archetype in the comments below. And remember, the hunt for self-discovery never ends. Be brave, be bold, be you. And keep an eye out for the next chapter in our series, where we'll encounter the one who dances to her own beat, the free-spirited Maiden!

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