The Queen Archetype: The Woman Behind The Crown

The Queen Archetype: The Woman Behind The Crown

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The queen is a woman who knows the importance of power and is committed to acquiring it and the benefits it brings. This obsession with power can cause her to become self-serving, and manipulative and at risk of losing sight of her humanity. At her best, she is a goal-oriented, socialite capable of bridging the gap in any situation with confidence and diplomacy. To put it mildly, when the queen shows up, emotional maturity, composure, and control are at the forefront of the conversation.


her role. 

The queen archetype has many different functions in the female psyche, she has the the strategy of the huntress when in pursuit of her goals, the sensuality of the lover as she charms her counterparts, and the nurturing qualities of the mother as she aligns her actions and values for the good of the kingdom and all who are in her care.


about her.

The woman with the queen as her dominant archetype holds herself to a high standard.  She values luxury and can often be found pampering herself in the most exclusive experiences her money can provide. Her chief aspiration is to be the belle of every ball and the shining example in every room.

If there’s one thing about the queen, she’s going to serve a look. There will be no public photos of her looking disheveled, image is the most important thing. 

If  “power couple” status is her ultimate gain.  She may idealize creating the perfect kingdom, topped off with the influential king and dotting, obedient children. 

Once she secures this partnership, she becomes the queen mother, committed to the preservation of her marriage and the legacy of the family unit.

If a woman is unconcerned with marriage and building the perfect family, her queen archetype turns her into an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Fit to build and rule the empire as she sees fit.


her highest form. 

The highest form of the queen is the empress.

In the tarot, The empress is the epitome of femininity, creativity, and abundance. She is connected to her instincts like the huntress, trusts her intuition like the mystic, is grounded and wise like the sage, emotionally intelligent and loving like the mother, open to the newness of experience like the maiden and connected to the fullness of her sensuality like the lover. These traits make her a skilled leader, loving mother, and devoted partner capable of creating abundance wherever she goes.

her shadow.

The shadow of the queen lies in the question

 “what are you willing to do for power?”

What are you willing to risk? 

Who are you willing to leverage? 

Once you have it, what are you willing to do to keep it?

 Without a firm grasp on her morals, the queen archetype is likely to get herself into a host of compromising positions to attain and keep the power she so desires. She can lose sight of herself in the pursuit, using others as pawns to serve her agenda. Her “no matter the cost”  attitude can be damaging to her relationships if public perception becomes more important than the health and well-being of those in her care. 

If she falls into the subsection of queen who views the sanctity of marriage as sacred and absolute, she can land the role of the vengeful Hera, at any whiff of infidelity, real or imagined. 

It's important for any woman who embodies this archetype to maintain a system of checks and balances to ensure that her pursuits are in alignment with her moral center.


her “take over the world” team. 

A wise queen is all about allies and strategic partnerships and if you’re going to take over the world you’re going to need to build a strong team. From kingdom to boardroom these babes are your ride or die.

The Sage is your go-to for wisdom and balance. She will help guide your hand and give you guidance that you can trust like it's your own. She’s not one for the spotlight so you won’t find any competitive energies here. Show her that you value her wisdom and she will be your ally for life. 


If you can move past the jealous, competitive energy, The Lover can be a fantastic consort for your queenly endeavors. If it's one thing she can do, it's command a room. She’s your companion in charisma who can help you seduce and dispel the competition with as little as a side glance. She can help you woo new clientele and is probably down for a little corporate espionage. The key here is to give her a seat at the table. She is your ally, not your competition and you can do a lot more together than apart. 


The last member of your take over the world team is a toss-up that I’ll call dealer’s choice. On one hand, I think the mystic would make a dope addition to this team. She's spiritually aligned and moral and her way of looking at the world would multiply any vision you could dream up but I question whether her independent, “go where I feel called” energy would align with your queendom-building pursuits. Ultimately, she is the guide and guru of higher truths and hidden perspectives, she will be the peacemaker and bridge builder, filling in the gaps of your plan with spiritual insight. I mean, she is connected to the cosmos. Give this girl plenty of space to navigate her perspectives and she will connect you with your cosmic center. 


On the other hand, I can see the benefits of having the strategies and braininess that the huntress brings. She is precise, grounded, and quite masterful as a “hunter” but she prides herself on being self-sufficient so having you as the leader could be a major turn-off for her. You both value power and control but you express it differently. You’d have to gain her trust and allow her complete autonomy if she’s willing to join you. 



There are many different ways to embody the queen archetype, and there is no one right way to be a sexual queen. Some women may choose to express their sexuality boldly and assertively, while others may prefer a more private and intimate approach. There is no right or wrong way to be a sexual queen, as long as you are true to yourself and your own needs.

However, it is important to note that the queen archetype is not limited to a single definition of sexuality. The queen can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, etc. She may be monogamous or polyamorous. She may be into kinky sex or vanilla sex. Whatever her sexual orientation or preferences, the queen is always in control of her own sexuality.


your inner queen.

The queen is a powerful and inspiring archetype that represents a woman's ability to lead, rule, and take control of her life. To connect with your inner queen, do just that. 

  • Embrace Your Power: Acknowledge and accept your inherent power as a woman. Own your strengths, talents, and abilities, and don't be afraid to step into the spotlight.
  • Set High Standards: Hold yourself and those around you to high standards of excellence. Pursue your goals with determination and integrity, and don't settle for anything less than what you desire.
  • Practice Self-Care: Nurture your mind, body, and spirit through regular self-care practices. Engage in activities that bring you joy and rejuvenation, and prioritize your well-being.
  • Embrace Elegance: Carry yourself with grace and poise. Cultivate a sense of refinement in your appearance and demeanor, and radiate confidence from within.

So, you thought the Queen was powerful? Wait until you meet the Sage! She's got more wisdom than a library full of owls and can see through your BS like a pane of glass. Think you can handle it? Click the link and prepare to be schooled by the universe's ultimate know-it-all, The Sage.

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