The queen is your dominant archetype if you...

  • Place a strong emphasis on your appearance.
  • are naturally diplomatic.
  • are nurturing and fierce when it comes to protecting her loved ones.
  • are motivated to build alliances.
  • are drawn to power and leadership roles.
  • are confident and self-assured.
  • carry yourself with dignity and poise at all times.
  • Hold yourself and others to a high standard.
  • Have always dreamed of building your own empire.
  • Prioritize luxury over comfort.
  • Desire to be seen as part of a "power couple"

The Queen's Team of Glowing Rejuvenation

From building empires to slaying dragons, even the most formidable queen needs a moment to herself.

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Which Feminine Archtype Are You?

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The Queen Archetype: The Woman Behind The Crown

By Ailuros M

Ah, the Queen. Let's talk about her power, shall we? Not the cheap kind that screams and demands. No, the Queen radiates it. It's woven into the fabric of her...

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