The Right Angle Cross of Rulership | Human Design Incarnation Cross

The Right Angle Cross of Rulership | Human Design Incarnation Cross

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If you have a Right Angle Cross of Rulership in your Human Design chart, your life is meant to be… well, a little different. 

Do you often feel like you're figuring things out on your own, like the usual 'rules' don't quite apply? That's your Rulership Cross making its presence known. 

Your Incarnation Cross, specifically the Right Angle Cross of Rulership, is your roadmap to understanding what makes you tick and what you're here to offer the world. Let's dig in!

What is an Incarnation Cross?

Think of your Incarnation Cross as the overarching theme song of your life. It's made up of your Sun and Earth positions (both your conscious personality and your deeper, unconscious self) in your Human Design chart.

It gives you major clues about your life's purpose, your strengths, and maybe even some of those quirks that make you uniquely you.

Interpreting the four gates of your Incarnation Cross

The Four Gates: Remember, each gate represents a specific energy or theme in your life. Here's how to think about them:

  • Top Right Gate (Conscious Sun): This is your life's purpose, the big "why am I here?" energy you radiate out into the world.
  • Second Right Gate (Conscious Earth): This is about grounding your purpose. What resources, support, and experiences do you need to make your purpose a reality?
  • Top Left Gate (Design Sun): This is the 'behind the scenes' energy, your unconscious gifts and talents that shape how you live out your purpose.
  • Second Left Gate (Design Earth): This is about where and with whom you feel most nourished. It can reveal the kind of environment you need to thrive and truly step into your purpose.

The Right Angle Cross of Rulership – Your Superpower


  • The Inner Compass: People with this Cross often have a deep-seated knowing of what's right for them. This doesn't always manifest as loud certainty, but more like a quiet, unyielding pull towards certain experiences and away from others.

  • Rebel with a Cause: Rules and expectations can feel restrictive with this Cross. That doesn't mean you're out to burn it all down, but you need to figure things out for yourself. Finding your OWN 'why' behind things is crucial.

  • The "Accidental Leader" Syndrome: You might find yourself naturally influencing others simply by being authentically yourself. People are drawn to your unwavering commitment to your own path, whether they consciously understand it or not.

Key Points:

  • Don't be afraid to experiment: "Should I do this?" isn't as important as "How does it feel?". Your gut intuition is strong with this one.
  • Patience is key: Your process may not look like anyone else's. Honor your own internal timing and those a-ha moments will hit even harder.
  • Permission slips NOT required: You don't need anyone's validation to make choices that feel good to you. Lean into that self-trust.

The Major Themes

Let's break down those Gates within your Right Angle Cross of Rulership and uncover the deeper nuances they hold for you.

Gate 45: The Material Leader

  • Location: Throat Center (all about action, manifestation, and communication)
  • Key Themes: Embodied leadership, walking the walk, abundance, influence, potential for wealth
  • Your Twist: You're not just out to accumulate stuff. It's about bringing your unique vision and values into the tangible world. You make impact by doing, not just talking.

Gate 26: The Art of the Deal

  • Location: Ego Center (energy, drive, and taking action)
  • Key Themes: Entrepreneurial spirit, recognizing value, savvy negotiation, persuasive power
  • Your Twist: There's a knack for 'seeing the diamond in the rough' – in people, projects, and opportunities. When your gut says something's got potential, others may not see it yet, but you do.

Gate 22: Open to Grace

  • Location: Solar Plexus (emotions, feelings, will, passion)
  • Key Themes: Openness to beauty, intuition, the power of sharing what moves you, potential for deep emotional expression
  • Your Twist: This adds a sense of heart and authenticity to your Rulership. Your leadership style isn't just about efficiency, it's about connecting deeply with what you value.

Gate 47: Finding Meaning within the Chaos

  • Location: Ajna Center (mental processing, searching for answers, and understanding)
  • Key Themes: Abstract thought, seeking patterns, making sense of the world, potential for deep insights
  • Your Twist: There's a hunger to understand why things work the way they do. You're not satisfied with surface-level explanations, and this depth of thinking fuels your choices.

The Leader's Toolkit: Your Gates work in a fascinating cycle:

    • Inspiration: Gate 47 hungers to understand the world around you. It draws in information and seeks to find patterns.
    • Embodiment: Gate 45 takes those insights and turns them into action. It's about bringing your unique vision into the material world.
    • Amplification: Gate 26 recognizes the value of what's been created and knows how to share it in a way that influences others.
    • Connection: Gate 22 adds an emotional resonance and authenticity to your leadership. Your deep connection to your values is magnetic.

Your Success Path

Don't be fooled by the word "leader." This doesn't have to look like a traditional corporate ladder! Your journey likely involves:

    • Trial and Error: Learning by doing and trusting your Gate 26 instincts to figure out what works, regardless of what the 'experts' say.
    • Emotional Expression: Your success will be tied into sharing your genuine thoughts, feelings, and creations (Gate 22) – it's vital to building that resonance.
    • Non-Linear Growth: You may leapfrog ahead at times, guided by insights from your Gate 47's deep processing, followed by moments of intense focus from your Gate 45.

The Rulership Factor

This whole combination is powered by a strong sense of "my way or the highway." Here's how that plays out in a positive way:

    • Authenticity is Key: You're at your most potent when you're fully yourself, quirks, passions, and all. Compromising on this will drain you.
    • Trust Your Timing: Don't compare your process to others. You may have periods of slow, internal processing then a burst of inspired action.
    • Find the Right Channel: Forcing your style of leadership into a traditional environment may feel suffocating. Seek out ways to be your own boss, or find niches where your unique approach is celebrated.

Variations to Consider

Every Gate has a spectrum of expression. Knowing whether yours are defined and/or activated in other parts of your Human Design chart adds more nuance. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Confidence vs. Exploration: Is your Gate 45 strongly defined? Boom, rock-solid confidence in your material leadership. If not, you may experiment more before finding your power zone.
  • Heart or Hype: How's your Gate 22 defined? It can influence whether you're more drawn to heart-centered influence or savvy self-promotion.
  • Inner Knowing or Outer Validation: Check your Gate 47 definition. It can influence whether your process of "making sense" of the world comes from within or needs more external feedback.

How the Right Angle Cross of Rulership can manifest in different areas of life


  • Someone who feels stifled by traditional 9-to-5 structures carves out a niche business or freelance path that feels tailor-made for their strengths and quirks.
  • A person who's deeply drawn to an unusual or lesser-known field, becoming an expert through independent study and passionate exploration.
  • Someone who finds fulfillment outside their 'regular' job by pursuing a passion project that becomes a thriving business on its own terms.


  •  Someone with a strong intuitive sense of what they want to create, regardless of whether it fits established trends or techniques.
  • Exploring creative mediums as a personal journey, prioritizing the process of expression over external validation.
  •  A person who thrives when blending different art forms or unexpectedly combining mediums, drawn to their unique potential.


  • Requiring a high degree of autonomy within partnerships, not out of selfishness, but because it allows them to be their most authentic self
  •  Being drawn to partners who value independent spirits and don't try to fit anyone into traditional molds.
  • Forming deep bonds with people from vastly different backgrounds, drawn together by a shared respect for individuality.
  • Rulership energy can manifest differently at various life stages. A rebellious streak in your 20s might turn into a quiet confidence in leading your own niche business by your 40s.

Owning Your Right Angle Cross of Rulership


  • It's NOT about being bossy: We need to bust this myth wide open. Rulership energy is about authentic leadership – that can look different for everyone! It's about honoring your path, not controlling others.
  • Your Path, Your Pace: You don't have to explain your process to anyone. Trust that inner pull and experiment your way to the right opportunities, even if it seems slow from the outside.
  • The Power of Boundaries: Saying "no" is a superpower for you. Don't waste precious energy on things that feel misaligned with your inner compass, even if they seem like "good" opportunities.
  • Permission to Shine: Your quirks, passions, and even your quiet intensity – these are what set you apart. Don't dim your light for anyone.
  • Trusting Your Gut: This Cross gives you potent intuition. Sometimes a great opportunity won't neatly check all the 'logical' boxes, but your instincts will know the truth.

Practical Tips:

  • Carve out quiet time for tuning into that inner wisdom (especially when it comes to decisions!).
  • Seek out people who inherently get you and support your autonomy – their encouragement will fuel you.
  • When a choice feels good, ask yourself WHY. When it feels icky, do the same. You'll build a powerful inner map of what works for you.

Things to Watch Out For:

Stubbornness vs. Conviction:

Know the difference! Stubbornness digs in its heels even when something's not working. Conviction trusts in a course, even if adjustments are needed along the way.


It's healthy to crave solitude, but don't let it turn into avoidance. Having a few trusted souls to bounce ideas off of keeps you fresh.


⭐ Ready to Dive Deeper?

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