How To Manifest With Candle Magick

How To Manifest With Candle Magick

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Candle magick (or magic) is a term used to describe a form of manifestation that utilizes the forces of fire to draw in your desired outcome. Candle magick has a variety of different applications that range from protection and healing to love and relationships. In this post, we'll take you through the basic protocols of magick to ensure you have the best chances of success. 

The Magick of Manifestation

The most important thing to remember when performing magick is that it takes time. How much time depends on the details surrounding "what" you're manifesting. For example, a new job manifestation will likely yield tangible results a lot faster than drawing in a million dollars. It's also important to ask for things that you're willing to work for. Think of Manifestation magick as a partnership with the universe and your desires as the business. If each person is doing their share, the business has a chance at success. But if only 1 person is carrying their weight, the probability of success drops drastically. 

Setting Your Intentions

Before you start any magickal practice, set your intentions. Once you've decided what you'd like to happen, map out the details. When performing magic around your ideals ( ideal life, relationship, career, etc.)
I recommend walking through the process via meditation. Taking the time to visualize what you want can help you sidestep some of the pitfalls that occur from manifesting blindly. An example of this could be manifesting your ideal career solely based on how much money or notoriety it will bring.
In my experience 1 of 2 things are likely to happen.
1. The universe will give you exactly what you've asked for, a career with plenty of success and fame. BUT devoid of the things that matter like joy, happiness, peace, etc. 
2. The universe will redirect you. It will take you down a path to show you that what you are asking for isn't in alignment with your soul's desire. It will prompt you to uncover what you truly desire and help you achieve that. 
 When visualizing your path, embody the energy of that success.
So, try this, take yourself through " a day in the life" in your new reality. Try to visualize as many details as you can. Having things mapped out in your mind beforehand makes it easier to summon those energies when it's time to do the spell. Speaking of "mapping things out", choosing the right herbs, candle colors, moon phase, and day of the week all contribute to a successful outcome.

 Choosing The Right Colors

 In the metaphysical world, everything carries a vibration, especially colors. Be sure to choose the color candles that match your intended outcome. 
Yellow: Communication, Attraction, Yang Energy, Legalities
Red: Vital energy, Sensuality, Sexual Love, Protection, Courage
Black: Protection, Banishing, Use to absorb and banish negativity
Blue: Peace, Happiness, Healing
Purple: Power, Healing, Prosperity, Spirituality
White: Truth, Purification, Protection
Green: Growth, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility, Healing
Brown: Protection of physical objections, Animal magick
Orange: Attraction, Luck, Creativity


Which Day Of The Week Supports Your Intentions?

 Choosing the right days to cast your spells can give your workings an extra boost of celestial power.  
Monday: Divination & Love
Tuesday: Protection & Victory
Wednesday: Wisdom, Healing
Thursday: Wealth & Prosperity
Friday: Love & Fertility
Saturday: Destiny & Luck
Sunday: Healing & Family

  Best Moon Phase For Spellwork

Keeping track of the moon cycles can be tricky. Remember this: when the moon is growing to its peak ( Full Moon ) do growth workings and as it sheds its light, (New Moon) do release workings. 
New Moon: New Beginnings, A time to initiate spellwork. Seed phase.
First Quarter to Full Moon: Love, Prosperity, Luck, Healing, Growth Phase
Full Moon: Peak/Culmination of Spellwork, Harvest Phase
Third Quarter to New Moon: Banishing, Protection, Disintegration of Relationships, Healing Magick that involves getting rid of something.

Choosing Plant Allies

Ash  protection, health, prosperity, luck
Basil  protection, love, courage, wealth
Beet Root  love
Burdock Root  protection, healing, release negative energies
Chamomile  improved sleep, purification, luck
Clover  success, luck, fidelity, protection
Frankincense  purification, spirituality, success, cleansing 
Ginger  prosperity, love, power, success
Hyacinth  happiness, protection, love
Nutmeg  fertility, luck, prosperity, breaking hexes
Thistle  strengthens energy, healing, protection
Vervain  increase wealth & love, repels psychic negativity, purification, peace 
* Check out our grimoire or apothecary for more herbal allies!

How To Dress A Candle

Here's what you'll need:
  • 2-4 dried herbs that match your intention (grind)
  • Matches or a Lighter
  • A candle (or candles) that match your intention
  • Copper wire 
  • Sea Salt
  • Water
  • A Glass bowl or Jar
  • Oil blend that matches your intentions. 
1. Add a few drops of oil ( or honey for attraction spells) into the palm of your hand. Starting at the top of the candle, just below the wick, run your hand down the candle applying the oil in downward strokes until the candle is covered. Be sure to leave a little room at the base of the candle for anchoring later.
2. In this step you can either sprinkle or roll the herbs onto the candle.
If rolling, layout ground herbs onto a flat, preferably glass plate, and gently roll the candle across the herb pile. 
If sprinkling, hold the candle at an elevated angle and casually sprinkle herbs to cover the entire candle (minus the bottom). Press the herbs gently into the candle as needed. 
3. Now it's time to anchor your candle to the bowl. With a lighter, run the flame under the base of your candle so that the wax drips into the center of the bowl. Be sure to rotate the candle so that the base remains as even as possible. The drops should form a small puddle in the center of the bowl. After about 3-5 drops of wax form, stick the candle base into the wax, holding for a few seconds until it dries. 
4. Once your candle is secure add your sea salt, copper wire, and remaining herbs in a circular motion around the candle.
5. In The final step, add a small amount of water to the jar. Reflect on your desired outcome and light the candle. 
* After lighting the candle I always like to do something that supports the energy of my spell. i.e. If it's for a new job, fill out applications, update your resume, etc. 

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