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The Ultimate Guide To The Chakras

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There are 7 main chakras that make up the chakra system. These chakras are responsible for aligning and anchoring the physical body into its incarnation.
Chakras are energy centers that run along the spinal column. They vibrate and spin according to their health. When we are born, all of our centers are open and active.Our childhood experiences determine which energy centers remain healthy and which ones need healing. Because these centers work together, when one center becomes injured, it affects the entire systemIn this article, I’ll go over each system and answer some of the most common questions you may have about the chakra system.
*Scroll to the bottom for FAQ*
Color: White, Purple
Location: Top of Head
Element: Air + Spirit 
Rune Healing Symbol: Algiz, Mannaz, Perdho, Gifu
Crystal Allies: Petalite, Clear Quartz, Anandalite Blue Kyanite, Selenite
Chief Emotion: Peace
Associated Organs: brain, central nervous system, hair, hypothalamus, pituitary glands, spine, posture, motor functions, balance, and subtle energy bodies
The crown chakra connects us to our spiritual self and multidimensional awareness. It is here that we come into union with the universal source. When this chakra is healthy and active, you can easily sort through conflicting information and find the truth. The relationship with your higher self evolves and you are in direct communication with your soul. 
Color: Purple, Indigo, White
Location: Between The Brows
Element: Air + Water
Rune Healing Symbol: Lagaz, Perdho
Chief Emotion: Trust, Knowing
Crystal Allies: Amethyst, Flint, Labradorite, Apophyllite, Preseli Bluestone
Associated Organs:brain, ears, eyes, nose, neurological and endocrine systems, and pineal and pituitary glands. It also rules the scalp, hypothalamus, and the process of melatonin and serotonin production in the body.
The Third Eye chakra is our guide to multidimensional awareness. It is here that we tune into our spiritual sight to gain an intuitive understanding of the metaphysical world.
The brow chakra is where your inner sight meets your outer sight and bonds into insight. It is here that we learn to embrace the spiritual knowing that ignites the fiery gut instinct of our solar plexus. The All-seeing eye is associated with the color purple/indigo and rests between the brows. It rules the
You’re likely to experience blockages in this chakra as irrational intuitive nudgings, intrusive thoughts of others, sudden unexplainable headaches, or dizziness
When this occurs, consciously draw this energy down your chakra centers into the root chakra or use grounding crystalsAs with any other health concerns, please check with your doctor to ensure the headaches and dizziness you’re experiencing aren’t a symptom of something more serious.
In my experience, during times of spiritual ascension, there is usually an accompanying thump or tapping felt over your third eye. This also occurs if you have the gift of channeling.
If you have the ability to channel, the insight you gain from this center will come with an urgent pulling sensation in the throat. Relax and let the energy flow. Your intuition will guide you in how to express this energy and tell you who the message is for.
It may happen when you’re alone or talking to a friend, it’ll feel weird but let it flow. I’ve found that these messages are exactly what the person needed to hear or insights into my own path.

Color: Blue, Yellow, White
Location: Center of Throat
Element: Air + Water
Rune Healing Symbol: Ansuz, Gifu, Lagaz
Crystal Allies: Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite. Blue Lace Agate
Chief Emotion: Understanding
Associated Organs: Ears, respiratory, nervous system, sinus, skin, throat, parathyroid, thyroid, tongue, tonsils, speech, body, language, metabolism
The throat chakra is the voice of the body. In its balanced form, the voice of divine intelligence. It has strong connections to the heart and solar plexus chakras also.
It is through the strength of this chakra, that we make ourselves heard. In union with our heart chakra, our passions spring forth and we speak with honesty with integrity. 
In its connection with a healthy solar plexus, we remain balanced and centered in our convictions.
When this chakra is unbalanced, we make unhealthy compromises. We are more afraid to speak up and are more likely to stifle the truth in pursuit of outside approval. 
Healing comes through the process of setting healthy boundaries, being honest with yourself, identifying your values, speaking up, practicing public speaking, sharing your stories, and communicating uncomfortable emotions.
Colors: Green, Pink
Location: Center of the chest
Element: Water
Rune Healing Symbols: Lagaz, Beorc, Wunjo
Chief Emotion: Joy
Crystal Allies: Emerald, Mangano Calcite, Rose Quartz, Green Kyanite
Associated Organs: Chest, circulation, heart, lungs, shoulders, thymus, respiratory
The heart chakra is the center for divine love. When this chakra is healthy and active you fully embrace the concept of unconditional love. This center is the most vocal and vibrationally active chakra within the system. Often times, when it is time to heal this chakra you feel an increased pressure over the center. All chakras run through the heart center. The prevalent emotion in the heart chakra is joy. 
Joy has its energy in the heart, throat, and solar plexus. Unison buzzing with an energy that feels too big for your heart chakra to hold. Expect to release tears as the feeling grows to the point of physical expression.
 The Excited buzzing of the heart chakra is met with crown chakra visions of situations that warrant the expression of this joy. You may see Laughter and friends in your mind's eye. A confirmation of things to come.
Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange
Location: Above the navel
Element: Fire
Rune Healing Symbol: Kenaz, Sunna, Eihwaz, Uruz
Chief Emotion: Confidence
Crystal Allies: Golden Healer Quartz, Grape Agate, Yellow Jasper, Fire Agate
Associated Organs: Adrenals, digestive, liver, lymph, metabolism, muscles, skin, pancreas, small intestine, stomach, eye sight
The Solar Plexus is considered to be our personal seat of power. The energy center is associated with the color yellow and is seated between the rib cage and the belly button
It is here that we come into our power of emotional “knowing” The solar plexus rules the adrenals and the digestive process so when a person’s solar plexus is injured, you may experience this as a random wave of nausea, pain in the right side liver/kidney area.
As you experience this phenomenon, you may also start to feel/ act out the energy associated with an unbalanced solar plexus which includes:
Insecurity, powerlessness, fear associated with loss of power, weak will, unbalanced desire to rule or dominate others, ego, anger, impatience, etc. you may also feel an overwhelming urge to cry from a place of helplessness or frustration.
 If you can, consciously acknowledge where these feelings are your own, claim or renounce accordingly and allow the energy to flow through you in the form of tears, and reassure yourself through your baseline affirmations
I will note that when the energy belongs to others it feels misplaced, intrusive, heady, and completely unrelated to anything you may have been feeling previously.
This is 1 of the 2 most commonly felt energy centers. A good way to help balance this energy is to wear an empowering crystal bracelet on your dominant side, so as to lend its healing energy to your environment.
At home: work with orange and yellow, use herbs like lemongrass, dried orange, and tarragon. Be sure to support your own digestive system as you need to cleanse other’s energies from your system daily. 
Herbs like milk thistle, ginger, dandelion root, and burdock root work really well for daily cleansing and are easily found in capsule and tea formAs always, consult with a medical professional before taking any herbs or medicines natural or otherwise
Please do your own research and consider how these herbs may affect any medications you are currently taking.
Confidence feels like sitting on calm waters with a soft buzzing and pointed sense of energy in the sacral chakra. A subtle glow, knowing energy, and a righteous smirk. A soft “I'm high” vibe that feels mildly sharp in the shoulders.
All the chakras seem to buzz in unison
Color: Orange, Red, Yellow
Location: Below the Belly Button
Associated Organs: sexual organs, gallbladder, elimination
Element: Fire 
Rune Healing Symbol: Kenaz, Pertho
Crystal Allies: Citrine, Carnelian, Serpentine, Kundalini Quartz, Fire Quartz
Chief Emotion: primal-like desire
This is the place where sexual, creative, and healing energy comes to play. This is where the powerful healing energy, Sekhem is produced. Located below the navel, it is the magic eye of the belly, where we find our generative and primal will.
This energy center rules the gallbladder, sexual organs, and the elimination process. This chakra is rarely felt but when it does, it can show up as hypersexual energy or impotence.
There may be an intense desire for someone without any accompanying physical attraction. You may also feel a dull pain in the tailbone or pelvic region.
As one of the pleasure chakras, it ignites fire and a passion for life by producing a flow of “ feel good” energy. When it is in balance, there is a healthy flow of give and take. Be mindful of the times you feel jealous and possessive.
This is a key place where emotional and “soul ties'' are formedNegative experiences and emotions are transferred from partner to partner during sexual encounters, so it is important to have good spiritual hygiene and to choose healthy, balanced, partners.
Keep your sacral chakra healthy and balanced through sensual dancing, self-pleasure, and other creative outlets.

Colors: Red, Brown, Green
Location: Base of the perineum
Element: Earth
Chief Emotion: Confidence
Rune Healing Symbol: Beorc, Ing, Thuriaz
Crystal Allies: Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Tourmaline
Associated Organs: adrenals, bladder, elimination, immune system, kidneys, lower back, lower extremities, sciatic nerve, lymph nodes, prostate, and skeletal system.
This chakra is the source of creativity and procreation. The Root Chakra is linked to your core energy, your ‘root support’, and connection to Earth. It is the foundation for all the other chakras along the spine, a secure base on which they rest. 
It is where the Power of Sekhem (Kundalini) force lies curled around your etheric tailbone, the sacrum, or ‘sacred bone’ before it is awakened.
It represents both your home and your place in the world. The base chakra is also the site of the will to survive and the ability to make a thing happen. This is where you discover your individuality and take responsibility for yourself. 
When it functions optimally, you are grounded, connected to your core and you trust the universeImbalances here lead to sexual disturbances, feelings of stuckness, anger, impotence, frustration – and an inability to let go.



FAQ About The Chakras

What are 7 chakras and their benefits? + What are the chakra energy center locations and meanings?

 The benefits of the chakras are endless. Soul Consciousness, Knowledge of Past Lives, Psychic abilities and Self Actualization to name a few.

  1. Root:Located at the base of the spine. It is related to survival and security.
  2. Sacral:Located below the navel. This chakra is related to sensuality, the act of creation, sexuality, and desire for pleasure.
  3. Solar Plexus: Located above the navel. This chakra relates to will and our personal power.
  4. Heart:Located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra relates to unconditional love and compassion. 
  5. Throat:Located in the center of the throat. It's where you speak your truth and connect with higher wisdom
  6. Third-Eye: Located between the eyebrows. Insight, intuition, awareness, and guidance are the properties of this chakra. 
  7. Crown: Located at the top of the head.  it represents cosmic consciousness, union, bliss and the knowledge of being at one with all.

Are chakras real?

Yes, chakras are real. You can feel them when they are healing and when they are aligned all kinds of cool things happen.

How does it feel when a chakra opens?

When a chakra is clearing or " opening" many things happen. To open or clear a chakra you first have to heal the traumas surrounding it's disfunction. This will feel vastly different for each chakra and often times multiple chakras will be healing/opening at once.

(See the question "what does each chakra control"  below to see what I mean.)

For example, when the heart chakra is "opening" you will feel more emotional and feel a slight pressure over the chakra (place your hand over your heart- that's what it feels like). Your spirit will also let you know what chakras are being cleared through your dreamstate. 

What is 8th chakra?

There are 2 chakras that can be considered the 8th Chakra. The Earth Star Chakra, which is located a few  inches below the feet. It is responsible for anchoring the 7 chakra centers in the body. It's main purpose is to anchor the soul into its incarnation. The other is the Heart Seed chakra. It is located right below the Heart Chakra and connects us to our soul purpose. 

What is the 12 chakra system?

The 12 chakra system is comprised of the following chakras: 

  1. The Gaia Gateway
  2. The Earth Star
  3. Root Chakra
  4. Sacral Chakra
  5. Solar Plexus
  6. Heart Seed
  7. Heart Chakra
  8. Throat Chakra
  9. Third Eye
  10. Crown Chakra
  11. The Soul Star
  12. The Stellar Gateway

How many chakra are there?

There is much debate around the exact number of chakras. Traditional systems say 7, Yogis say 144, Egyptian texts say there are at least 12. The Nath Yoga system has 9. 

How can I Tell which chakra is blocked?

Root: Imbalances in this chakra leads to feelings of "stuckness", an inability to let go. Issues managing finances, feeling unsafe, fear and overall instability. 

Sacral: Imbalances in this chakra can present as sexual extremes (impotence or hypersexuality) Issues with creativity at all levels, not allowing oneself to feel pleasure. 

Solar Plexus: Imbalances in this center directly relate to the will and personal power. The inability to follow through, trouble asserting oneself, not trusting yourself, confidence issues, utilizing passive aggression and manipulation tactics. Unfounded arrogance. An uncontrollable need to belittle or dominate others.  

Heart: Imbalances in the chakra presents in extremes (clingy or apathy) Issues giving and/or receiving love. Codependency, Self Sacrificing. Choosing friends and partners with these traits is common. 

Throat: Imbalances around the heart chakra directly relate to issues in the other chakras, specifically the heart and solar plexus chakras. Issues speaking your truth, advocating for yourself and others, an inability to express your emotions, self deprecation and making inappropriate compromises are all signs of an injured throat chakra.

Third Eye: Because this Chakra relates to the higher realms, issues with this chakra relate to spiritual and mental health imbalances like: irrational thinking, anxiety, delusion, issues focusing, lack of spiritual awareness, issues with the imagination and visualizing. 

Crown: Imbalances in this chakra show up as spiritual disconnect and what Carl Jung refers to as an "injured animus". Too much energy in this chakra can cause extreme delusions and bouts of anxiety. 

How does the chakra system work?

"There are seven primary chakras and hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller ones, each linked to a specific part of the human body. The chakras work as conductors of energy and each one has a unique frequency. The base chakra has the lowest frequency and the crown chakra has the highest frequency.

When all seven primary chakras are balanced (i.e. open and spinning/vibrating), energy flows freely through the body and helps us to function on the highest, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels."

What is 6th chakra?

The Third-Eye or the Ajna Chakra is considered to be the 6th chakra in the 7 chakra system.


What chakra is responsible for nervous system?

The root, throat and crown chakras are responsible for the central nervous system


What is the 9 chakra system?

  1. The Root Chakra (Muladhara) located at the base of the spine

  2. The Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana) located in the spine a little less than midway between the base of the spine and the area opposite the navel.

  3. The Solar Plexus (Manipura) located in the spine at the point opposite the navel.

  4. The Heart (Anahata) located in the spine opposite the midpoint of the sternum bone.

  5. The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) located in the spine opposite the hollow of the throat.

  6. The Talu Chakra, located at the root of the palate (opposite the tip of the nose).

  7. The Ajna chakra, located at the point between the eyebrows–the “third eye.”

  8. The Nirvana chakra, located in the midst of the brain: opposite the middle of the forehead, directly beneath the crown of the head.

  9. The Crown Chakra (Brahmarandhra) located at the crown of the head.

What does each chakra control? 


Brain: crown, 3rd

Nervous System: crown, throat

Ears: 3rd, throat

Eyes: 3rd, solar

Nose: 3rd, throat

Respiratory: throat, heart

Skin: throat, solar

Metabolism: throat, solar

Adrenals: root, solar

Lymph: solar, root

Elimination: sacral, root

Sm. Intestine: solar, root, sacral

Kidneys: root, sacral

Immune System: root, sacral



Crown: Brain, Central Nervous System, Hair, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Spine, Posture, Motor Functions, Subtle Energy Bodies

Third-Eye: Brain, ears, eyes, nose, neurological + endocrine functions

Throat: Ears, respiratory, nervous system, sinus, skin, throat, parathyroid, thyroid, tongue, tonsils, speech, body, language, metabolism

Heart: Chest, circulation, heart, lungs, shoulders, thymus, respiratory 

Solar Plexus: will, adrenals, digestive, liver, lymph, metabolism, muscles, skin, pancreas, small intestine, stomach, eye sight

Sacral: Sexual organs, gallbladder, elimination

Root: Adrenals, bladder, elimination, large intestine, immune system, kidneys, lower back, lymph nodes, lower extremities, sciatic nerve, prostate, veins, skeletal system


Got Questions? Submit them below and I'll add them to the list!


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