Clairsentient? Here's Everything You Need To Know!

Clairsentient? Here's Everything You Need To Know!

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Welcome to my Guide to Clairsentience! Here I share with you everything I wish I knew when my gifts were coming online. In this article, I’ll be going over quite a few things so feel free to skim through and come back often. 
In this article, I’ll go over
  • What does Clairsentient mean? 
  • How does Clairsentience work?
  • What is an Empath?
  • Empath vs Clairsentient.
  • Establishing A Baseline: Owning Your Energy
  • Navigating your Psychic Gifts
  • Dismissing Energy
  • Reading Energy
  • Grounding Meditation  & Breathwork
  • House Cleansing
  • Color Therapy
  • Safe Tools for Psychics
  • Herbs & Crystals 
  • DIY Recipes


 What is an Empath?

The term empath is a common term used within the spiritual community to describe a person who is sensitive to energy. While there are many people who are sensitive to energy, all of them don’t fall under the term empath.  
Empaths have the empathic ability to relate to the emotions of others at an intuitive level. They are hypersensitive to the feelings and opinions of others. We as humans also have the ability to evolve into Empaths.
As we elevate on our spiritual path, our bodies become more sensitive. This is so that we may fall into alignment with the natural vibrations of the earth and the universe itself. 
Empaths can feel the feelings of the people around them. They can sense emotions like we smell cookies, it’s that clear. If there was an argument in the room before they got there, they could sense the tension. If a friend is feeling unwell, they can also feel unwell.  
Because of their heightened feeling abilities they usually have high levels of compassion. This increase puts them at an even higher risk for compassion burnout/fatigue. It is imperative for Empaths to develop and maintain strong boundaries. Self-care routines help to keep their heart centers open and balanced.

What does Clairsentient mean?

Clairsentience is the ability to sense things beyond “normal” perception.
We are psychic sponges, absorbing the energies of our environment, good and bad. I often describe it as being an empath on steroids. There are a few key components that distinguish an empath from a Clairsentient. 
The "Clair" in clairsentient implies a heightened level of psychic awareness. These individuals feel the emotions of others like the empath but the WAY they feel is a bit more complex.

How does Clairsentience Work?

Being clairsentient means feeling the feelings of others. It is important to be able to separate your feelings from those in your environment. One of the most brilliant and slightly annoying ways your gift does this is by a physical sensation.
The location of this sensation will give you an idea of what’s going on in your environment. It will also let you know that the emotions in that environment aren't yours. 
The human body is comprised of energy centers known as  “chakras”. There are 7 main chakras that run from the crown of the head, down the spinal column. Each chakra handles an organ system within the body as well as specific emotions. 
A clairsentient person will not only be able to sense the emotions of a person, but they can also tell the what’s and why’s surrounding the emotion. This happens by direct “download” or by feeling the blockage within the associated chakra. 
Clairsentients also absorb and embody the energies around them. They need to be self-aware and diligent to ensure the separation of their thoughts from those in their environment.
A clairsentient person doesn’t function well in unfair and toxic environments. These negative energies can make them physically ill. They may begin to be influenced by the energies around them, causing them to act in ways that are unnatural to them. 
Like the Empath, it is imperative that the Clairsentient individual maintains strong boundaries. Their self-care routine should include daily psychic cleansing. They should also use crystals and other preventative measures.  
Clairsentients also have the ability to sense the energies of others anywhere in the world without needing to see or talk to that person. This can seem like an amazing gift, but there’s a downside. 
Once again, being clairsentient means that you embody the energies of the people and environments you frequent. Tapping into the energies of others untrained can not only be painful but dangerous. 

Personal Experience Rant Coming in 3..2...

In the early stages of understanding my gifts, I tapped into the energy of a family member who suffered from extreme levels of anxiety.
The moment I tapped into his energy I could sense what was bothering him, and my own energy began to feel “off”. My behavior and mental space became erratic and I couldn't find rest in my mind. 
I immediately saged myself, my space, and everything I could think of but I couldn’t shake the energy. It took me 3 days of cleansing to feel like myself again! 

 Here’s what I learned from that experience:


Mind Your Business: Only tap into people’s energies with their consent or at the prompting of your higher power.   
Stay strapped: Always carry some sort of spiritual/ Psychic protection, especially when channeling energies.

Be Considerate: Most of the time people are fighting battles we have no idea about. A smiling face doesn't always equal a happy person.

Channeling is Real: People's spirit guides will send messages to their charges through you and that shit can save lives as well as initiate them on their path into spirituality.

Owning your Energy: Establishing A Baseline

In order to truly enjoy being clairsentient and see it as a  gift, you’re going to have to spend plenty of time alone getting to know yourself. Knowing who you are and what you stand for is key to navigating life in general because not knowing puts you at risk of being swayed and manipulated at the whims of others.
A big part of having this gift is reading energy so it’s important that you establish what I'd like to call a baseline.
Essentially this means how you feel when you’re at peace, alone, and anchored in your body.  It’s also about being incredibly honest about what your insecurities are. Remember, when you are in the world, you’re constantly sensing the energies of others. You will need to teach yourself how to reject the thoughtforms of other people and your environment if they aren’t positive.
Because these thought-forms are being filtered through our bodies, they can feel  alot like our own thoughts and feelings. This is where having an established baseline becomes invaluable. 
Feel free to establish your baseline however you’d like  but  I prefer to establish baselines in the form of affirmation for 3 reasons
1. They are quick and easy to remember
2. Repeating them gradually reprograms your brain to think more positively
3. They can act as an emotional barometer during times of stress
    My baseline affirmations are:
    I am capable and competent.
    I believe in myself and my abilities.
    I am worthy and deserving of pleasure.
    I am a goddess.
    I am in love with myself and my body.
    My mind and heart are clear.
    I am bold, brave, and exceptional.

      This is how I feel when I am at my baseline.  I can wholeheartedly embody this energy when I'm alone and anywhere I go because this is Who I am.  So I know that when I begin to have thoughts or feelings contrary to this baseline, I need to investigate via self-check.

      The basis of this self-check is to determine very quickly the energy of self vs the environment. It is crucial to be honest and objective with these checks.  As a clairsentient being you can sense energy but you don’t have to accept it. 
      For instance, when doing a really big project or stretching myself in new ways, I may be struggling emotionally.  I know that when I'm stressed I have a tendency to shut down my emotions and rely on my logical capabilities to move me forward. 
      That disconnect sends an alert in the form of mental angst that autopilots me into my baseline affirmations. 
      As I go down the list, the ones that trigger me help to identify exactly where I'm struggling.
      Through this process, I ground back into my body by fully acknowledging my emotions, gently reassuring myself, and releasing the energy in its chosen form.  
      If you are doing shadow work you need to be able to objectively assess if this is old energy coming up to be looked at. If you’re early on or not sure, look for the trigger. This should let you know if it’s shadow-related. 

      Dismissing Energy 

      Look at what’s being thought or felt, refer to your baseline, reaffirm what you know to be true about yourself and dismiss the thought. Please note that if you continue to stay in the environment with intrusive thoughts or feelings, they will resurface.
      This is where you place the psychic boundary via awareness, this should allow you to see the thought-form as an individual or outside of your personal energy field, like a pesky fly. While you’ve established a psychic boundary, continue to remain vigilant, reestablishing the baseline when needed.  
      Obviously, the best solution is to remove yourself from the environment but if it’s a home or work situation, it may not be the easiest to do. 
      In these instances, refer to the cleansing and shielding tips for assistance and best practices.

      Navigating and Using your Gift

      As you continue on this path you will develop a deep knowledge of who to help and how. These people may or may not be open to the supernatural but are usually actively moving down a path of healing themselves.  The healing that you offer others is a direct reflection of the healing that you have done within yourself.
      This person will often feel like a younger version of yourself.  As an ode to a childhood favorite, I refer to them endearingly as "Charges". If you’ve watched the original Charmed, you’ll catch the reference.
      Don’t be discouraged by the ages of your Charges,  all acquire knowledge at the moment we become receptive to it.  As an old soul, I have often been paired with charges who are considerably older than I am now. As long as the wisdom is there the soul will recognize and accept it.  

      Don't Assume

      It’s easy to assume that you know exactly how to help the person you’ve been assigned to but the truth is, that’s rarely the case. This process is as much about helping the person as it is about developing your relationship with The Universe. 
      We must understand that a higher perspective is being channeled through us and that what we can see with our eyes isn’t all there is.  Having spiritual sight allows for you to “ see”  the lessons of other people but only Source knows which of those lessons you’re meant to help with. This is where you get quiet and tap in to receive direction.  Direction can be given in many ways, so it’s important to remain vigilant.  

      Reading Energy

      Understanding the energy is as simple as holding your hand over the area and asking “what is this energy” the more complicated part is learning to trust the impressions that come to mind when you do.
      A quick surge of energy at the solar plexus will ask you to place a hand over your kidney, ask the question and lean into your senses to hear the answer.  The energy will identify itself with a barrage of words or phrases in a crowded space or a single word amongst a friend.  Trust yourself and your knowledge.

      Spiritual Knowing  

      With all psychic gifts comes a knowing. A familiar feeling that reveals itself over time. It is an internal confirmation that makes a person sit up and take notice.  It is quiet, consistent, and firm.  This knowing is different from the knowing associated with being claircognizant but its presence is felt there too.
      Claircognizance is a coming “ into”  knowledge of previously unknown information, like knowing a friend is pregnant before her missed cycle or knowing a building will collapse months before it does. This knowing comes with good and bad, whether you want it to or not.
      Whereas "The Knowing" I speak of here, is the knowledge that lends itself to us across all psychic knowings,  it is our intuition, guide, and sacred teacher. The one that guides us through our childhood. 

       It returns to us like a familiar friend to strengthen us for what is to come. It is what prepares us for when we begin to see what’s beyond human awareness. This feeling shows up as a whispered warning that we acknowledge in feeling but readily deny.
      At this point, we receive the repercussions of ignoring that warning and its voice. We become crystal clear in our minds as we recall its subtle alert to danger. If we are smart, our first experience with this “something told me to/not to..” energy will teach us to trust it with all that we are because our lives may depend on it.

        This knowing for me feels like attraction. It is a desire to be near a person that you aren’t physically or sexually attracted to and yet, a desire for closeness remains.
      In my experience, this means that there is either something to be taught, given or both. Don’t assume that you know what to do, allow things to play out as intended.  

      Grounding, Meditation & Breathwork

      Grounding is a practice that involves moving energy down from the higher senses and into the earth. Through this practice we learn to come out of the mind and into the body. 
      Meditation is a tool used to increase self awareness through mindfulness. A Meditation practice utilizes mantra, sounds,  visualizations and deep breathing to achieve a state of peace.  
      Breathwork is the practice of using the power of your breath to calm and clear energies within the body.

      House Cleansing

      When you’re sensitive to energies, it's important to cleanse the vibe in your home regularly.  It’s important to note that energy doesn’t die, it can only be transformed.
      Using tools to “cleanse” the energy essentially neutralizes the energy and still requires that you set the vibe of the energy in your home. This can be done in combination with your cleansing rituals like using a cleansing floor wash with a money drawing room spray as a finisher. 
      Below I've listed a few tools that I use to cleanse my home, car, and workspace. 
      Feel free to mix and match as your intuition guides as the plants or tools may desire to offer you some of it’s other healing benefits. 

      Sea Salt

      This is a jack of all trades cleanser as it absorbs negative energy, represents the water element and earth elements. Mixing with cinnamon adds a quick hit of power, protection, strength and money drawing energy. Use with garlic and rosemary to banish negative influences
      • Toss salt in the corners of your room to clear the energy (especially if you live with others) 
      • Put a pinch amount in water 
      • Rub in your hand to cleanse your hands if you’ve been touching things in public
      • Add to baths to clear your energy at the end of the day
      • Put salt border at doors to prevent negative energies from entering
      • Sprinkle throughout a new home, let sit for 2-3 days to allow (-) energies to be absorbed and vacuum up. Follow with salt in corners (cleanse and refresh at intuitive pull) 


      A crowd favorite when it comes to getting rid of funky-ass vibes. Use responsibly and buy from reputable vendors as there is a lot of controversy around this sacred herb. It is used in many rituals by earth’s native tribe and is being over cultivated due to its growing popularity in the mainstream. 

      • It has a strong, marijuana-like smell that lingers when burned so keep that in mind.
      • Before burning, set your intentions and ask the plant to help with your cleaning objective. If you have a higher power that you pray to, ask for their assistance as well. 
      • Be sure to burn in well-ventilated areas and open windows/ doors to allow space for negative energy to be cleared.
      • *Avoid Sage bundles mixed with bay leaves as it has mild psychoactive properties. 
      • Sage new home, divination tools, etc.
      • Use tea for wisdom, and self-healing. 


      Is used for a number of different tasks including its cleaning, purification, and  to repel negative energies. Its ability to promote new beginnings and clean breaks makes it a dual-purpose tool for removing and adding desired energies. Add a bay leaf to boost the properties of pine.
      • Pine oil cleaner or natural equivalent for general house cleaning and laundry 
      • Pine Cone piece w/ water in a spray bottle as car or room spray 
      • Essential oil in a diffuser for positive vibes 
      • Pine Cone in Home Office for business blessing 
      Because exposing yourself to the right kinds of energy is important,  make a conscious effort to drive your own ship. Do this by intentionally infusing the energies you want to experience into your everyday life.
      You can also use tools like numerology and astrology to ensure that you are aware and attuned to the vibrations being presented by the universe. 

      Mundane things like doing laundry become more magickal and focused when you learn to not only neutralize old energies but make your clothes a protective barrier from negative energies by infusing the right herbs into the process. 

      Safe Tools

       By now you’ve heard me mention the word “ energy” a thousand times but being familiar with it is how we Clairsentients move from surviving to thriving in the world. EVERYTHING  has and carries energy and the tools you use at home are just as important as the ones you use in the outside world. If you live alone, you won’t have to worry so much but if you have roommates or company often, these tips are for you!
      Say it with me: Glass is your friend! 
      It's natural and doesn’t hold energy like everything else. 
      I’m talking about glass pots, teacups, plates, storage ware,  etc.  Barricade your home with it if you have to!  (kidding)
      Its heat safe, and easy to clean. Toss a lemon into the was and the energy is nice and cleansed. 
      Ceramics, Clay & Stoneware are porous and can hold onto energy as well as bacteria. When utilizing these tools, it's best to have a designated use and a single user. 
       Metal can hold energy forever. Imagine that while you’re leaning against that shower railing in your apartment!
      Copper is an amazing energy conductor! It provides healing and grounding energies when utilized properly. Copper cookware is both gorgeous and high maintenance. Using copper can quickly become too much of a good thing as you are infusing the mineral into everything you cook.
      Copper overdose is a real thing so be sure to diversify your cooking tools to make sure you stay safe. Copper allows for the mental and physical body to come into alignment. Because of its grounding energy, it’s perfect for healing work during times of stress. 
      Plastic is a general no-go as it isn’t good for the environment and should only be used in the direst of situations. It holds on to energy like a toxic ex so opt for a more sustainable product.
      Cast Iron lends protective energy and traces amounts of iron to the body. Associated with the planet Mars, use iron when you need an extra dose of energy and resilience. Be mindful that Mars is also associated with warrior and aggressive energy so utilizing this tool during tense times may increase this energy. 
      Wood utensils are great for cooking but don’t do well in water. They hold onto flavors so be sure to use natural, non-toxic solutions to clean and sanitize them. They have the grounding energy of the trees they were made with, so every so often bury them in your garden to re-energize them.

      Herbs + Crystals

      Here's a list of my favorite herbal and crystal allies.
      Black Kyanite- This is by far my favorite crystal. Black kyanite has the ability to clear and align all the chakras. If you’re sensitive to energy this chakra can be a little intense as it’s detoxing and pulling clutter from all the chakras at once. This crystal is good for energy cleansing, grounding, and healing work. 
      Black Tourmaline- This is another protective crystal. I recommend it to anyone who is sensitive to energy wearing this crystal is like putting a bubble over your body. It wraps the body in a protective bubble, keeping your energy in and other people’s energy out. Use this crystal for its grounding and protective properties. 
      Blue Kyanite is the stone of communication and aligns the higher and lower chakras. It’s a high vibrational crystal that helps facilitate healthy communication. Use this crystal when you need to find your inner truth and make the power of your voice known. 
      Black Obsidian is a fiery crystal and is best used for shadow work. If you have a quick temper, this crystal is NOT for you as it will agitate those qualities. It imbues you with the strength to face your shadow and find healing. When working with this crystal pay careful attention to dreams and keep a journal. 
      Sugilite is connected to the higher realms. It's a powerful ally when you are feeling overwhelmed. This crystal absorbs fearful energy while giving you the support you need to navigate your emotionsy.  
      Onyx is a  fire stone with grounding properties. Use this stone when you need to strengthen your willpower and complete a task. It is especially helpful for those who are prone to procrastination. 
      Iolite is a great mentality shifting crystal. It stimulates the throat and mental chakras to help you find peace through the solving of problems. This crystal works well for those who need to shift perspectives, especially around money and budgeting. 
      Selenite is a cleansing, high vibrational stone. It has powerful stimulating properties with the crown chakra. It has the ability to trigger an awakening. I recommend this to all crystal newbies because it invigorates the chakras. Its high vibration awakens you to the liveliness of crystals themselves. I do warn that because it stimulates the crown chakra, you can get very lightheaded when first using it. Bond with this crystal gradually and always ground after using it. This crystal can be used to clear the chakras and charge other crystals.  Keep it away from water. 
      Labradorite is a celestial stone used for psychic and dream work. This crystal helps to you understand the symbolism your subconscious uses to communicate. This knowledge will then help to advance your psychic gifts and divination practices.  

      Herbs and Their Metaphysical Properties

      Cinnamon: cleansing, and power-boosting
      Marigold: dispels negative thoughts and energy
      Lemongrass: Psychic clearing and opening
      Cayenne: banishing and accelerating energy
      Clove: cleansing, money drawing, fire energy
      Ginger: clearing, healing, money-drawing, accelerator
      Sea Salt: cleansing, grounding, purifying
      Dandelion Root: detoxing, cleansing
      Mugwort: psychic opener, divination aid, cleansing
      Sandalwood: cleanses and raises the vibration of a room
      Blueberries: clearing and vibration raising properties
      Bitters: cleansing and detoxing body and mind of negativity. stimulation solar plexus and digestion.

        D-I-Y RECIPES

        Here are a few quick and easy recipes that I use everyday.
         All-Purpose Energy Cleansing Spray
        • Water 
        • Lemon (juice or peel) 
        • Salt
        Add all the ingredients to a spray bottle and shake until the salt has completely dissolved. 
        Use this to quickly cleanse the energy of any space, especially high traffic areas. You can also use this to clear your energy and secondhand clothing. 
        Clear Vibes Drink 
        • 1 Tbsp Organic Chlorella 
        • 1-2 Tbsp Raw Honey
        • 1-3  Organic Lemon Slices
        • 16 oz.Water
        Add all ingredients to a glass jar. Shake until honey is completely blended into the solution. Drink over the course of the day. 
        This is my go-to drink to keep my energy clear all day.
        Lemon clears energy and blockages.
        Chlorella's rich green hue and detoxing properties help clear your energy while providing trace nutrients.
        Honey is a sweetener and provides the body with cleansing energies and the power of bee energy. 



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