Declutter Your Mind With Affirmations

Declutter Your Mind With Affirmations

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 Mantras & Affirmations

When we think about changing our lives, it can sound like a lofty task. As we learn to harness the power of mantras and affirmations, we begin to see that small shifts have the ability to change our reality. By adopting a mantra, we start to connect with the energies of creation itself. Its sounds and frequencies activate universal power while repetition strengthens our discipline.  Affirmations help us declutter our minds and empower positive transformation.

Our minds are our most powerful asset. When working optimally, we are calm, balanced, and empowered. When it isn’t, we are anxious, egocentric, and destabilized. To truly experience personal transformation, we must first be willing to change our minds.

When you are feeling stuck in your life, something needs to change. You. If you are willing to consider it, your thought process has brought you this far in your life. Every thought and decision you’ve made thus far has created the life you are living right now.


☆ Activate Self-Awareness

Affirmations teach us how to be ourselves. Utilizing affirmations brings self-awareness to the forefront by triggering our negative thought processes. For instance, if you speak the affirmation “I am smart, bold, and confident.” pay attention to the thoughts that follow. Do they confirm or deny it? In truth, you are perfectly capable of being those things, even if they feel out of reach now. Through the process of repetition, we teach our minds to accept positive programming so that we can be the people we want to be. When our minds begin to accept our desired reality, we begin to see our lives change. 

☆ It’s Your Choice

Affirmations allow us to choose. Most of us live on autopilot, acting and reacting to whatever stimuli we encounter without giving it much thought. Most of the programming we have installed into our brains comes from past experiences, and if those experiences weren’t positive, we can develop problematic thinking patterns. It isn’t always easy to identify unhelpful thoughts, but by affirming what we want, we validate our truth and quickly identify what’s standing in our way. 
One of the most effective ways to empower self-awareness and transformation is by completing a process called 30 days of positivity. For 30 days, you actively work to change your mind. There are rules, of course, and it won’t always feel easy, but it will be worth it. I promise.

☆ The Power of A Positive Mind

The purpose of spending 30 days rewiring your brain is power. Battling negative thought patterns every day is exhausting. It leads to low morale and even less progress. Think of this process as spring cleaning for the mind. Changing our lives requires time, discipline, clarity, determination, and most of all, energy. You don’t have that with a foggy, anxious mind.

Every day feels like an uphill battle because it is. Consider how you approach a task that you know that you can do. It’s easy, right? You feel confident, maybe even a little bored by it. Now consider how you approach a task you aren’t sure you can or haven’t done before. Feeling hesitant is natural, but do you see this as an opportunity to grow, or have you convinced yourself not to try?

When we take the time to declutter our minds, there’s more room for the good stuff. When we reframe a thought, we say, I’d rather think this. Soon the brain will work to find more thoughts to support the ones you choose and look to create actions to support them. This isn’t magic by any means, but it is the basis of all manifestations. What you think you can create and having a positive feedback loop makes it easy to conquer any obstacles that come your way.  

 ☆ 30 Days of Positivity: The Rules

For the next 30 days, you will challenge and reframe every negative thought that shows up in your mind and environment. Refuse to think of anything counterproductive to your desired reality. Change every negative thought into a positive, self-affirming statement. If its something negative about someone else, remind yourself that they have the right to make decisions for their lives, and so do you. 


Rule number 1: Keep it Together.
When you are feeling emotionally challenged, get quiet and ask the emotion, “What would you like me to know?” Sincerely tune in to get the response. Challenge any doubt that says the answer isn’t there. After you get the answer, calmly reassure yourself as if you are interacting with a small child. 


Rule number 2: If you don’t, start over. 
The first time I did this challenge, I had to start over three times! By the third iteration of this challenge, I became more determined and focused. I got to day 11 when I hit a snag that threatened to send me into a 4th restart, but I refused. There was no way that I would let all the hard work I’d put in go to waste. I’m happy to say that I didn’t have to start the 4th round.


Rule number 3: Maintain your integrity. 
If you mess up, it's not the end of the world. Start over. The best thing you can give yourself is the truth; it transforms. This process will ask a lot from you, and you are capable of making that sacrifice. 

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