Earth Star Chakra, Everything You Need To Know.

Earth Star Chakra, Everything You Need To Know.

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Earth Star Chakra Color


Location: Under the feet

State of consciousness: Material, Physical

Mind | Body | Soul Connection: The Shadow

Physiology: Physical body, electrical and meridian systems, sciatic nerve and sensory organs

Earth Star Chakra Crystals: Judy's Jasper, Flint+*, Graphic Smoky Quartz, Hematite,* Serpentine, +* Smoky Quartz Elestial, Black Kyanite+*

Flower Association: The Lotus


Earth Star chakra crystals and location


Earth Star Chakra - The Anchor

The earthstar is located roughly 12 inches below the feet in the etheric body.
While the root chakra grounds the entire chakra system within the body, the earth star grounds the system, the soul, and the physical body. This chakra allows your soul to anchor itself in your current incarnation. Connecting to this chakra is especially helpful for starseeds who are plagued with feelings homesickness. It's also helpful for those that struggle to integrate concepts and phenomena from the crown and third eye chakras. 

Disconnection from the earth star may feel like

  • a tendency to dissociate
  • feeling like you're not in your body
  •  feeling like you're in and out of time or reality, especially during supernatural/ spiritual events. 

 Connecting to The Earth Star Chakra allows you to connect with the Earth’s core energy source, its electromagnetic fields and energetic meridians. This chakra helps you to bring things into concrete form, grounding and earthing new frequencies and actualizing plans and dreams into physical manifestation. It is a place of safety and regeneration.

If it is not activated, you will have only a toehold in incarnation and may feel physically and psychologically ungrounded. With it functioning well, you have a stable, calm and strong center into which to assimilate the Power of Sekhem – the sexual and spiritual life-force.

 Because this chakra is act's as an anchor system, it's crucial that you ground into and activate this chakra before performing any opening rituals for the higher chakras. Failure to do this could lead to bouts of psychosis and extreme paranoia. Trust me, it's not fun.

What is the earth star


Connecting with the Earth Star Chakra 


To connect with your EarthStar Chakra try this meditation/visualization exercise:


1.Stand or sit with your feet slightly apart, well balanced on your knees and hips. Feet flat on the floor.

2.Place a grounding stone between your feet.

3.Picture the Earth Star chakra about a foot beneath your feet opening like the petals of a water lily.

4. Place your hands over your belly, fingers touching, just below your navel.

5.Spread your fingers so that the whole belly is covered.

6. Feel roots growing from your fingers and spreading out to your hips. At your hips, the roots twine together and make their way down your thighs.

Core of Earth


7. Pause at your knees and intuitively check out how the energy feels. If the area is ‘dead’ and lifeless, or if the energy is whirling rapidly, place Flint on your knees until the energy stabilizes.

8.Continue picturing the roots passing through your knees, down your calves, into your ankles, and into the soles of your feet.

9.Feel the two roots growing from the soles of your feet to meet in the grounding crystal.

10. Here they twist together to form one root.

The root then passes into the Earth Star, going deep into the earth. It passes through the crust, past the mantle, down past the solid crust, and deep into the molten magma.

11. When the entwined root has passed through the magma, it reaches the big iron crystal ball at the center of the planet. The root hooks itself around this ball, holding you firmly in incarnation and helping you to be grounded and anchored.



Earth star frequency



4 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection to Your Earth Star Chakra


1. FREQUENCY: The earth star frequency is 68.05 HZ – listening to this frequency during mediation or having it play as you go about your day will help deepen your connection to earth, and assist in releasing anxiety.


2. FOOT MASSAGE (REFLEXOLOGY): Giving yourself a regular foot massage or having reflexology sessions help to clear blockages and ground deeply grounding to mother earth.


3. MOUNTAIN POSE (YOGA) - Stand with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Lift from the crown of your head as you ground through your feet; firm your thighs, spread your toes, press shoulder blades back. Close your eyes. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minutes.


4. A DAILY EARTH CHAKRA EXERCISE - Connect with the earth star before you start your day. As you go through your day, visualize any negative thoughts, feelings and energy slide down the cord into the magma.

You can visualize your hand holding the thought and dropping it into the magma.

You can also envision any negative energy being magnetized by the magma and quickly pulling negativity out of your body and through the chakras as a rapid streak of white light. If you desire to challenge yourself,  you can train your mind to automatically draw up positive energy from the center of the earth to fill that space.  Try using yellow or emerald light to allow the mind a contrast in colors.

*An alternative to and a practical way to bring awareness to your thoughts:

When you feel yourself being negative, simply double-tap the tip of your nose or chin. Then consciously move the energy down into the magma. 

This sends a message to the subconscious that you are ready to connect, and begin the process of becoming an observer in your actions instead of being reactionary.

This grants enough space between conscious actions and reaction to allow you to have more control in your life.

* Pay attention to how you feel about tapping in front of others. If the feeling is resistant and negative, this is showing wounding in the lower chakras. Dive deep.



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