The 5/1 Manifestor with Emotional Authority

The 5/1 Manifestor with Emotional Authority

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    5/1 Profile: The Challenge Solver

    The 5/1 profile is made up of two distinct lines: the 5th line, known as the "Heretic," and the 1st line, aka the "Investigator." The 5th line is the part of you that delivers practical, universal truth, and it's often viewed by others as the villain or the savior; it's all about leadership and guiding others with practical wisdom. The 1st line is the part of you who is always seeking knowledge and understanding.

    When these two lines are combined in the 5/1 profile, it creates a person who is both disruptive and effective. We see the world differently, and through a bit of trial and error, we learn how to turn our ideas into action.  Although we’d much rather be somewhere filling our minds with new ideas, our unique insights often land us on the pioneering edge of change. 


    The Emotional Manifestor


    As Manifestors we initiate, we get things started and our strategy is to inform. We have a creative lifeforce connected to divine inspiration. A signal to that flow means it's time to get to work. We are highly influential but others often misunderstand our instinct to initiate as arrogance. At some point, you’ve probably been told that you were blunt, stuck-up, or unapproachable. You’re not. A defined solar plexus gives a Manifestor their emotional authority. Clear feeling is calm, direct, and assertive whereas cloudy emotions feel like being in a room where everyone is talking at once. Try your best to make as many of your decisions from your clear space as possible. Phrases like “Let me think about it and I’ll circle back” are allies on your path to emotional clarity. 


    What's Your Wave?

    In Human Design, there are three emotional waves that people with a defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center may experience.

    Wave Type Theme Characteristics
    Tribal Wave Need Slow build-up of emotional energy, followed by a sudden release
    Individual Wave Passion Sudden and unpredictable emotional changes
    Collective Wave Desire Slow build-up of emotional energy, followed by a gradual decline

    Abstract Collective | Channels 31-41 or 36-35

    This wave is rooted in creating new experiences and is triggered by expectation. The more expectations that you place around your desired experiences, the more emotionally imbalanced you’ll feel. Things are usually more intricate than you think they’ll be. If you accept the journey you’re on you’ll gain SO much wisdom along the way. 


    Tribal Wave | Channels 37-40 or 49-19

    This wave works a lot like a pressure cooker and is triggered by your personal relationships. When you leave minor inconveniences unchecked this can create a build-up of unexpressed emotions that ultimately erupt all over your interpersonal relationships. Don’t let emotions fester. 


    The Individual Wave | Channels 55-39 or 22-12

    This wave gives mellow moody vibes with high highs and low lows. Be gentle with yourself during these times and do your best to communicate your needs to the people around you.  

     It is important to note that not everyone with a defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center will experience all three waves. Some people may only experience one or two waves, while others may experience a combination of all three. The type of emotional wave that a person experiences will depend on their individual chart and design. 


    Bridging The Gap 

    When it comes to feeling cognition and emotional authority, sometimes there's no other choice but to jump into an experience and feel your way through it. It's only when you do that that you realize whether an experience is right for you or not. You don't always have the luxury of waiting for a full emotional cycle to come and go before you make a decision. This is where your logic and past experiences will become a guide to you to help you determine whether or not you feel confident partaking in an experience or not. If you have an experiential wave, your experiences are exactly the clarity that you need in order to help you discern whether something is for you or not. There is usually a strong emotional “yes” or a strong emotional “no” when it comes to being faced with a situation that is relative to a past experience.


    As a 5/1, you’re naturally curious and that will lead you to a variety of new experiences. Use those experiences to create a mind map of your emotions. The mental energy of the 5/1 and our emotional authority require that we create a bridge between our head and our heart. This will mean time spent doing research internally and its time well spent. While others will suggest that you don’t try to identify the “why “and “what’s“ around our emotional waves, I find that it’s easier to relax into them when I can pinpoint the trigger. For example, when I’m feeling anger build, I know that there is an injustice or something is attempting to limit me. Knowing that helps me ask myself some very targeted questions and as a result, I can release a significant portion of that anger and allow the rest to flow through me.


    Final Wisdoms For The 5/1 Manifestor

    • The Fear of disappointing others usually stems from the fear of giving inaccurate information. This is not an invitation to doubt your skills or knowledge. 
    • You are not responsible for the height of the expectations others have placed upon you. Nor are you responsible for meeting their emotional needs. Learn to offer your solutions from a compassionately neutral place and move on. - you’ve done your work. 
    • You need to feel a spark or connection to the work you do or else you’ll burnout from having to overuse your will. 
    • Too much responsibility can trigger bitterness or resentment. Don't follow the societal pressures that encourage commitment to things that don't interest you. 
    • If you’re unsure about a commitment take time to weigh it out. Use your research skills and ask questions. 
    • Recognize yourself as an authority before asking or expecting others to see you this way. 
    • Boundaries and discernment are tools of the trade. Everyone who knows what you’re capable of won’t always have your best interest at heart. Clear boundaries help you and others engage respectfully.
    • When you have worked yourself into a mental conundrum, give up. Don’t keep spiraling, you’ve distorted your senses too much. Walk away, and focus on something else. The clarity will come after the dust settles.
    • Knowing the solution to someone’s problem doesn’t always mean that it’s up to you to solve it. We all go through cycles of problematic behavior/mindsets, in those cycles we are blind to the wisdom or well-intentions of others. It’s not until WE are ready to end those cycles do we energetically open up for the solution to be brought in. Despite what your ego thinks, it’s not something we can force. 


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