The Mystic: The Enigmatic Feminine Archetype

The Mystic: The Enigmatic Feminine Archetype

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Primary Focus:

Spiritual connection and finding meaning

Energy Signature:

Intuitive Visionary


Guide, Healer, Spiritual Teacher

her path. 

Warm and insightful, the mystic woman is curious at heart. She moves through life with the guide of questioning as her compass. Her deepest desire is to understand..


herself, her life, and the world around her. 


Often coined as the wanderer, the mystic woman doesn’t usually start off researching the mysteries of the occult. She stumbles through her first stages of life with a shy curiosity that is later answered and amplified through a seductive dance initiated by the universe. 


Her introversion is a gift turned superpower.  Her quiet nature covertly develops traits of keen observation, objectivity, and a deep desire to know what sits beyond the surface of every moment. Most importantly, her silence puts her in touch with herself. 


What a whirlwind it is to get to know your innermost self in a way that bleeds into indulgence.


But while this relationship with herself is the most important one she will ever have, her research must extend beyond the self.  


Her quest will take her into and around tragedies of the human experience and allow her to come face-to-face with the realities of her own existence. 


Behind every corner lies a person and in every person lies a mirror. Within the mirror, we find an invitation to meet ourselves and each other deeper than we ever knew possible. 


There is no greater revelation than when you realize that there’s more than what meets the eye. Once you know this, nothing can ever be the same. 

And so she hunts.


For her truth, your truth, and depending on her upbringing, everything else in between.


You must know by now that truth doesn’t exist in comfortable places.


She must rebel.


She must be willing to risk it all to find it.


To find her


Her journey into self is her introduction to the underworld and the keys she must use to unlock the doors of the subconscious mind. 


her temperament. 

On the surface, she is calm and reassuring but inside, you can find emotions as cyclical and adjusting as the moon.  She is inwardly facing and exists in the outer world, mostly as a courtesy. She is highly self-aware with a preference for deep conversations. While not particularly materialistic, she still places high value on things reflective of the natural world. Soft fabrics, rich environments, adornments, and books are perfect ways to honor her presence in your life. Her warm, magnetic aura is alluring to the human spirit and causes her to be the one others seek out when they’re looking for answers. 


her work. 

  • To know herself.
  • To know the unknowable.
  • To coexist with uncertainty and remain in her power.
  • To be a divine translator.
  • To guide, advocate, and carry you through the life-death cycle.
  • To shed light on the human soul.
  • To lead you back home to yourself.
  • To return you to your experience.
  • To play with the universe.


her ultimate form.

As the mystic woman graduates from her maiden form, she must carry the mantle of the divine teacher to fulfill her duty to the community of earth. She will serve as a guide and mentor to others, as she is initiated into the role of the high priestess.


her shadow.

Much like the goddess Persephone, the mystic must balance her time spent in the known and the unknown worlds. She runs the risk of isolating herself more than needed to maintain a healthy balance within herself.  Being a gentle soul, she can feel lost in rooms that are filled with the egoic personalities of others. She needs to get to know her power by using her voice and learn to relish in her ability to be bold and brash.  She is also susceptible to reality warping and needs to learn to not only recognize the differences between fantasy and reality but also commit to strict grounding regimens to maintain the delicate balance. The mystic, like all other beings, is capable of falling into the traps of her ego and must remember that she was once naive and that for all she knows, there is still more to know. Her gifts are for the benefit of herself and humanity, not to lord over or manipulate others.


her “take over the world” team.

Although introverted, the mystic is her best when she is aligned with like-minded souls and beings who help anchor her in the physical realm. 

The sage is a welcome friend to the mystic woman as she helps her to see truth and logic through challenging her worldview. 

The lover aka the sensual sensei is a hedonistic grounding force that reminds the mystic to slow down and play with life. 

The embodiment of power, The queen is the helpful ally to the mystic as she learns to wield the mantle of her own strength with confidence and diplomacy.



Her desire to see beyond the veil doesn’t stop in the bedroom. Her innate curiosity and connection to the higher realms make her a sexual conduit of life force energy. If she wishes, she could call forth an orgasm from her partner's body using only her words. She is the perfect person to practice methods of spiritual sexuality like tantra, kundalini, and sex magick. The sex itself is led by her intuitive faculties and if adequately partnered, leads them into celestial moments of connectivity and out-of-body experiences. Her sexuality may be as fluid as her mindset as she learns to embody the principles of sacred sensuality. 


your inner mystic.

The mystic archetype exists within the  psyche of all women. Her presence needs only to be invited into your experience for her to show up. She is the representative of the subconscious mind and her invocation comes through participating in intuitive practices like meditation, shadow work, yoga, dream work, and journaling. Anything you can do to intentionally slow down and connect with yourself is ideal. Ask her to make herself known in your life, and be sincere and welcoming when she comes. The psycho-spiritual realm requires your willingness to participate in the full experience, don’t shy away from what you learn there. 

So, there you have it, the Mystic - a walking paradox of intuition and intellect, solitude and connection. If you're still yearning for more, don't worry, your inner oracle won't be left hanging. Dive into the next chapter of our feminine archetype journey, where we'll unveil the secrets of the Lover Archetype. Just remember, with archetypes, the real magic often lies not in finding your perfect match, but in embracing the beautiful, messy spectrum you embody.

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