Your Pleasure is Sacred. Own it. — Sacred Sensuality Series Part 1

Your Pleasure is Sacred. Own it. — Sacred Sensuality Series Part 1

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Sacred Sensuality is a dance between the realms of pleasure and reality. It is the moment we feel tapped in, turned on, and ready to experience life. 

With its intoxicating allure, we are able to conjure magick from the mundane. A shower is no longer just a means to stay fresh. It becomes a dance party, a studio session, the opportunity to get up close and personal with every inch of our flesh. Water dripping, soaped up, running our hands along the curves of our form. Squeezing our asses, tracing the delicate lines of our sacred center. Appreciating and understanding the brilliance of all that we are. 

Of course, not every moment will be perfect or sexy or warrant a sensual moment. But throughout this series, it is my utmost desire to lure you into my hedonistic mind. To convince you that pleasure is your birthright, and being a little self-involved, self-indulged, selfish, or whatever they’ll say, is what makes life worth living. 

Fair warning, this series may get a little… salacious as I tap into my own unfiltered creative forces to bring it to you. 

Let’s begin.  


The feminine awakening is like spiritual foreplay..

We’ve been taught to view sensuality as a means to sex. But what if it’s the key to unlocking something more profound?  A path to deeper self-knowledge, a flirtatious dance with the universe, the activation code to our primal creative force? Once we move beyond the surface, we fall into the decadent depths of what it means to truly inhabit our body, our spirit, and our boundless capacity for pleasure.

Before we slap on our snorkels and dive deep, let's debunk some limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

"Sensuality is selfish."

Yes and No. You’re allowed to be selfish. To take time for yourself and prioritize your pleasure without guilt. Sensuality is the most potent form of self-connection. When you tap into pleasure, you're not just indulging – you're fueling your intuition, your creativity, and your ability to show up powerfully from the inside out.

"I'm not a sensual person."

Thick like amber honey, you were born dripping with it. It is the kundalini coiled at the base of your spine, waiting to be awakened. It’s not that you don’t have it. You’ve just been taught to suppress it.

"My body has to look a certain way."

Sensuality may be activated by being in your body, but its energy is intangible. Sacred sensuality doesn’t abide by externalized, mainstream rules around bodies and attractiveness. It's about finding pleasure in your body exactly as it is, in this moment. Every curve, every stretch mark, and every scar is a part of your unique story. 


Consider this series your permission slip from the Universe.

You are allowed, encouraged, divinely designed to feel pleasure in every cell of your being. To explore, to demand what lights you up, to set boundaries that protect your sacred energy. This is not a luxury, it's how you thrive.

Your desires aren't a problem to be solved – they're a compass pointing you toward your most authentic, joyful self. Listen to those intuitive nudges, those cravings, that deep-down knowing of what makes you come alive.

Stop asking if you deserve pleasure and start demanding it. This isn't about earning it or feeling worthy, this is about claiming what's already yours.

Your Secret Weapon: Suadela

Named after the Goddess of Persuasion, this oil is designed for a woman to get what she wants.

Not through domination and submission or removing the free will (ooh no..) but through pure feminine cunning. It's soft, demanding, otherworldly, and full of pleasure-invoking energies. Use this oil to call in the power required to achieve your goals, for self-pleasure, or to seduce a lover.

Your sensual ritual.

Anoint your pulse points and inner thighs with Suadela (or your favorite smelling oil) . Move slowly, feel the oil on your skin. As the scent ignites your senses, affirm "I am a creature of pleasure. My body is a source of boundless ecstasy. I own my desires, and they make me powerful. My pleasure is sacred. I choose to inhabit my body fully. I embrace my desires without shame."

This is your reclamation. 



baptism by fire.

We’re setting fire to our inhibitions,

owing our desires,

and sitting defiantly immersed and fully present in our bodies. 

Let’s shock ourselves with our boldness.

This won't just be transformative – it'll be a fucking revolution.


Speak up: What's one "taboo" desire you're giving yourself permission to explore? Own it out loud in the comments. Let's normalize the full spectrum of female desire and all its audacity.

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5/21 Update: Here's post 2

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