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If you're here because your spells aren't working, keep reading.

At the beginning of your magical practice, it might make the most sense to experiment with spells that will have a tangible outcome. There isn't a hierarchy to types of spells: a new place to live, another job, or a bigger salary are all worthwhile spells to cast. So is banishing shame, attracting healthy relationships, or embodying courage.
You may wish to go the route of getting your material needs met, then focus on spells for healing or on clearing other blocks. Casting spells that serve as an umbrella for both, and will affect your life in immeasurable ways, is a smart strategy.
Spells for peace, grace, flow, protection, love, and bravery all enhance the overall experience of one's life. Below are ways to help clarify the motivations of your spell work. If you can answer these questions clearly and honestly you will receive greater results.

Does your spell address the core root of your desires? 

If you are working quick-fix spells there’s a slim chance that the foundations of what you need to make happen will be addressed. An excellent guide to follow is to focus on creating lasting structures, habits, and foundations that will serve you for years to come, not stopgap measures born out of desperation. 

What resistance do you have to your desire?

Does it make sense to cast a spell around clearing those blocks first?  Would your time be better spent doing focused subconscious reprogramming?Sometimes, we have to begin with shadow work. Clearing and unblocking spells are always a great place to start, spell-wise. Knowing what makes most sense order-wise is key. 


Is your desire coming from a place of anxiety, desperation, reaction or control?

If so, calm down first. Make your mental health your first priority. Be clear that your spell isn’t coming from murky motivations. Your spell work should not attempt to control others or enact revenge. Cast your spell from a place of clarity. 

Do you think your spell work will solve all of your problems?

If you think your spell will result in a “ happily ever after” scenario, those are the wrong intentions. Spells don’t fix everything forever. Spells do not absolve internal and external work.

How will you raise or transform energy? 

Be clear on how you will change and raise energy within the spell. Be clear on how your energy will shift in various ways in your daily life.


Are you trying everything in your power to make your desires unfold? 

A spell can’t do the heavy lifting. Start by working toward your goal as much as possible. Belief is the foundation of a spell. Start a little outside of where you are already. A spell can kick off a period of doing the work in the tangible realm. It can also boost the work you’ve already been doing. It can create more support within your efforts. But nothing will happen if you continue to sit at home, staring at the television for six hours a day instead of working on your dreams. 


Are you truly ready to step into the outcome of the spell? 

Be ready to be changed. Be ready to take responsibility for your greatness. Be truly ready to receive. Be ready to collaborate with the universe and what that will bring. That might mean ending certain habits or relationships that keep us comfortable or unhappy.

Will you be able to recognize that your spell is unfolding? 

Outcomes can show up in subtle ways around us. These little shifts connote the activation of a spell. Sometimes we can be stuck in our everyday routines and not notice. Make a promise to yourself to notice how your spell is unfolding. This could show up as casting a spell for love and then getting lots of invitations - where you might meet someone! Small signs can crop up in your periphery; be sure to turn your head. Commit to noticing the positives and synchronicities waving to you on the other side of a spell.

How will you know that your spell was successful?

Be as clear as possible in your expectations while being open to outcomes that you simply have no way of anticipating. The analogy I’ll use is planting sunflower seeds. When you plant them, you expect to grow sunflowers, but you aren’t picky about how many or what exact height or color they will be. Tune into the sensations and energies of what you want. Relax certain toxic expectations of how you want your desires to appear that might hinder you from receiving some unexpected, beautiful outcomes. 

How is your spell ultimately for the good of all? 

Ultimately, your spell is for the betterment of the entire collective.  Abundant-feeling people spread abundance. When we feel agency and self-trust, we inspire others to access their own. Even if you are enacting binding or banishing spells, being clear about the positive outcomes is important. 
A spell is a promise between yourself and the universe. 
A spell is a declaration of the soul.
This is an excerpt from The Moon Book: Lunar Magic To Change Your Life by Sarah Gottesdiener- Grab your copy here

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