Rune Magick 101: Bind Runes

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Orange bind rune for personal development

What are BindRunes? 

Simply put, bind runes are sigil like symbols comprised of individual runes whose energies, once, combined create a "super rune" designed to be used to achieve a desired outcome. 

Bind rune for balance in lime green

How they work:


  1. Imagine that you have a destination that you'd like to reach, this we will call your intention.
  2. Now there are a series of steps or actions that you will need to take in order to bring you to this destination and we will label that, as your journey.
  3. Lastly, I think we can safely assume that the whole point of the intention was to receive an outcome and that this outcome is associated with the feelings perceived with receiving that outcome. That based on your inital intention, your life and feelings will have been positively impacted by receiving said thing

For example :

You're hungry. 

Your intention here would be to not be hungry, or to eat. 

The journey is deciding what to eat and how or where to get this food. 

Your desired outcome would be the pleasure associated with consuming delicious food and not being hungry any more.  

So, when manifesting and magicking with runes the process works in a similar way. Each rune possesses its own energy and power so when you bind those energies together, you have the intention, the journey and the outcome all in one power symbol. Our goal here is to identify the key parts of our manifestation then choose and combine runes that support it. 

I'll give you another example, 


If you've ever seen The Power Rangers, you know that each ranger has their own skillset, color and personality. When it comes time to defeat a villian, you'll usually see them, kicking ass and taking names. BUT, when evildoers powerup, so must the rangers. And here's where it makes the perfection connection, when the rangers power up, they must merge together into a form called Megazord, 


Like the bind runes, even though the rangers have merged into 1 ultimate form, each ranger is responsible for making a section of this Megazord function. So,  when creating a bind rune choosing the right individual runes is crucial to making your Megazord function.

2 Powerful Communication Runes + How to use them

It's important to note that when using runes and most other magical things, color and intention are important. Each color comes with it's own energies and intentions. Remember, the goal is to channel and direct the energies as efficiently as possible. It's also helpful to use the elemental symbols that correspond with your intention. For example, when working with communication, I use the air element and based on intention, I'll use the colors yellow, green or blue.

+Yellow holds actionable, yang energy. 
+Green is for growth and expansion
+Blue supports the throat chakra (the body's communication center) 



This is a bind rune I created to aid communication with others during mercury retrograde. It is a combination of the runes Eihwaz, Ansuz, Isa and Lagaz.

Eihwaz can act as a symbol of protection and remover of obstacles in the rune set

Ansuz rules the mouth and generally rules the energies of communication and wisdom 

Isa is a default rune in this combo but acts as a stabilizer, halting any unwanted activity.

Lagaz is also a happy default rune in the bindrune as it represents intution, flow and assertiveness. 

The intention behind this rune is to remove all obstacles to the flow of wise and empowered (or assertive) communication.

I created it in the color blue because it represents the throat chakra, which works best when communicating verbally with others. You could change the color to support whatever your individual needs are.



Here we have my favorite wildling rune. This bindrune is compiled of 9 runes. Fehu, Ansuz, Gebo, Isa, Nied , Kenaz, Tyr, Algiz, Lagaz, which adds some serious torque to it's energy.

I created this rune to send powerful and magnetic communication into the formative spheres to do my bidding, so if, you're here, reading this, this bindrune is the likely culprit in drawing you here. A testament to it's power!

I also created this rune to support communication, and relationship building with others. Note that I created this rune with actionable yellow "yang" energy. 

Because of the power of this rune and the specific energies of kenaz and fehu, this is an excellent rune for writers and creatives. 

To use as an aid to creative projects, draw this rune on your dominant hand/arm, also consider drawing it on tape or a sticky note and stick to a clear, glass cup and pour a beverage of choice into it and drink!

*I must note that this energy is very wild and stimulating so if you find you that it's too intense, lengthen the center line and connect the right side of the algiz "arm"  together to create Thuriaz which tempers, and directs the energies for constructive creation

*Note that Drawing Eihwaz in the color yellow, on your receiving hand "non- dominant" helps to clear a foggy mind. 


So, now you have a place to start and some to add to your collection. Please be sure to tell me how these worked for you and share with me some of your bindrune combos!




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