The Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution

The Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution

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So you've got the cross of contribution...

As a juxtaposition cross, you are the bridge between the left and right crosses, you fill in the gaps of the interpersonal and personal life paths. In the eyes of the universe, you have a fixed fate. Nothing and no one can detour you from your life path.


Much like in astrology, fixed energy means that you find comfort in deliberate, methodical action but be careful not to become too rigid.  The terms "fixed" and "fated" can have stifling connotations but don't be discouraged, your impact is far-reaching.


Your cross is made up of four gates: Contribution, Power Skills, Spirit, and Sexuality. This combination of energies gives you a powerful blend of individualism, resourcefulness, spiritual insight, and a deep understanding of relationships and intimacy.


You're an individualist. You're here to do your own thing, your way.  Don't be afraid to break the mold or go off the beaten path.


Buuuut, you're also here to make a difference. You're here to use your unique talents and perspectives to help others and make the world a better place.


And you're not just any contributor. You're a contributor with power skills. You know how to get things done, how to influence others, and how to make a big impact.


But what sets you apart is your spiritual depth and sexual vitality. You're in touch with something bigger than yourself, and you're not afraid to embrace it.


Umm.. can you say force to be reckoned with? You're here to make a mark on the world, and there's no stopping you.

...your gates

Gate 8: Contribution  

Gate 8 is located in the Throat Chakra, which is associated with communication, self-expression, and manifestation. 

It gives you a unique perspective on the world, and you are compelled to share it with others. 


Your energy is magnetic and authentic. You are a catalyst for change, and you have the potential to make a significant impact on the world.


However, your journey is not always easy. You may face challenges in finding your voice and staying true to yourself. You may also feel pressure to conform to the expectations of others.


*Gate 8 is a projected gate, which means that it is most effective when it is invited or recognized. Don't try to force your contributions on others, you gotta wait for the right opportunity.

Gate 14: Powerskills 

Gate 14 is the gate of power and personal empowerment. You are the energy that drives individuals toward success, wealth, and satisfaction. You are the surge of ambition and determination that propels us to strive for what we want.


This is a POWERFUL gate to have but it's challenging. Your energy is not constant; it surges and pulses, reflecting the power and determination behind your ambition. This can sometimes lead to overwork and burnout. You need to learn to listen to your body and rest when you need to.


You have a gate that is often associated with material gain. However, it is important to remember that true success and fulfillment come from more than just money. You are here to use your power and ambition to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Gate 55: Spirit  

Gate 55 in Human Design is known as the Gate of Spirit and is located in the Solar Plexus Center. It carries the themes of emotional depth, personal change, and inner abundance.


You're here to show us that our emotions are not something to be feared or suppressed, but rather embraced as a powerful force for transformation.


You are a sensitive soul, and your emotions run deep. You may experience intense highs and lows, but you always come out stronger on the other side. Your emotions are your compass, guiding you towards your true purpose. 


Your journey is one of self-discovery and transformation. You are constantly evolving, shedding old layers and embracing new ones. You are not afraid to face your shadow and use it as fuel for your growth.

Gate 59: Sexuality  

Gate 59 is the Gate of Sexuality, also known as the Gate of Dispersion. You're all about breaking down barriers and promoting closeness and intimacy. You're a powerful force for connection and reproduction, and you play an essential role in the survival of our species.


You have a deep genetic desire to connect with others, and you're driven to create new life, whether through reproduction or creative projects. You're always seeking new experiences and opportunities to bond with others, and you're not afraid to be vulnerable.


Your energy is intense and penetrating, and you have a knack for getting through to people on a deep level. You're a natural connector, and you often find yourself in the role of mediator or peacemaker. You're also a great listener, and you're able to create a safe space for others to share their innermost thoughts and feelings.


One of your biggest challenges is to discern where and with whom to use your penetrating energy. It can be easy for you to overstep boundaries, so it's important to be mindful of others' needs and to respect their space.


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