Human Design | The Left Angle Cross Of Identification

Human Design | The Left Angle Cross Of Identification

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The Left Angle Cross of Identification is a powerful cross that embodies the energies of focus, skills, confusion, and doubt.

This cross is all about honing your skills and perfecting your craft. You have a natural ability to focus intensely and achieve detailed perfection. You are also skilled at communicating your ideas and uniquely expressing yourself.

However, your focus and drive can also lead to confusion and doubt. You may find yourself second-guessing your decisions or wondering if you are on the right path. This is because you have a deep need to understand the world around you and make sense of your experiences.

The key for you is to learn to trust your intuition and follow your heart. You are naturally gifted and have the potential to achieve great things. Don't let your doubts hold you back.

Here are some of the challenges and gifts of the Left Angle Cross of Identification:


  • Perfectionism
  • Doubt and second-guessing
  • Difficulty letting go of control
  • Need for external validation


  • Natural talent and ability
  • Intense focus and concentration
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • A deep need to understand the world and make sense of experiences

how to read your incarnation cross

... let's look at your gates

Gate 9: Concentration 

You have a deep capacity for focus and attention to detail. You can immerse yourself completely in tasks or subjects that attract your interest. However, your energy is not constant but rather moves in waves. You may experience periods of intense focus, followed by periods of dispersal.

This unique characteristic of yours can be a boon when utilized properly. Your ability to focus deeply can lead to significant achievements, especially in areas requiring detailed work or exploration of complex subjects. However, it is important to be aware of your fluctuating energy levels and to avoid overextending yourself.

Here are some tips for living in alignment with your Gate 9 energy:

  • Honor your natural rhythm. When you are feeling focused, take advantage of that energy and work on tasks that require your full attention. When your energy is more dispersed, allow yourself to take breaks and engage in less demanding activities.
  • Break down large tasks into smaller steps. This will make them seem less daunting and more manageable.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself. Don't try to do too much at once, or you will quickly become overwhelmed.
  • Take breaks often. Get up and move around, or do something else that you enjoy. This will help to refresh your energy and prevent you from burning out.

Gate 16: Skills

With the gate of skills you're here to master your skills and talents and share them with the world. You've got a natural love for learning, exploring, and refining your abilities. You're drawn to things that are new and different, and you're always looking for ways to improve.

You're a highly creative energy, and you have a unique way of seeing the world. You're able to come up with innovative solutions to problems, and you're not afraid to think outside the box. You're also a great communicator, and you're able to articulate your ideas clearly and concisely.

One of your greatest strengths is your ability to devote tremendous energy and effort to mastering a chosen field. You're not afraid of hard work, and you're always willing to put in the extra hours to get the job done. You're also a perfectionist, and you have a high standard for yourself.

However, it's important to remember that perfectionism can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can drive you to achieve great things. On the other hand, it can also lead to frustration and disappointment. It's important to find a balance between striving for excellence and being accepting of your imperfections.

Another challenge that you may face is that you can be one-sided in your communication. You may be so focused on sharing your ideas that you don't listen to what others have to say. It's important to remember that communication is a two-way street. Be open to feedback, and be willing to learn from others.

Gate 63: Doubt

You are the questioner, the skeptic, the one who sees through the BS. You are here to challenge the status quo and to help us all see the world in new and different ways.

Your doubt is a gift. It is the fuel that drives your curiosity and your desire to learn. You are not afraid to ask the tough questions, even if they make others uncomfortable. You are always seeking the truth, even if it is inconvenient or difficult to hear.

In a world that is often filled with deception and illusion, your doubt is a valuable asset. You can see through the smoke and mirrors and get to the heart of the matter. You can identify patterns and connections that others miss.

Your doubt is also a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. When you question your own beliefs and assumptions, you open yourself up to new possibilities. You become more discerning and more resilient. You learn to trust your inner wisdom.

Gate 64: Confusion 

This may be the gate of confusion but its kind of your superpower. You see, you're here to make sense of the chaos. You're the one who can see the patterns and connections that others miss.

But it's not always easy. You may spend a lot of time feeling lost and unsure. That's because you're on the leading edge of evolution. You're here to pioneer new ways of thinking and being.

So don't be afraid of your confusion. It's a sign that you're on the right track. Just keep trusting your intuition and following your heart. Eventually, everything will make sense.

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