Weirdly Accurate: Crystals for Your Human Design Type

Weirdly Accurate: Crystals for Your Human Design Type

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Okay, truth time: If you've discovered Human Design, you're already a bit of a self-discovery nerd (and I mean that in the best way possible!). You're digging into who you are, how you tick, and what makes you so. damn. amazing. Now, let's add some sparkle – literally! Crystals are like energetic power-ups, and the right ones can boost your Human Design journey to an epic level.

Generators: The "Yes" Machines

Generators, you're like human Duracell bunnies designed to respond to life with a full-body "YES!" But let's be real, sometimes that 'yes' turns into a grumpy "meh" when things get frustrating. Crystals to the rescue! Here's your starter pack:

Lepidolite: The Anxiety Tamer

 Feeling overwhelmed and twitchy? Lepidolite's like a calming hug. It melts away stress so you can find your happy 'sacral' hum again.

Lepidolite Bracelet, $16

Citrine: Your Sunshine Vitamin

Need a boost of joyful energy? Citrine's like sunshine in a crystal. It gets your creative juices flowing and adds some extra oomph to that Generator spark.

Clear Quartz: The Amplifier

Think of clear quartz as your energetic Swiss Army Knife. It amplifies whatever you need – clarity, intention, or a well-deserved nap!

Carnelian: Fire Up That Passion

Sacral energy got you feeling a bit blah? Carnelian ignites your inner fire, so you can turn those 'shoulds' into a passionate 

How to Use Your Crystal Besties

  • Meditate: Hold them while you tune into your sacral response. Do you feel a tingle, a warmth, a sense of ease? That's your crystal connection! Ask your crystal to help you amplify that 'yes' feeling or guide you towards what lights you up.
  • Crystal Programming: Take a moment to hold your crystal and focus on a specific Generator intention. Maybe it's finding more joy in your work, knowing when to rest, or attracting opportunities that make you light up. Visualize the feeling of that intention and infuse the crystal with that energy.
  • Crystal Pockets: Carry them with you for an energetic boost when out and about. Every time you touch it, let it remind you of that Generator intention you programmed.
  • Crystal Grids: Create a sacred space in your home with crystals specifically chosen to support your Generator goals. Set a powerful intention and let those gems work their magic.

Important Note: Listen to that inner knowing, honey. Crystals are beautiful tools, but always follow your true Generator strategy for making those big life decisions!

And hey, if you get that deep-down feeling that a little Lepidolite would be just the thing to calm your Generator spirit, well, we've got some gorgeous pieces in the shop just waiting for you! 😉

Manifesting Generators: The Multi-Tasking Powerhouses

You guys are like the superheroes of Human Design – a dash of Generator 'wait and respond', a sprinkle of Manifestor 'let's make it happen', all shaken up with a generous dose of "I DO WHAT I WANT!" energy. But sometimes that incredible power can feel scattered. Here's your crystal toolkit to keep you focused and fabulous:

Chrysocolla: Your Communication Ally

This beauty enhances peaceful communication and helps you express those brilliant MG ideas clearly. Need to inform others or make a bold move? Chrysocolla's got your back. And if you're feeling the call to adorn yourself with its energy, well, we just happen to have some stunning Chrysocolla bracelets in the shop! 😉

Chrysocolla Bracelet, $18

Tiger's Eye: Grounding and Strategy

When there's SO much you want to do, Tiger's Eye helps you stay grounded and focused. Perfect for those strategy meetings with... well, yourself!

Amethyst: The Inner Peace Potion

MGs, you have an amazing ability to switch gears fast, but that can sometimes lead to a buzzing mind. Amethyst promotes that sweet inner peace, so you can make decisions from a balanced space.

How to Use Your Crystal Besties

  • Meditate: Hold them to tap into your Generator side and find those internal 'yes' signals. But don't be afraid to experiment with a quick Manifestor visualization session, too!
  • Crystal Programming: Infuse your crystals with intentions to stay focused, create with ease, and communicate your plans effectively without overwhelming others.
  • Crystal Pockets: Carry them to keep that multi-tasking energy streamlined and on track.
  • Crystal Grids: Create a designated 'MG workspace' and arrange your crystals to support both action AND moments of receptive flow.

Embrace your unique energy, MGs! Crystals are here to support your journey, but don't forget that sometimes, the most powerful moves involve those little pauses to check in with your inner knowing.


Manifestors: The Initiators and Movers

Manifestors, you're the movers and shakers of the Human Design world. You've got that potent energy to make things happen on your terms. But let's face it, sometimes you hit a wall of resistance, and that fiery nature can ruffle some feathers. Here are your crystal sidekicks to help you navigate:

Ruby Zoisite: Courage and Drive

This fiery beauty amps up your natural independent spirit and helps you move through challenges with determination. Perfect for those moments when you need a bold boost of manifestation energy and hey, wouldn't it look amazing on your wrist? We've got some Ruby Zoisite bracelets in the shop that are calling your name!.

Ruby Zoisite Bracelet, $18

Black Tourmaline: Protection and Grounding

Manifestors, your powerful energy can sometimes stir things up. Black Tourmaline creates a shield around you, so you can focus on your path without getting derailed by outside influences.

Pyrite: Abundance 

Let's be honest, you're here to make things happen AND manifest your version of success. Pyrite attracts abundance and prosperity, supporting your boldest moves.

How to Use Your Crystal Besties

  • Meditate: Take moments to connect with your crystals, especially before initiating a new project. They can help ground your powerful energy.
  • Crystal Programming: Infuse them with intentions for a smooth manifestation process – like clearing obstacles, opening doors, and informing those who need to be in the loop.
  • Crystal Pockets: Carry them with you, especially when entering new environments or making important moves.
  • Crystal Grids: Create a sacred 'manifestation station' where you can visualize your goals with crystal-infused energy.

Manifestors, own that incredible power! Crystals are a tool to enhance your natural abilities, but remember, YOU are the driving force behind your desires


Projectors: The Guides and Recognizers

Projectors, you possess a unique gift for seeing the potential in others and guiding them towards their highest path. But sometimes all that focus on others can leave you feeling drained or overlooked. Here's your crystal toolkit to restore balance and shine your own light:

Rhodonite: The Heart Healer 

This pink beauty is all about self-love and forgiveness. Let it soothe any past hurts from feeling unseen, and help you step fully into your incredible value and wouldn't it be the perfect reminder in the form of a gorgeous Rhodonite bracelet ? Just sayin' 😉

Rhodonite Bracelet, $19

Selenite: Clarity and Cleansing

Projectors, you pick up on a LOT of energy. Selenite helps clear your aura and promotes a sense of calm clarity, so you can discern what's yours and what needs to be released.

Moonstone: Intuition Amplifier

You're already incredibly intuitive, but Moonstone helps deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and guides you towards the right invitations and opportunities.

How to Use Your Crystal Besties

  • Meditate: Projectors particularly benefit from quiet time! Hold your crystals while meditating to amplify their energy and replenish your spirit.
  • Crystal Programming: Infuse your crystals with intentions for self-care, knowing your worth, and attracting invitations that truly resonate with your energy.
  • Crystal Pockets: Carry them as reminders that your needs are just as important as those you guide.
  • Crystal Grids: Create a haven of relaxation in your home where you can recharge surrounded by supportive crystal energy.

Projectors, your ability to see and guide is a precious gift. Crystals can help you honor yourself in the process, so you can share your light without feeling depleted.

Reflectors: The Mirrors and Moon Children

Reflectors, you are deeply attuned to the lunar cycle and the subtle energies around you. This unique sensitivity can be a gift, but it's vital for you to find stillness and harmony amidst a chaotic world. Here's your crystal toolkit to ground, protect, and illuminate:

Labradorite: Protection and Intuition

This mystical beauty acts like an energetic shield, deflecting negativity and helping you stay grounded amidst shifting energies. Plus, it amplifies your already impressive intuitive abilities.

Smoky Quartz: Grounding and Release

Smoky Quartz helps you release what no longer serves and ground yourself firmly in the present moment. It's perfect for when those lunar cycles bring up a lot of energetic shifts.

Rose Quartz: Compassion and Gentleness

Reflectors, your sensitivity is beautiful, but it needs nurturing! Rose Quartz offers unconditional love and encourages the self-compassion you need to thrive.

Rose Quartz Bracelet, $18

How to Use Your Crystal Besties

  • Meditate: Hold them during your reflection time. They'll support those deep dives into the lunar cycle and your own inner world.
  • Crystal Programming: Infuse your crystals with intentions to stay grounded, discern with clarity, and find serenity within the changing tides of energy.
  • Crystal Pockets: Carry them to remind you to find moments of stillness throughout your day, especially when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Crystal Grids: Create a sacred space for lunar reflection, a haven where you can recharge and connect with your inner knowing.

Reflectors, your ability to mirror the world is a superpower! Crystals can help you navigate those energies with grace and understand the deeper currents that flow within and around you.

Crystal Power-Ups for Every Type

And there you have it – a crystal guide tailored to the unique energies of each Human Design type! Remember, this is just a starting point. Explore, experiment, and see which crystals resonate most powerfully with YOU. Your intuition, as always, is your ultimate guide.


  • Do you already work with crystals? If so, which ones are your go-to favorites?
  • Based on your Human Design type, are you drawn to any of the crystals I mentioned?
  • Are there other crystals you find particularly supportive that I didn't include here?

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