How To Use Our Witchy Oils:  Solaris

How To Use Our Witchy Oils: Solaris

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manifestation oil

I created this oil to bring clarity and align you with your own powers of manifestation.


 It will aid and empower on the path to your goals. It will tell you to "cut the shit" when you're getting in your own way and nudge you to speak up when you're stifling yourself. Let it be your ally as you take the risks necessary to reach your goals.
The power of manifesting lies in our ability to let our old ways die so that we may transform into something new. With that newness comes the elevated vibrations and behaviors that draw our desires to us.
With that in mind, I infused this oil with the energies of the sun and  fire element. 
Fire is the element of passion, sensuality and transformation. It also works to bring energy and clarity to magical workings.
The sun is filled with warm yang energy, and a key component to growth. It's perfect for creating movement in stagnant areas of your life. 
You can think of this energy in the same way you’d think of the waxing, full and waning moon cycles.
  • Sunrise is an excellent time to address matters like new beginnings, money drawing, and fertility.
  • The afternoons work well for charging and power raising.
  • Sunset is ideal for things like elimination and binding.

witchy conjure oil for manifestation

The energy of this oil gives "main character vibes"Use it to manifest bold, audacious, sexy shit. 


How To Use?

Before using this oil, invite the energy of the sun into your life to do its work for your highest and greatest good. 
The sun carries themes of :

  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Growth
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Self-confidence
  • Wealth
  • Individuality
  • Energy
  • Personal Power
  • The Ego
  • Clarity
  • Transformation
So saying something like:
" I invite the energy and power of the sun into my life to illuminate the path to my desires and guide me to my most fulfilling life." 
will do the trick. Change or customize it based on what feels right for you. 

This oil won't:

  • override free will (that's weird)
  • manifest your ex ( there's better out there for you, promise)
  • bring you overnight success and riches (gotta do the work bb)

You can:

    • Add it to bath magick
    • Use it in candle spells
    • Anoint your body, gems or jewels
    • Meditate with it
    • Add it to body wash
    • Put it on your altar
    • Rub it on your solar plexus for healing work
    • Write out your desires, anoint the page and burn it.. 
    • Use it to gain clarity
    • Unlock your power
    • To add power to your spell work
    • Write down your intention and add it to the bottle. 
    • Add a part of yourself to the bottle to direct the energy (nail clipping, hair, etc.)
Really, any sort of ritual practice you feel good about is a safe bet.
👀 Don't eat it or put it inside of any of your parts.  
If at any time you feel the like the energy could use a boost, recharge it in the Sun for 5-10min.

Other Helpful Resources

If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out. 


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